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    • Lumber Creatives | Part 2

      2 years ago

      jamesperrett BIGBITE


      Lumber Creatives initially started as just a name for myself and Mitch (co-founder) to go by. We wanted our range of work to be known under a title, something unique and in which people will remember. Something that doesn't limit what we can create, yet tells the world that we are creative. Settling on the idea of being the base of creative projects, we decided on naming ourselves Lumber Creatives - and so the story begins.

      Originally both Mitch and I hoped to achieve an illustrative look for our new venture, but as the idea grew and we saw the bigger picture so did our mind-set; this lead to the development of the brand as a whole. The humble, hand sketched logo soon became outgrown by the direction in which Lumber was moving. A strong base for young creative talent needed something more instinctive and impressionable. Finding the perfect balance between a solid group brand whilst maintaining an individual's creative freedom, took time and careful planning. As the birth of the log'o came to be, so did the harmonious balance of Lumber.

      Working with London based designer, Dean Richardson, was when the brand and website finally came into its own. Between the creative minds of the three of us, we developed a base for Lumber to settle in to '“ Dean came into the equation with a fresh perspective, allowing the brand not to be created from a tunnelled vision.

      We wanted the logo to be a stand out stamp that was instantly recognisable without the need for context '“ yet was known for being a creative symbol that defined a group of artists. Our log'o (because it's a log...and a logo...) was generated from this initial idea. The simple outlined log put Lumber on the path to becoming something more than just an ideology in the minds of myself and Mitch.

      Our connections with upcoming artists, designers, and film makers gave us the opportunity to form a home for creative individuals '“ This lead Lumber to open its doors to a range of talents and skills, all who bared the hallmarks of a Lumber Creative. A team began to grow from this collective notion that the world has the potential of a more creative future.

      Lumber soon housed a vast range of individuals from an array of creative practices '“ Presenting the opportunity to clients that we can meet the requirements of all their projects. With a company that includes an assortment of strengths in different fields, naturally brings collaboration between our creatives and helps personify the family feel that we hope to convey.

      Lumber is used as the base of structures '“ its allows more to be built on top. This is the ideal we live by. Lumber Creatives embraces everything, yet limits nothing.

      Get involved in the Lumber family, and lets build a more creative future '“ from the roots up.



    • Lumber Creatives | Part 1

      2 years ago

      jamesperrett BIGBITE

      This time last year I created a creative design studio with my best friend. It's been a rather crazy year, but an awesome one. I'll write more about where I've got up to in another post, but for now, check out the site if you'd like!

    • Minimalistic RWBY

      2 years ago

      jamesperrett BIGBITE

      A while back a set out to great some art cards for RWBY. They turned out as simple outlines of each character placed on their chosen colour. I was quite pleased with them in the end!

      Your thoughts?

      More little illustrations and arty creations can be found on my site, HERE


    • Take #2

      2 years ago

      jamesperrett BIGBITE


      So, I'm back and actively writing on this site again! Mainly for me to keep track of work and things. I think its a pretty great way to let things sink in - that sounds super serious. It isn't. Not really. It's just a nice way you can keep a list of moments from your life. The good and the bad.

      Here is a painting a did a few months back for an old friends Mother. They were moving house so I thought I would paint there dogs, and film it, obviously.



    • Forever Ending - Teaser - Animation

      2 years ago

      jamesperrett BIGBITE

      I've been working on a small animation to see if it sparks any interest amongst viewers. It's been me working on every aspect of it so far '“ meaning it has taken much longer than previously thought out. Even if this particular video doesn't come of anything, I think it has helped me understand animation as an art form. I will definitely be continuing animating different stories when I can!

      The story I am working on involves 5 miracle beings '“ all gifted with power to protect New Earth. These beings aren't seen as superheroes of the world, but seen as outcasts living on the edge. The thing with these powers is that they take something away from you as/when they are being used '“ whether this is memory, age, or pain... The list goes on...

      To give you an insight into the characters, I will give you their titles: The Time Keeper > Kitsune > The Winged Girl > The Guardian > The Forever Child

      Below is a small teaser for the series. I'd love feedback if you have the time!

      Music: Interstellar - Trailer Music by Hans Zimmer
      Narration written by Cal Rae
      Narration performed by Randy E. Aguebor
      Animation by me smiley0.gif


    • Portfolio

      2 years ago

      jamesperrett BIGBITE

      Just spend an entire day updating my personal portfolio!
      Check it out if you like looking at things: CLICK HERE


    • CREW

      in Forums > CREW | Follow this topic

      jamesperrett BIGBITE

      If you have a camera and are interesting in helping film, then post below.

      This also goes for the below positions, and any areas that you think we might need:
      - Boom operator (sound)
      - Sound Designer
      - Grip
      - Additional Cameraman/woman (lets not be sexist)

      7 replies

    • CAST

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      jamesperrett BIGBITE

      If you fancy appearing in the video, post below your character.

      - Not all characters will be added, but we are trying to drop little easter eggs throughout the video.
      - Not all characters will have major screen time.

      10 replies

    • Live action RWBY

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      jamesperrett BIGBITE

      Hey everyone!

      Wanted to see if anyone would be interested in a live action RWBY short. Just a little 5 minute video of some sort - and see how it turns out. I'm based in London, so if there are any RWBY cosplayers/fans around that would like to star or help out, let us know!

      Any ideas about how it would work are welcomed! Lets create something cool!

      21 replies

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