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    • A Year Later.

      1 year ago


      Man I wish I can say I've personally known or met Monty. How cool would that have been? I'm sure that's a lot of us though. Anywho it's nuts to see how many things he had a hand in and didn't get to see come to fruition. I honestly think he'd be proud of the RT guys and the community.

      Hopefully soon from lessons I learned from just hearing Monty talk about life and first hand stories from the RT crew I can continue to grow as a person because without some of the aforementioned lessons I wouldn't be doing much of anything today. Even this crummy blog that I write. I know not many people, if any at all, are reading this but at least this gives me a good way to track my progress and it's safe to say this is just a slow start that WILL gather momentum so until that day comes where we can see progress I will keep updating and tracking all that.

      One day I hope to be an ounce of the person you were Monty. You not only inspired me to do what I do but just to be gather an appreciation and passion for it. I hope I'll get to see you one day man.

    • Yet another Late Post but NEW YEAR!

      1 year ago


      New Year, New me; right?



      Actually with this new year I'll be doing three pretty awesome and productive things and one thing that is still awesome but slightly counter productive. This year I'm going to be going back to School and doing well at it. Yes I know none of you know my past history but let's just say school and I never got along when I had work in the way. This time my schedule is pretty set on counteracting that but it'll be tough because of my overnight full-time shift. On top of that I'm forcing myself to do regimented gyms seshes so I guess I can now call myself a buff buddy lol

      I know I started late but if you're down to help me lose at weight I'm all ears. I'm shifting my bad diet habits and going to really take a look at things so I can do this properly. My goal is basically to get me down about 100 lbs because as of last night I'm at 270. It won't be easy but I got this. i just gotta get on a better diet and learn to cook better so I don't use laziness and taste as an excuse to eat better haha.

      The second thing I'm doing is my spending fast. This Tuesday I get my first paycheck of the year and I have to adjust my budget to get better foods for my diet but I'm also curbing every bad spending habit I have. That mainly means stop eating out and ordering stuff on Amazon. Part of this is to do with tax season coming on the approach and I want to be prepared for anything but also I need to start saving up for Filming Gear and School Tuition fees. Even though I have financial aid I still want to be able to make sure I'm covered. So lots of planning ahead but I got this.

      The last cool and productive thing I'm doing is the rebirth of my old production group (llc, whatever) Strange Highway Productions. I plan on doing more this year with it namely because my old crew didn't want the name so I'd rather use something I established as opposed to coming with something new and I may also work with my old partner in crime assuming his job doesn't make it a huge mission. If he joins in I should be able to officially start production in the Summer so I'll be writing as much as I can and making some solid scripts in preparation. If I'm lucky I can work with a few friends to start sooner but more so the issue is gear so I'll do what I can. If he says no then production will officially start later but that's still ok because it's a start.

      Some big plans this year haha but that doesn't mean I'm not having fun much of this stuff is actually the sort of counter-productive part of this year is my subscription to MoviePass. By far the coolest service ever since I love attending theatres. I enjoyed it so far and I'm excited to be able to catch all of the awesome movies that are coming out this grand year of 2016! I'm super stoked to see how long I can keep this going and if I ever have to cancel I can maybe replace it
      with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription so I can actually use the software and when the student time comes off I just buy the prepaid card haha Still a lot of money but at least I'm going to save money by saving up beforehand.

      Welp that's it for me guys, I hope you all had and awesome 2015 and that you have an even better 2016. I may start a new podcast that isn't the Let's Talk Movies one so keep a look out for that. Strange Highway is making a comeback bitches!

    • 1 year ago

    • A Week Late. Whoops lol

      1 year ago


      Again this is something I need to get used to doing these blogs so my bad for pretty much skipping last week. Anywho I SAW STAR WARS! Now before you panic, No, I will not spoil anything but it's a fantastic movie and you should watch it. I had a fantastic time and I'll be posting a picture I took with my friends at the premiere!

      Film, and I guess still Star Wars related, I met a cool dude who's a local cinematographer and his brother is a writer/actor so I shall link their YT page here as well for you to check them out! Hopefully I'll be working with them soon as things move forward and such.

      A bit of an update from the school end of stuff is that I now have most of what I need to be in so that's good and now it's just a matter of time before I'm thrusted back to the madness. haha Cool stuff though and hopefully my roommates will deal with my now worse sleeping habits.

      So yeah like is pretty much the same if you're bored and feel like talking to someone who hasn't figured shit out enough to be doing anything of significance just inbox me!

      Peace out everyone!

    • Journal Entry 0: The Start of Something Pretty Cool.

      1 year ago


      Ok, so I've never really thought of holding on to a blog of sorts but I'm doing this out of spontaneity and inspiration that by doing this and committing to it, I'll somehow become better at being able to create any sort of content in a consistent manner.

      So here's the start I guess. Not many of you (any of you actually lol) know me about I'm an aspiring filmmaker in South Florida. I'm going to be starting school again to study Film and get my Associate's of Science to then transfer to UT Austin to further my studies and hopefully pave the path to an awesome film career but I got a long way to go and a lot of work ahead of me.

      I know there's a cliche in doing this but I don't have any uber inspiring story about the way I grew up molded me into a filmmaker. I'm just a guy who wanted to write music all his life and then said: "Film seems like a much cooler route to go." and I went for it.

      I'd say an obstacle I've had as of late has been just getting the confidence to just do things because I've always been the person to make excuses about small things. I'm writing this to force myself to stop doing that. In a way this is could be a way to make sure I'm held accountable in some way.

      Part of the reason I'm writing about this here is because I've looked up to Rooster Teeth since I was a kid. I first caught RvB because I was browsing the internet at the time when I was reading up stuff for Halo. I never thought one day I'd be so driven to do things because of them. Seeing them evolve from RvB to be this huge media company is amazing and on top of that it's run by the coolest people on this Earth. It's just amazing to me.

      Now I know what you're thinking, "This guys is kissing ass to be hired in the future!" I'll admit it's partially true haha but honestly just the idea of filmmaking alone is fantastic so while I would love to be on staff I'd be ok if I never worked for them but got the chance to make awesome content. That's all I want to do.

      So with that I hope you guys enjoyed reading this! I'll post a large blog next week around this time and maybe some stuff in between.

      If you want to chat with me feel free to PM me or write on my RT page!

      Thank you all so much.

    • 1 year ago

    • Writing, and Editing has Made Me Horribly Busy

      1 year ago


      But not busy enough to prevent me from posting right now!

      As it's (not) mentioned in my profile I help run a podcast called the Let's Talk Movies Podcast and hopefully you can get how redundant it would be to mention the subject matter lol

      BUT Redundancy is a thing soooooooo

      We talk about Movie News and go about discussing our opinions on it (as if we have credibility lol) and then we have our Box Office Predictions and Movie Book Club.

    • Why I love RvB as much as Star Wars.

      1 year ago


      Man, I know I talk a lot about how much I love Rooster Teeth and Red VS Blue. I probably annoy the hell out my friends with it but if you look at all the hard work put in by the crew who have contributed to a show that can approach intricate plot lines and character arcs with such comedic finesse is truly awesome.

      The growth of the show over the years is truly inspiring and hopefully I can accomplish a fraction of what it has. Everyone who is a part of it and a part of Rooster Teeth as whole are people who I look up to for DIY filmmaking and storytelling.

    • In Need of Collaboration

      1 year ago


      Hey so here's the deal I'm looking to collaborate with people on writing a sci-fi series. I aim for it to be an animated drama with a sense of humor. I guess in a sense it bears some similarities to RvB but much less comedy driven. Think Season 10 but different. How much different well hopefully way different. An issue I've had with this series is to not make it a RvB rip-off

      I already have general idea for the plot but I've been stuck on world building and left it in the back burner.

      I'm also down for collaborating in writing music for the show.

      If you're down, let me know. I already have a few people collaborating but they have some stuff to deal with too so I don't wanna bother them too much.

    • Hot Damn

      1 year ago


      This weeks episode of RvB was amazing! I loved every single bit of it! I'm not going into detail because I don't wanna spoil anything but it ties up a lot of things nice and neatly and brings on the even bigger question. I can't fucking wait for next week!

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    Yo I'm an amateur musician, voice-actor and a neophyte in cinematography, machinima, and animation. Rooster Teeth is amazing and has inspired me to start my own sci-fi series and to become a freelance videographer/cinematographer.

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