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    • Have you ever done anything completely against your own self interest with a crush?

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      Today I told a girl I've had a crush on for the past 3 months that she should talk to the guy she's been seeing about getting more serious and I can't decide if what I did was a good thing or not.

      She and I are good friends, and a care about her, she is usually really confident but when things get to her she can really break down and I've always tried to be there for her, I've gone through similar things myself. I realized I had a crush on her a few months back but she was seeing this guy at the time, so I just carried on the same as always, she normally go through guys quickly. But as time wore on I started think about her more and more, she and this guy fought a couple times and I tried to be there for her, probably selfishly hoping it would end and I would be there for her, because things totally work like that...

      Anyway, they kept getting back together and they've been good for a while, we were hanging out recently, big group of us at her apartment. We hung out for the day, talking shite, watching TV, playing football and then we had this big meal. Afterwards a bunch of us decided to go to the pool to relax before we headed home, we finish up and head back up to pick up our bags and say goodbye to the rest of the group. When I walk in they're all watching a movie and I see them sitting on the couch kinda cuddled up together and he says something that makes her laugh, in that way you do when you really properly happy, and I realize she really likes him, more than she probably realizes herself and this isn't going away any time soon.

      Thing is he's moving away for work next week and she's really sad, she teared up when my he said goodbye to our friend who was going on holiday and won't see him. We were talking about it today, since yesterday was Valentine's day. He didn't do anything because there still not together officially and they got in another fight because he's leaving but now she's going to a wedding with him, so upside I guess. We were talking and she said she wasn't sure what's happening with them and I told her that she should talk to him about it because from my perspective, they were a couple just neither of them wanted to say it.

      Originally I was glad I said it because I knew she was happy with him, but as the day wore on I started to get annoyed because it's totally against what I want. I care about her so much that I just want her to be happy but that selfish part of me which I can never seem to act on wants it to end so I can have a chance. It makes no sense!

      Now I'm just sitting here annoyed/angry at myself because I never got together the courage to tell her because I'm so afraid of losing her as a friend.

      Am I wrong to want her to be with me? I still want her to be happy but it's hard when I see them together and I know I don't have any chance.

      Any advice?

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    • Frame Gate

      2 years ago


      Before I get into the meat of the this, can I please ask that we stop with all the "Gate" suffixes for anything mildly controversial. Some originality would be fantastic from time to time, it's lazy and unoriginal and to be honest most of the modern "Gates" don't deserve it, they are not that important or controversial, it's a slight irritation that we will all move past and forget about well before the next "Gate" comes along.

      Now with that said let's move on to the matter at hand, AC Unity is locked at 900p, 30 fps, "oh no, what will we ever do". I don't know about everyone but personally I can't tell the difference between 720p and 1080p, or anything in between, when I sit as far away from my screen as I do (about 3 feet). At a certain level I actually don't mind, so long as I don't see screen tearing or ghosting, I have no problem with how high the fidelity is, if the story and game play are good, good graphics is just icing on the cake.

      I can understand that after buying a "next-gen" console and a game that is next-gen only that you could be a little annoyed and feel your not getting your moneys worth and to a certain extent your right: you are not getting you moneys worth, but you never do at the start of a generation. The Devs are learning the ins and outs of the consoles just as we are and they will, in time, learn the tricks and nuances of the architecture that will make the game smoother, the code smarter and overall, the experience better. This is a known thing you cannot expect perfection from a novice even if they are masters in other ways; a good sketch artist does not a good painter make.

      The thing that bugs me most of all out of all of this: the debates. This was announced before the game and done specifically to quote " avoid debates and stuff" and however poorly put by one of the development team and not the PR team, who released a clearer statement later saying it was always planned like this. While poorly handled and all together naive to think the internet wouldn't debate this, the simple fact is: the debates that have sprung up as a result are enraging. "This is all the Xbox One's fault because it's weaker, they're dragging us down because they're shit.", "It's the PS4's fault because their architecture is always hard to code for." I have one thing to say to these people: SHUT UP! People who own consoles cannot complain about how other systems hardware is dragging down your game. PC gamers have had to deal with this ever since the PS2, console always have been and always will be weaker than PCs that is a fact, you cannot keep up with the latest tech on a fixed piece of hardware. PC gamers, for the most part, have come to terms with the fact that games will not be as powerful as they could be, they will not run at 4K, most will not even have that option built in, they will not be as populated, as detailed, or as smooth as they could be. Very few studios, as far as I am aware, still develop code for both console and PC, most choose to simply port the console version to PC and attempt to optimize it as best they can.This often leads to poor performance, GTA 4 at launch as an example, all together not a great port, unstable, frame rate issues in places, laggy controls... it had it's problems and to their credit Rockstar worked on it and by the end it was a very enjoyable game. Console Parity is and unfortunate consequence of keeping video games cheap, if you have to make a code for each platform individually you either: hire three times as many people or take three times as long to put out a game, either way it costs the studio more money and therefore the prices go up. Parity is necessary if we want to keep games the price they are, better value for money than movies, and more enjoyable. You may not like it but that is the truth, and we all have to live with it.

      At the end of the day, people will buy it, it will be a fun and enjoyable experience, judging by previous titles in the series, and after the first week of comparison videos, we will all forget and enjoy the game as it is meant to be.

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