Well played, Obama...

6 years ago

Well played, indeed...

Photos taken today while playing Burnout: Paradise.

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  • asianSmirk


    6 years ago

    Nice find && worth the attention you're getting!

  • Cheesiest


    6 years ago

    If that's what the updates are than I'm pissed. Good thing i only play Cod4. No advertising, just straight up killing and little brats that have their mics shoved too far down their throats.

  • DarkKnight42


    6 years ago

    HAHAHA! he knows who to target! nice catch!

  • peepingTom


    6 years ago

    That can't be real. That had to be photoshopped.

  • TreyTable


    6 years ago

    Ads have been in games for a long time, but since the 360 launched, dynamic ads like this for Senator Obama, have been common, although never been this political. Nobody remembers the dynamic ads in Crackdown? Besides, ads are on radio, broadcast television, movie theater trailers, newspapers, magazines, billboards, lawn signs..pretty much everywhere, but still people are shocked when it's in a videogame?

  • Retrac


    6 years ago

    You made national news. Congrats.

  • darnclem


    6 years ago

    Wow, the New York Times linked back to this journal. I'm impressed.

  • armeav8r


    6 years ago

    Well that's one game I will NOT be getting. smiley5.gif



    6 years ago

    I'd sooner shave my balls, dip them in alcohol, light them on fire, and eat the remaining flesh dangling from them... Then vote for Obama... Or Mcnutsack.

  • C_D_M


    6 years ago

    Wow in games now cool