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    • The music thing again, I'm just late (May)

      1 week ago

      wade22 2-4-1-10

      Yes, I still do this. Better late than never, right? Right? 

      Total plays

      2,271 - which translates to roughly 150 hours or a bit over 6 days. I had plenty of time just to listen to music which of course makes me happy.


      562 different artists - Looks like over 500 is a number that can be expected monthly now, it seems like a lot to me but it's also really cool. Here's the top 5

      1. Paramore - 93 plays

      2. In Flames - 63

      3. Arctic Monkeys - 56

      4. Logic - 49

      5. Anti-Flag - 47

      5. FamilyJules - 47

      Well this wasn't even close. Paramore, thanks to their new album and general awesomeness, was my number one band last month. In Flames continue to beat Arctic Monkeys on the list but in fourth we have our first rap artist. I've been listening to Logic's latest album a ton lately and it's no surprise he's on the list. A-F and FamilyJules beat some regulars to make the list. I've switched from watching Jules’s YouTube videos to listening to them on Spotify and since last.fm only tracks those for me it got him a spot on the list.


      1,063 different tracks - surprisingly that's more than last month.

      1. Paramore - Rose-Colored Boy, 33 plays. Where to begin with this song? I love it. Still my favorite song from After Laughter. I'm so glad that Paramore is back, even if they don't sound like the Paramore I've gotten used to listening. I find that the lyrics are oddly relatable, odd in the sense that rather than relating to the person singing, I could imagine people I know saying stuff like that to me.

      2. Logic - 1-800-273-8255, 29 plays. This was easily my favorite track from Everybody. The name of the song is the number for national suicide prevention line in the United States and the song deals with some heavy stuff. I thought it was well made, the message is clear but it's so much more than that as well, meaning you can listen to it just to appreciate the music.

      3. Haloo Helsinki - Beibi, 24 plays. Oh look, a Finnish song, that's a first. Somehow I managed to miss this gem when it was on the radio three(?) years ago. I love the guitar riff, it's simple and catchy and it compliments the chorus. Also this song is super catchy which is (almost) always a plus.

      4. Paramore - Hard Times, 17 plays. Two Paramore songs? Yes, that's how much I liked the album, this was actually already released in April which got me properly hyped for the album. I'm not sure if I've said this enough yet but the album is worth a listen, wait I have said this already? No. Way.

      4. FamilyJules - Life Will Change, 17 plays. Yay for video game music! I haven't heard the original nor have I played Persona 5 but this metal cover by Jules is just incredible shredage (totally a word) for 3 minutes and 26 seconds. This is also the first instrumental song on the list which is a feat I'd expect to be reached by Jules if anyone.

      That's it for the very late month recap, not going to drag this for longer. And I really just don't have anything else to say right now, I'll journal about other things soooon.

    • April music

      1 month ago

      wade22 2-4-1-10

      Not the most productive month but at least there was music to keep me company. So once again let's check out what that music was.

      Total plays

      2,120 - Somewhere around 133 hours or five and a half days. The first half of the month I didn't listen to as much music but seems like the second half made up for it.


      584 different artists - which is the most for a month so far this year, cool. Let's dive into the top 5.

      1. In Flames - 72 plays

      2. Arctic Monkeys - 64

      3. Jeff Williams - 57

      4. A Day to Remember - 45

      5. Anti-Flag - 35

      The three month (probably a lot longer unrecorded) reign of Arctic Monkeys has seen its end. In Flames takes the top spot, it was a pretty metal heavy month for me, led by the Swedes. Jeff Williams makes a return after not making the cut last time while ADTR is starting a streak. Anti-Flag is one of my all time favorite bands so it's kind of surprising that this is the first time it has made the list.


      I listened to more different songs last month than any other so far this year - 1,022. Interestingly enough there's a three way tie for the top spot.

      1. A Day to Remember - All sings point to Lauderdale, 20 plays. This song was a Spotify suggestion for me in late March and it was my favorite new song to listen to in April, hands down. It has the ADTR energy you'd think it would which results in a mood boosting tune.

      1. 30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill, 20 plays. This is a blast from the past, it was actually on the same list of suggestions from Spotify as All sings point to Lauderdale but I was very familiar with this one from (checks Google) 2005. You could say it had been a while, it totally holds up if you're wondering.

      1. Amon Amarth - Twilight of the thunder God, 20 plays. Remember when I said it was a metal heavy month led by Swedes for me? It wasn't just In Flames, this song is a melodic death metal masterpiece and I can not recommend it enough if you like metal music. 

      4. Stone Sour - Through Glass, 19 plays. Another song that I had kind of forgotten about. This song was pretty often the last one I listened to each day because it felt fitting so often. I recommend singing along to this one because it's both doable and a ton of fun.

      5. 3 Doors Down - Believer, 17 plays. This one is pretty much just a fun rock song with a great riff that also falls in the category of songs I heard a long time ago, it seems like that kind of a month. It's also less than three minutes which makes it very replayable.

      5. Owl City - Rugs from me to you, 17 plays. Did I say that a less than three minute song was replayable? How about a song less than 90 seconds? I'll answer that myself: you won't realize how many times you can listen to this in a row just to enjoy the cleverly punny lyrics coupled with upbeat tunes.

      Other random stuff

      The number of plays for the top songs and artists were lower than before which was due to the larger number of different artists/songs than usual, I'm a fan of variety so I like that. I started tracking what I listen to on Spotify via Last.fm on December 16th last year, I passed 1000 different artists recently (last week I believe) which, being someone who likes milestones, I thought was really cool.

    • Is this the real life? Is this just procrastination?

      2 months ago

      wade22 2-4-1-10

      Fantasy and procrastination are not even close to similar sounding words, too many syllables. This'll be another journal with some unorganized thoughts, time seems to pass pretty fast right now, I could've sworn I wrote one of these just a week ago, it's actually been more than three.

      I've been all over the place today, through sheer luck I saw two of my friends without planning to do so. We weren't really in a place where we could properly catch up but it made me realize I should make an effort to actually spend time with my friends. I haven't seen most of my friends (a total of four friends seen in a month, man am I in a rut) since my last post. I did see family over Easter, which was more enjoyable than I expected, I also took a selfie with my dog. I actually took a couple and my phone decided to make an animation out of them, it's kind of funny and probably the best thing to come out of the last month. In regards to the NHL playoffs this clip is, without exaggeration, the only reason I get up from bed, it's not looking great.

      For some reason I've also spent 1000% more time yearning back to the days of the old site today. I found myself looking through profiles of people I met in sponsor chat in 2014/2015 and wondered if other people ever stumble upon me and think of those times. What's up with Spotify playing 'Show must go on' as I write this paragraph? Aaand still, my internet-anxiety (totally a thing) got the better of me and I ended up not messaging them thinking "After all this time I barely remember them, how would they possibly remember me?" That said it'd probably make their day if someone actually took initiative on this fragmented site so I might do it once I get my shit together. I actually popped into the chat for a second to see that the last message was from two days ago, that didn't bring back any fond memories so I quickly moved on. 

      The thing I miss the most from the last site, and this isn't even close, is the dashboard being filled with journals, art and all kinds of cool stuff by people I didn't know. Your friends liking things shared it with you and ensured that each refresh would give you something new to look at on your dashboard. I thought about making a forum thread or group for sharing stuff kind of like this but quickly realized it wouldn't be anything like the aforementioned feature and wouldn't work the way it does in my head. I will, however, take this moment to bump a journal which people should see since I liked it and that's how it once worked.

      Like the title to this journal suggests I've had "more important" things to do today but instead I've searched the site for some sings of life and tried to make an effort to be noticeably here and I'll be honest I'm not very happy with how I did, which is why I started writing this. I have hope that I'll be more motivated and energized to study after a few relaxing days chilling with my friends, just have to organize something, anything. In other news I can't wait for the weather to get warmer, there's decent amount of light but still too cold to hang out outdoors, I've been hyped about getting to play frisbee with my friends for a good two weeks now and hopefully soon mother nature may finally give me a break.

      That's all for now, take this rather interesting song to possibly brighten your day.

    • ICYMI: RT Radio special tonight

      2 months ago

      wade22 2-4-1-10

      It's Friday! That means that in roughly four hours the RT Radio Friday show will begin here.

      If you aren't part of the group and don't follow RT Radio on twitter, or even if you do, you may have missed the news regarding tonight's show. We are joined by Ottawa's own @Barbara for the first hour. After that I'll take over and it'll all end just in time for you to catch that NHL playoff game you've been looking forward to (just me?). Anyways it'll be a lot of fun and you don't want to miss it.

      Be there or be squirrel!

    • March Music

      2 months ago

      wade22 2-4-1-10

      Not the kind of music you would march to but the kind I listened to last month. It’s finally starting to feel like spring which calls for spring music. That being said let’s dive into what I listened to last month.


      2,200 an average of 70 a day, which is approximately 144 hours or six days. It’s a bit less than last month despite three extra days which I’ll chalk up to time spent studying without music in the background, I tend to focus too much on the music if I listen to any while reading or studying.


      505 unique artists. Some new faces on this list which is always exciting.

      1. Arctic Monkeys – 63 plays

      2. A Day to Remember – 62

      3. In Flames – 55

      4. Neck Deep – 47

      5. Ghost – 40

      ADTR got oh so close to dethroning Arctic Monkeys but they hold on to that honor at least another month. Although the plays were fairly close to last month’s total, Arctic Monkeys dropped a bunch in plays which I find interesting. Neck Deep has my all time (meaning since I started tracking this mid-December) most popular song but it’s the first time they have been on the artist list. Also, Ghost beat two Finnish bands which were at 39 each and would’ve been the first Finnish ones on the list.


      899 different songs, most of them were great and here were the greatest, at least in terms of times played.

      1. Neck Deep – Gold Steps, 31 plays – that’s a lot of plays. I can’t for the life of me remember how I found this song which bothers me, I don’t think it was recommended to me by anyone. This song was motivation for me to get through my finals as well as insuring me that life would go on no matter the result of said finals. I listened to it 5 times almost in a row after my biology final and another 5-ish before math, let me tell you something: if you’re ever feeling down put this song on, crank up the volume and things will start to look brighter.

      2. Children Of Bodom – Oops!…I Did It Again, 30 plays. So yeah, this was an addiction of mine last month, I was surprised to see that Gold Steps beat this but I guess this one kind of dropped of after finals came. Who doesn't like a good metal cover of a pop song anyway?

      3. A Day to remember – If It Means a Lot to You, 27 plays. This might be the best song I discovered last month, when I wrote a blog post about ADTR's Paranoia I figured I liked all of their songs which I had heard and decided to listen to their top track on Spotify since I hadn’t heard it before. Instantly fell in love with it and if you only listen to one of the songs I mention in this post (you should check out all of them) I recommend this one. By the way each of the top three songs this month had more plays than last month’s number one.

      4. Jimmy Eat World – A Praise Chorus, 18 plays. This song also falls to the category of motivation before and after finals. I don’t know what I would’ve done without these songs because the stress was killing me before some of them, this one was especially calming and definitely helped me perform better.

      4. Leslie Odom Jr. – Guns and Ships, 18 plays. Another month passes and another Hamilton song finds it way to my list, it’s always surprising for some reason and it’s also always a different one although I don’t go out of my way looking for new Hamilton songs. What can I say though, I love Hamilton – never seen any of it mind you but I’ve heard plenty and this is one of the best it has to offer.

      4.Saint Deamon – No Man’s Land, 18 plays. Crowded fourth place last month. This one was a slow burn, I had to listen to this one a few times before making up my mind whether or not I liked it. After hearing it as one of Spotify’s weekly recommendations I thought it was pretty good and put it on a list where I have songs that require another listen before deciding their fate. Eventually it earned an upgrade to the big leagues aka to my main playlist and well here it is now.


      Dear Maria, Count Me In by All Time Low didn’t make the cut for top songs this time or in February but there was a 30 day period during those two months where I listened to it 26 times so it deserves an honorable mention. A Day to Remember had four songs in the top 25 while Arctic Monkeys had none. The two Finnish bands which I mentioned almost made the artist list were Children of Bodom and Haloo Helsinki! I have a feeling they’ll make an appearance in the future, though maybe not on that list. Update on my predictions: Arctic Monkeys will make the top 3 every month, true so far. Jeff Williams will make top 3 four times this year, 2/4 and we're only a quarter of the way there. A Swedish band will make the list eight times, 7/8 already no doubt this will happen. At least five songs with female vocals will make the list, 1/5 so far. At least one song sung in Finnish, 0/1 and at least one song sung in a language other than English or Finnish 0/1 so far. Also I still blog about music stuff when I have time, I also post this stuff there check it out or don't.

    • Journal about things and stuff and blah blah blah

      2 months ago

      wade22 2-4-1-10

      What a creative title, right?

      I'm tired as all hell, not sure what to write about but really want to ramble.

      It's been a rough ~two weeks for me. Four finals of which one was really important to me, one kinda important, one which I just had to pass and one that kinda didn't matter at all. One thing I learned about myself during them is that I can't sleep the night before a final, hence being tired, even if I didn't stress about them.

      I've slept for about eight hours total in the last two days because, naturally, after the last of the finals, partying happened. Unfortunately for me I had offered my house to be the location where said partying would happen. So in effect I stayed up all night running on three hours of sleep making sure none of the ~15 drunk 18-year-olds would trash the place, being completely sober myself. Honestly it went better than I thought and nothing was broken. Spent most of today cleaning the house and feeling completely drained.

      In addition to feeling completely drained I also have a void to fill now that I'm done with school. Been thinking of re-watching RvB and RWBY to start but don't have a long term plan. By long term I mean two months because on July 2nd I'll start my semi-mandatory military service. I do finally have time to play games and watch content which is awesome but I do want to do something worth while as well.

      Well I got the rambling out of my system, music is cool.

      Finnish folk-metal sung in Swedish because why not

    • Monthly music February

      3 months ago

      wade22 2-4-1-10

      I liked this idea and kinda stole it from myself, I've posted almost exactly this on my blog (this space is reserved for a link) but I'll keep posting them here too because I already promised + I haven't mentioned anything about the predictions for the year in the blog but I'm still curious to see how accurate they were. Since I'll keep posting these here and this is a monthly thing, I'll also give you a link to the blog each month so you have the option to check it monthly if that suits you better. One more thing, I know I already linked the thing once but I really like the post I made about Jimmy Eat World's The Middle and who knows you might as well. Now the good part.

      The shortest month of the year is over and done with and I'm excited to see what I've been listening to. Let's get to it!

      Total plays

      2,272, with an average of 81 per day which is roughly 148 hours, using last week's 474 songs totaling 31 hours. That's about six days, six days out of the 28 in February. Now I'll have to admit I was sleeping during about five of those hours but nonetheless it's a lot of music. It's also 20% more than last month (1,889) but that's largely because I hadn't realized you had to connect desktop Spotify and the mobile app individually so I lost most of my desktop plays to the void last month.


      525 different artists in total, 234 of those were ones that I only listened to once last month. I'm not sure what to take away from that fact. Anyway these are the five I listened to most and how many times exactly:

      1. Arctic Monkeys - 101

      2. Jeff Williams - 68

      3. In Flames - 60

      4. Ghost  - 59

      4. Royal Republic - 59

      Not at all surprised to see the top two, they're well represented in most of my playlists but after that it gets close. In Flames narrowly maintained their spot as the third most popular band but two other Swedish bands were just one play away from getting there. Ghost almost doubled the plays from January and while Muse got almost as many plays as in January they dropped three positions.


      I listened to 956 different tracks last month, here's the top five with some sort of an explanation as to why I listened to it that often.

      1. Papa Roach - She Loves Me Not, 20 plays. It's songs like these why I listen to Spotify's suggestions to me every week. It's not like 100% of their suggestions are great, or 50% for that matter, but almost weekly there's at least a few songs worth saving and a couple each month that are just amazing, this being a prime example of that.

      1. The Front Bottoms - Twin Size Mattress, 20 plays. This one is an interesting story... We all know of tinder and the general purpose of the app. What you may not know is that you can link Spotify to your profile and pick songs and bands to display on your profile. Well I tend to pay attention to those songs and a person on there had this song as their 'anthem' and I kinda fell in love with the song. Great music is everywhere if you just keep your ears open.

      3. Renee Elise Goldsberry - Satisfied, 19 plays. This is an interesting one, it's a song from Hamilton (the play you definitely should've heard of) and I'm not sure why this happened now. I have a few Hamilton songs in my regular circulation and I do like to add this to my up next list whenever it feels appropriate but I was under the impression that the biggest Hamilton obsession was more of a January thing for me. Guess I was wrong. I do have to mention specifically just how much I love the 'to the groom' and 'to the bride' chants at the beginning and end of the song, so very singable even when you're somewhere where you probably shouldn't sing, like public places in my case.

      4. Zico Chain - Mercury Gift, 17 plays. Another example of great songs I discovered through Spotify's suggestions. I'm kind of in the middle of obsessing over this song and I'm planning on listening this to a whole bunch this week. Might also check out other songs by the bands because this one is a gooden.

      5. FamilyJules - Dance For Your Life, 16 plays. I'm a big fan of FamilyJules and the game crypt of the necrodancer. Jules has a metal version of the game's soundtrack which I like but I've heard it a bunch in the two years it's been out. This song somehow slipped through the cracks, it's the only one with vocals which may have originally been what was off about it being used to just instrumental stuff. After kind of randomly hearing it late in January I quickly forgot everything I had against it.

      Once again none of the top artists had songs that made the top five so I'll list the top track for each of my top artist for funzies.

      Arctic Monkeys - Cornerstone, 11 plays. 13th most played track last month, the top Arctic Monkeys song like it was last month

      Jeff Williams - Mirror Mirror part II, 8 plays. 32nd most played track last month.

      In Flames - The Chosen Pessimist, 8 plays. 32nd most played track last month.

      Ghost - He Is, 13 plays. 8th most played track last month.

      Royal Republic - Here I Come (There You Go), 13 plays. 8th most played track last month.

    • Shameless self promotion

      4 months ago

      wade22 2-4-1-10

      I started a blog about music, it's a work in progress but I'd appreciate it a ton if you checked it out. If you think of any improvements don't hesitate to let me know.

      Thanks!  tucker

    • Music I listened to last month part 1, pls help me figure out a name for these

      4 months ago

      wade22 2-4-1-10

      It's officially February and ever since coming up with this idea I've been anxiously waiting to get to analyze my listening habits. Unfortunately I didn't realize that you have to link each device you use Spotify on individually before last weekend so it only tracked my mobile scrobbles (going to try to not use that word), luckily I mostly listen to music on mobile so aside from weekends this is still really accurate. I also decided to go with a top 5 although I was tempted to do 10 but picked quality over quantity, three wouldn't have been nearly enough. Without further ado let's get to it.

      Total plays: 1,889, with an average of 60 per day - if you're wondering how much that is in hours/days, I can't give you exact numbers but last.fm tracks weekly numbers for that, and last week's 453 plays added up to 26 hours, which would make 1,889 plays around 108 hours, or 4 days and 12-ish hours.

      Artists: Out of the 363 different bands I listened to, here are the top 5 with the number of plays next to them.

      1. Arctic Monkeys 87

      2. Jeff Williams 70

      3. In Flames 53

      4. Royal Republic 51

      5. Muse 46

      Sort of surprised to see Jeff Williams up there let alone in second. I guess it's much like with Arctic Monkeys in that I just have so many different songs by him in my regular rotation that it goes unnoticed. I don't tend to listen to that much Royal Republic either but since I'll see them live this weekend I've been learning some lyrics.

      Songs: I listened to 693 different tracks, which means on average 2.7 plays for each track, but here's the top 5, along with an explanation.

      1. Ryan Gosling - City Of Stars, 18 plays. Saw La La Land last week and had to keep listening to the soundtrack, this song is less than 2 minutes long and it simply isn't possible to get enough of the track without hearing it at least twice in a row.

      2. Neck Deep - December, 16 plays. This is a pretty big surprise to me, I played this basically on repeat in October/November and I guess I must've never stopped doing that.

      2. Slipknot - Wait and Bleed, 16 plays. Another song which is super short (2:27), I kinda just got addicted to it for a few days after hearing it on random and played it 10 times in five days.

      4. Ghost - He Is, 15 plays. I've been on a ghost kick lately (it just missed the top 5 artists) and this song was the gateway drug for me. They're visiting Finland in late April and some tickets are still left, though I'm broke I'm still thinking about going.

      4. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here, 15 plays. Another surprise, I had to think for a good while before realizing that this is pretty much my go to song while walking the dog. It's really calming to walk in the darkness when this is the only thing you can hear and it'll stay dark for another couple months here so I'll keep rocking this.

      I think it's pretty interesting that none of my most listened to artists had a song in the top 5 songs, in fact I'm so fascinated by it that I'll check how their top song ranked.

      Arctic Monkeys - Cornerstone, 13 plays. "Ranked" 6th out of all songs

      Jeff Williams - R.W.B.Y vs F.N.K.I, 11 plays. 9th

      In Flames - Fear us the weakness, 7 plays. 42nd

      Royal Republic - Cry Baby Cry, 9 plays. 19th

      Muse - Aftermath, 10 plays. 13th

      Other notable stuff: January 1st I listened to 175 songs which is almost three times more than my daily average, I DJ'd for the morning of our new year's party so I'll credit that for most of those plays. On the other hand on the weekends I barely listened to anything on mobile and on a certain Saturday I listened to a round 0 songs which last.fm tracked, and on another Sunday only 1. In the end I think those just about average each other out. I'll also update my predictions if I manage to get one right or wrong.

      That's it, feedback on the format is appreciated. It seems kinda longish to me (though it was fun to make) so maybe ramble a bit less? Oh, and please come up with a name for this, I tried and failed.

    • Site anniversary

      4 months ago

      wade22 2-4-1-10

      Three years. It's pretty surreal for me because with the exception of hockey, I've been really bad at staying interested in something for a longer period of time. Haven't made an anniversary journal before but this deserves to be celebrated.

      I've done the same as many others over the years, transitioning from coming here for the content to coming here for the people, the first year or two was mainly me watching every second of content RT uploaded and catching up on the ten years worth of backlog content. In May-ish of 2014 I stumbled to the forums and through (I can only assume) divine intervention, noticed a thread by @Metasponge which snowballed into the greatest internet friendship I've personally had. I have him to thank for a few different things but what I'm most thankful for is him not shutting up about RT radio so I felt almost obligated to check it out one fateful Friday night. I eventually spoke up and was welcomed by awesome people, and after a few shows I started to enjoy the plethora of different music genres played there too. I had comfortably spent the last few years in my metal music bubble and RT radio pretty much single-handedly got me to open up to different music, so thanks to literally everyone involved in that in any way whatsoever.

      Some other community related highlights over the last three years include the streams/community videos by @iSayWhat and @The_Hybrid which got me watching community made content, wasting spending time in sponsor chat when I still could, and attending my (to date) only community event which was a Lazer Team screening in Grand Rapids with folks from RT Michigan.

      It's been a good three years, here’s for many more.


      TL;DR: you're the reason I'm still here.

  • About Me

    There's not much to know about me. I love hockey and video games, who would've thought someone here likes games? I also love music and if you want to find me in my natural habitat around the site your best bet is to come enjoy either a Thursday, Friday or Saturday show of RT Radio, seriously check out the group, you won't be disappointed. I'm also a regular in the current NHL thread in the forums and somewhat regular in the mighty OCC. I also have a podcast blog.

    Oh and one more thing:


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