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    • Digital Study

      2 years ago


      As most of my work and time consists of graphic design and illustration, I haven't had the time to paint in a few months. I've been wanting to create a digital portrait study and as I've never really dived into digital paintings in a realistic sense, and had some time this weekend, I've started a portrait of my girlfriend.

      I'm probably like 5% done.


    • Magazine Update

      2 years ago


      A little update for all those interested in the first issue of the RT magazine!

      *Due to an 'Achieve Mag' already existing, I've come up with our new name - BIGBITE - a little reference to an old RT name. You can follow the creation of the magazine on Twitter, HERE

      I won't spoil the content and giveaway what we have planned, but be assured that it is going incredibly well. I have a list in front of me with all sorts of features and extra special articles - we are reaching 30+ pages so far, with more ideas still coming.

      We have managed to recruit some amazing RT community members in the form of editors, designs, and writers. Two community members that you might have heard of before are @tara and @Grove, who are both creating some awesome content.

      If you have any ideas for articles/features, comment below and we'll try make it happen.

      P.S. If you would like to be in the magazine, comment with a picture of you in your RT gear below!

      Thanks for showing so much support so far!



    • Whats With The Lemon

      2 years ago


      Whats With The Lemon messaged me to create some branding artwork for their YouTube channel. Below is what I came up with!



      2 years ago


      I'll just put this here...


      More at jamesperrett.com

    • The Magazine is Happening!

      2 years ago


      So, we are actually making a pilot first issue of this magazine to hopefully find out if the readers are out there. We've already recruited some brilliant writers for features, organised a few interviews, and planned our illustrations.

      We want to create a feature based around questions from the RT community and we need your help! Send us any question, RT and AH related or not, it can literally be anything! and we'll do our best to answer it. It could be about your thoughts on the latest RT show, or asking advice for starting university. ANYTHING YO!

      Some questions will be answered in the first issue of the magazine!

      Additionally we aim to create a 'community day' splash page with photos of everyone in their RT swag. So again, if you'd like to be in the first issue, link me to a picture of you in some RT gear!



    • Achieve Mag

      2 years ago


      I wanted to design something print related, so had a go at creating a front cover for a fake AH/RT monthly magazine. Would you read/buy it?

      Photograph of Geoff was taken by the talented @Jon Risinger



    • Journal #2

      2 years ago



      That beginning of the weekend see's the return of a new journal entry!

      I wanted to start producing more sellable content to further get my designs out there, and in addition to a certain someone moving in, I created the Fox & Rabbit. I think the simplicity of the design helps to not overload you with the copper shine that outlines the two little animals. The added copper frame re-enforces the chosen style, hopefully adding to the room that it is situated in.

      A minimalistic series would further pursue this design '“ a small copper outlined animal on a plain background can be produced multiple times to a commission or just a friends idea.


      I have also recently signed up to Red Bubble and uploaded some designs that can be bought on t-shirts, mugs, iPhone cases, and art prints. Take a look through - I would love opinions on the art.


      This year I decided to start a web comic (as previously mentioned in my last journal). Something that I have wanted to do for a while, but never got round to, and never had an idea I wanted to stick with. New Worlds is an online .gif comic released every week on the official New Worlds Tumblr page. The idea is based around the Achievement Hunter Let's Play Minecraft videos. I've adapted their videos and adventures in to more of a story '“ kind of like the film Battleships did with the board game '“ they included the fundamental element of the game, and developed a story around it.

      New Worlds follows, Gavin Free. He is chucked into a brand new world with no clue of how he got there. He'll meet other members of the team and enemies throughout the world, all trying to survive the dangerous world they have become a part of.

      You can follow the story; New Worlds by clicking HERE- make sure to follow the Tumblr page to keep track of new pages released!


      I thought I would end this journal with a recent commissioned watercolour painting I produced for a friend. I once again recorded myself painting the piece and uploaded it to YouTube. You can watch the video below! I hope you like it!


    • DUNK/DAY

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      Hi RT Designers!

      I've been wanting to start a fort-nightly discussion type show surrounding the world of design. We would aim to have an informal chat every other Sunday on Google Hangout or Skype and record the topics and themes. We will be discussing projects that the group bring forward and design work already out there - including the design work at RT! The shows discussion could range from a brief chat about an artist to dissecting a design we enjoy. The sky is the limit! Well, not really, but kinda.

      I thought it might be a great idea that we set ourselves these 'fake' design jobs to improve on skills, techniques, and portfolios. Every other week a brief will be presented to design something. This could range from a new company needing branding, to t-shirt designs and everything in between! We spend some time coming up with our version of the completed brief and show the group at the next session.

      Comment below your ideas and lets get this dicussion started! Everyone is welcome to DUNK/DAY!

      All you require is something to dunk a biscuit in, coffee, tea, a glass of milk... and an interest in design!



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      2 years ago


      Come check out a web comic I've started based on the Achievement Hunter Let's Play Minecraft universe. It's a .gif comic as well!

      Click HERE for the comic

      Check out the first few pages below!



    • Journal #1

      2 years ago



      Through moving into a new place in the North London area (which also acts as my studio), and Lumber finally gaining some clients, I have found myself to be hugely more productive in creating my own work. Whether this is down to a fresh start, a sudden change in lifestyle, or finally kicking myself up the butt to be more pro-active '“ I'm on top of my work and actively seeking more!

      So far my week has revolved around the following:
      Branding a company
      Drinking fruit tea
      Editing Lumber interviews
      Finishing an illustration
      Drinking more fruit tea
      Getting a hair cut (more below)
      Planning for a photography job
      Starting a poster design
      Eating blueberries


      I'm also now looking after a plant, named Bruce. Let's hope Bruce survives the week.

      The character below is the illustration I finished this week. He has been waiting in my sketch book to be outlined and coloured for weeks! I think it would look great as a huge A2 poster print! I might digitalize it and print a test...


      Finally got round to having my hair cut by a London freelance hairstylist. At the same time, had the chance to talk to a really cool, hardworking, creative guy. Joël Benjamin, a 'hairstylist to celebs, models and amazing people alike' welcomed me to the London area with pointers on where to go and what to do. Joël has been a hairstylist for 10 years whilst only recently becoming freelance '“ it seems he has made the right choice with a long list of amazing clients!

      You can visit Joël's website by clicking [link=http://hairbyjoel.co.uk]here[/link].


      I'm going to aim for a minimum of one blog post a week from this point!

      LET'S DO THIS!


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