Although getting rights is a nightmare, it still would be good to have a list of ideal/fantasy shitty movies that most likely will never happen for all to enjoy.

Recently I just saw another shit-smeared pile of garbage from the people who still think Bruce Willis is an actor, let alone a phenomenal actor. It is called Precious cargo, and it came out, of course, on 4/20 of this year, and you would have to be blazed to even bare enjoying the film. The acting is stale, and there is no chemistry between the actors, although its not entirely there fault because the writing is bland and cringeworthy with a dumb plot that is forced at every turn. The character development seems rushed and is lazy, the action is dull and not surprising, and Bruce "Monotone" Willis does his best, which is a bare minimum, at the same fucking role that he has played for the last decade as a supposedly badass crime boss who does nothing but get beat and upset. This movie had me making jokes in my head the entire time and I know AH would have no problem tearing this movie to shreds.

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