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    • Buff Buddies: Week 3

      1 year ago


      Week 3! It was great! I'm using exclamations sarcastically!

      Week 3 was. . . hard to say the least. Coming home from college to mom's cooking? and it being Thanksgiving? I'll just say this entry is going to be short. I did 5 miles all week and ate awful. But mom's cooking! It was soooo good. Curse you mom, and your amazing cooking skills.

      Fitness: 2 stars, I did do 5 miles (better than none right? Right?)

      Nutrition: -3 stars, I don't want to talk about it

      Next week is a new week, so if you didn't do so well either just remember that there is always next week to improve!

    • Buff Buddies: Week 2

      1 year ago


      Week 2 has passed! Better than week 1 I must say. I was able to complete my workouts which are as followed:

      Monday: ran 3.25 miles (I'm not too focused on how fast, more the distance)

      Tuesday: Leg Press(80 lbs) and Chin up Machine I don't know the name of (50 lbs)

      Wednesday: To be honest nothing, I had homework to catch up on

      Thursday: ran 3.25 miles

      Friday: ran 1.5 miles and did the leg press again (80 lbs)

      Saturday: I focused on stretching. I used to be able to do a complete split so I'm trying to get that back, and I must say I'm pretty damn close! I did the usual types of stretches, feet in front, out to the side, wall stretch, among others.

      Sunday I didn't do anything so no need to say anything about it. As for nutrition that wasn't so good. Being in college gives a bit of a challenge considering the dining halls pretty much only serve carbs because they are cheap to buy in bulk and fill you up. I tried to focus on mainly protein but I slipped up a few times, example: pizza. Pizza is so good though! I also don't have any protein powder or my shaker to make protein shakes. Breakfast is hard because damn, do powdered eggs get old real fast. During thanksgiving break I will hopefully be able to bring protein powder back and my essentials like that.

      Overall I give myself 5/5 of Zach's abs for exercise because I reached my goal for the week. For nutrition I'm in between 2.5 - 3 Zach abs because I didn't do awful, but I should have been better. There is no scale at school so I haven't been able to weigh myself but when I'm home I can update the results. Let's just hope Thanksgiving isn't my downfall!

    • Buff Buddies: Week 1

      1 year ago


      So Week 1 ended a couple days ago, and I wanted to give a recap on it. The week started off great! And then. . . well not so much. Monday I ran 3 and a half miles, took it easy and did a mile on Tuesday, and then Wednesday shit hit the fan, or should I say vomit. Sparing details I got a pretty bad stomach bug that lasted until recovering enough to walk on the treadmill on Friday. I didn't eat all Thursday and very little on Friday due to the sickness. Overall I did 6.5 miles for Week one, so I'm giving myself 3 Meg faces for effort especially with the stomach bug I dealt with. As for nutrition I'm knocking myself to 1 Meg face, I ate well on Monday and Tuesday but the rest of the week was downhill, even when I wasn't sick.

      On a side note: If anyone is looking into protein shakes or bars to eat/drink, I had to drink protein shakes for a couple months for something before and I used whey protein powder. It has a grainy consistency it my opinion, but using almond milk really helps absorb the protein and adding ice cubes thickens the drink, so it's not so frothy or thin. As for Protein bars, I try to go with bars that have at least 18 grams of protein because I eat it for a meal, and a meal should contain about 20 grams of protein. The two I eat are Pure Protein(double chocolate are pretty good), and Think Thin (haven't tried one of those I don't like!).

      So that was my Week One. I think Week Two will be better as long as I don't end up best friends with a garbage bag for three days again.

    • Buff Buddies AKA what have I gotten myself into

      1 year ago


      So I decided to work on Buff Buddies because I have been wanting to get in shape for a while. I want to lose weight, and like Zach said, "feel at home in my own body". I run on my own and with playing soccer but since soccer ended I need to up the running more. My workout routine will be consisting of mostly things from Josh's workout and hopefully work up to Meg's. It will be:

      1.Run at least 8 miles a week

      2. Follow Josh's "Body Weight" workouts

      3. Hope for the best

      As for nutrition, I normally try to steer away from carbs but I am going to make it a point to really not have them, or at least have them as little as I can. I am excited to start. I already did 5 miles this week so I only have 3 to go! Let's go #Buffbuddies ! Also I posted some pictures of me gross and sweaty as proof of running and having a tasty peanut butter protein shake.

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