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    • Is the drama in shipping a BIG deal? If it is then why should it even be a BIG deal?

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      I apologize if I'm arrogent in my opinion about the fandom I just want my answers...

      I seen some vids on youtube, mostly responses to JAC OneManBand The divided fandom, and comments of videos that have their shipping moments

      The comments say there are fans that are toxic, I haven't seen them myself though, so is it really a big deal? I'm not sure if I seen a person say "BUMBLEBEE FOR THE WIN F** You BLACKSUN!!. Please bring proof if there is a toxic person saying this stuff in this forum. Sometimes people might be joking about not liking a ship.

      If it is then I don't see why people are being so uptight about it, it's just a harmless pairing that some people find it great and fun to think about.....I mean what is WRONG with you pointlessly arguing that your ship is better and most likely canon? It's not going any where other than making it harder for Rooster teeth and possibly ruin Monty Oum's Legacy! I mean calm down damn it! If you see a ship moment of a pair you don't like in the show, then shut up and get over with it! Respect their ship! 

      Thank you for reading this and please answer my questions in the most constructive way possible and not be a ********

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    • RWBY Chibi ideas

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      This is about making ideas for episodes and who knows it might be in one episode. I got a few ideas of my own, I tried to make a basic summary of them and they aren't in a certain order. Sorry if I accidentally took some ideas and maybe have some ideas that were already made before the video was released and sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes. 

      1. Team RWBY is eating ice cream in a park next to an ice cream truck, until Neo in her student disguise walks by stealing ice cream. Team Rwby stares at Neo suspiciously, Ruby, Blake and Weiss shrugs and walks away while Yang stayed back and look at Neo, Neo blinks changing her eye color to Pink and Brown. Yang is surprised then rubs her eyes, Neo goes back to normal. Yang simply shrugs and walks away. Neo break 4th wall and smirks

      2. Team RWBY, Jaune. Nora and Ren walk out of the clothing store wearing V4 outfits, Sun complements Blake's outfit, Blake blushes and slaps him, Tai notices how grown up Ruby and Yang look, wipes a manly tear, Jaune tries to show Pyrrha his shield but couldn't find it. Meanwhile at the background Nora tosses the shield away whistling.

      3.  Ruby and Cinder prepare for a staring contest, Yang does a countdown, while everyone (Too lazy to explain who) cheers. After saying "Go!, Ruby uses her silver eyes on Cinder, Cinder falls on the ground, rolling on it to stop her face burning. Everyone else at the background puts on shades when Ruby looks at them with her eyes still glowing.

      4. Team JNPR walks casually in the town until a bunch of metal objects from smallest to the biggest, hit Pyrrha and eventually Jaune because of his armor Cough Arkos. Finally Penny hits her head onto Pyrrha's. Pyrrha says "I'm Sorry!"

      5. Glynda (Chibi Glynda?) is waiting at the entrance to the Arena for Amity, Cinder, Mercury and Emerald walks up, only to be halted by Glynda. "Where's your fourth teammate?" Cinder in a slight panic "Um I'll get our teammate you three stay here!" Cinder runs around the school looking for someone, eventually walks up to Adam (Chibi Adam?) and asks him. Adam denies it but after a few seconds he says "Wait!" and asks "Is Blake in the team?" Cinder says "no", Adam sighs "Then leave!" Cinder runs away, while Adam grabs a tissue box. Meanwhile with Neo and Roman, Neo is wearing her disguise outfit, Roman acknowledges it, suddenly Cinder comes out grabs Neo and saying "I need you!" Cinder runs off with Neo.

      6. Ruby plays video games, she loses and says "How does this guy do it?!" suddenly Velvet says "Good job Fox!" Ruby looks at Fox in shock, while he was holding the controller.

      7. Jaune's Experiments 2: Jaune sees team CFVY's room with their weapons, He fails to lifts Yat's sword (I'm not saying the full name), struggles to use Coco's minigun, Jaune awkwardly uses Fox's wep. Finally Jaune is unsure how to use Velvet's and gets spotted by Team CFVY. Fox looks at the opposite direction, Coco records, Velvet waves "hi", Yat facepalms. 

      That's all I got, you guys try to come up with some.

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