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    • [Bug Report] Error 521 - https://achievementhunter.com/login

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      Hello :)

      Logging in to achievementhunter.com starting throwing this error - I don't know if this is a recent problem or not as Firefox seems to have potentially pushing me to the http site when the https site didn't work? (I recently updated and a number of https sites stopped working as cleanly - I don't know why yet but it looks like various problems on their end though; out-of-date certificates etc. so far).

      Full error page:

      Error 521 Ray ID: 345287433a440ce9 • 2017-03-25 14:23:31 UTC

      Web server is down










      What happened?

      The web server is not returning a connection. As a result, the web page is not displaying.

      What can I do?

      If you are a visitor of this website:

      Please try again in a few minutes.

      If you are the owner of this website:

      Contact your hosting provider letting them know your web server is not responding. Additional troubleshooting information.

      Cloudflare Ray ID: 345287433a440ce9 • Your IP: • Performance & security by Cloudflare

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    • A perfect eleven...

      1 month ago


      I feel like my run continued with my correct answer for the ELR tiebreaker coming in very late... blame a combination of time zones and a small baby! Such is life but then again it was good to get them all right! :D

    • RiverRunning; the wall of text guy...

      2 months ago


      ... I feel like this is too often me - and, yes, I realise this is post is ironic.

    • Shoutout to all the RWBY Cosplayers at Reicon (Winter) 2016

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      I just wanted to say that all the RWBY cosplayers at Reicon (Winter) 2016 this weekend were great; we had (I think); three  ruby, two  blake, Two  yang, Two  nora, a  ren, a  jaune, a Sun, a Roman and a Cinder (apologies if I missed anyone and also for not knowing all your names :(

      Particular shout out to the guy dressed as Yang - you were magnificent  yang - and the Ruby with the folding scythe - amazing!  ruby - and especially to the Nora whose personality matched Nora's beautifully - soooo hyper!!! nora

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    • Looks like I might well be looking for a new place to call home...

      10 months ago


      ... the UK looks like it might be leaving the EU courtesy of (a lot of) Ex-Industrial England (that's what you get when the government ignores the collapse of it's a major business sector over the course of decades).

      Any suggestions?

    • Achievement Hunter website

      11 months ago


      Seems that the achievements bit of the Achievement Hunter is not usable at the moment? It's really hard to find and setup a game in your profile (there's no "edit" button there to add them) and then there is just a list of achievements with no way to say you've gotten them (which is kinda necessary with PC gaming? (Or am I supposed to link my steam username somewhere?? And how does that work for Minecraft???) So essentially most of the achievements part of the Achievement Hunter website doesn't work - oops? (I'm assuming that this has been true since the new site launched but it's been a while since I tried to update that part of my profile and now I'm not convinced it's worth it or even possible...

      I'll reference you, @Curryshoe , because I don't know who else this is more relevant too...

    • Say this today...

      11 months ago



      and thought "Amen to that"... I'll get my coat... ;)

    • So I rediscovered Minecraft two days ago...

      1 year ago


      ... and that might well be all for the next long while - doh! :P

      (It was Masters of Orion (FreeOrion) before that so maybe it's just a continuation of gaming but Minecraft sucks me in SOOOOOO hard! Lookout community server :D

    • Dead...cool... amIright? ;)

      1 year ago


      Just saw Deadpool, was blown away (okay, so it wasn't quite that good), it was amazing, maybe rather better for the fact it was something I really needed at this point - a properly adult movie, made for adults and refused to pull any punches even if it was only to save one dark joke.

      If you like dark comedy then you'll love this movie, especially if you're a fan of European dark comedies - which, considering this is a largely USAian film, is about as complimentary as I've ever been to a film. Otherwise YMMV, and don't go and see it if you don't like it when more recent remakes of a story don't exactly adhere to the older versions... (also never, ever, ever go near the "Hitch(h)ikers Guide to the Galaxy" series - you will be tearing you hair out at the author :P - the title differences being a case in point! :D

      I hate to say it, although I enjoyed Lazer Team, Deadpool was better - but then both were better than anything that came out in the last year so I guess the comparison is like saying NoahJ456 is better than Ray (RIP) at CoD in that either could beat any member of AH hands down or even the whole lot at once but you'd probably get something like even money on who would win between the two of them. :)

    • Learnt three things today (at least!)

      1 year ago


      1) Builders really wolfwhistle (and are jerks).

      2) Tesco's self-service machines are (not quite) subtly designed to maximise the number of coins you get in change.

      3) Some people only recognise me if I have a beard and my hair long and down.

      As to 1) that would be twice in one week and it wouldn't be so insulting if they were laughing like idiots at the same time... if they weren't going to be around for the next few months I'd already have complained to the company they work for.

      As for 2), Tesco's self-service machines were apparently designed by a Dane and built in China and do not give fifty pences or two pound coins as change; "no biggy" you might think but it means that the number of coins yet get from the machine is higher and coins of a smaller denomination at that. Combine that with the fact they are designed to give you as even a number of coins as possible means that they will give you 50p in change as two twenties, one five, two twos and one one pence coin... making that six coins instead of three (assuming no fifty pence pieces) or one (assuming fifty pence pieces exist - which they do). I am also suspicious as I have never had a ten pence coin out of a machine so I wonder if they also either don't give them out as well or try to get rid of the coins they have most of and so very much prefer to give out a five, two twos and a one pence piece than a single ten pence coin... this would be because people prefer to give the machine lots of shrapnel than bigger coins so then they start trying to get rid of it all again.

      And in the case of 3) the guy at the chippy recognised me from a few years back when I had long hair and a big beard despite the fact I've been going there time to time before and he's not recognised me; but my hair was up and (to my shame) my beard has grown out a bit at the moment... need to get around to shaving it! Weird! :)

      So the take away is people don't always see what is infront of them, either way if they are a builder they are probably jerks or idiots and Tesco's has gotten it's third strike from me for anti-society behaviour; contracts that mean suppliers have to buy back goods not sold even if they are now past being sellable, failing to pay millions of pounds worth of bills owed to small companies who don't have the resources to fight them for it and some, many of whom have gone bust (explaining why there is less and less variety of things on their shelves over the years) and nickle and dimeing customers over the weight (and maybe amount; how many people actually count their change, especially when it is a pile of coins?) and number of coins of change.

      Gonna watch Off Topic while eating my chippy (saus supper with salt and sauce *yum* :) now to make myself feel better :)

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