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    • Buff Buddies - Week 2

      1 year ago


      Ahhh i did awful this week with diet i ate lots of fruit for lunch and good healthy dinners but i snacked awfully around that. I really need to try and not get so tempted to eat junk. i did three workouts this week which is okay but not great. Hopefully next week will be better as long as i stop snacking yikes

    • Buff Buddies - Week 1

      1 year ago


      Yikes, so I'd say I'm with meg this week, i didn't eat too badly and when I was offered junk food i turned it down. I've started eating routinely, rather than skipping breakfast and having snacks all throughout the day, (I'll leave what I'm eating below, its not to interesting though) but i didn't do any excersize at all and only walked 5,000 is steps a day rather than 10,000 so ill have to focus on that. But good luck everybody!



      • Porridge, scrambled eggs, or cereal (without sugar)


      • 1 Can of smoked tuna
      • Apple
      • Banana
      • Carrot sticks
      • 20g of Cashew Nuts (although someone told me they weren't that healthy but idk)

      And for dinner i just have what my parents make which is generally meat, pasta/rice, and ALOT of veggies. If they make something really unhealthy i will try my hardest to make something healthier for my self rather than eating it.


      • Fruit
      • Carrot Sticks
      • A few crackers with vegemite
      • Small portion of Tuna or Porridge
    • Buff Buddies - Week 0

      1 year ago


      So i weigh 75kg (165 pounds) and i am around 5'5 but I'm not 100% sure. My goal is to lose around 15 - 20kg (33- 44 pounds) I've tried various workout methods and diets before but i am so so awful at sticking to them especially as i live with my family so sometimes my parents will make dinners that aren't super healthy and ill swerve off track. My goals for now though is to drink a lot more water and eat three main meals a day rather than snacking all throughout the day. For now i am going to try go for walks/runs every night plus participate in three p.e. classes a week at school. any tips and tricks would be appreciated goodluck everyone! x

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