Hey, Guys:

Long time watcher, first time poster.

Recently, I went to the premier of the Lazer Team showing in Calgary AB at the Plaza Theatre, and it was fantastic. I felt lucky to get tickets for the showing because I live in a small city 3 hours away. so when I saw a second showing in Calgary, I immediately got on those tickets.

Before the night, I had to do a job, I did it as fast as I could and hauled crev to the venue. Parking was quite tight, but once I got there, the Plaza had a long lineup of people 30 minutes before showtime. So I had time to chat with some people who were in line with me, crack jokes, get funny, and watch a guy eat chicken and spill all his fries before they entered the theatre.

Once I got in, it was almost showtime, and as I managed to get a seat, the movie started with the usual trailers and shiz. Now it was time for the feature presentation.

As the first jokes and visual gags were on the screen, people were just laughing like crazy, including myself. and the laughter was constant throughout the film, except for some of the serious parts. Everything had the trademark RT humour and everything. Though I'm not a huge fan of crude humour, the film pulled it off wonderfully. Visual effects were great, The humour and gags were top-notch. The only big negative of the film was the blatant promotion of your properties, (eg: Mindy holding a RWBY decaled laptop) I believe it can do less with shoutouts. Either than that, Solid film, Not a REALLY good film, but it was great. 8/10.

I would like to thank all the creative minds at Rooster Teeth for making an awesome film, and to all the cast and crew, Tugg for bringing the film closer to me, even though it was a 3 hour drive, all the Indiegogo backers, and everyone that watched the film not only with me, but across the world.