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    • Fav Book: Kareshi Kanojo no Jijyo - 彼氏彼女の事情

      1 week ago

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      I missed a month somewhere back there.  So here is a short one.  My favorite quote from my favorite manga "His and Her Circumstances" (also known by the title of this post, and by the nickname Kare Kano).  It's also my favorite anime too.  I love the series because it's hilarious and yet heartfelt and I can really feel the love in this series, so that when I'm done watching/reading it, I feel like I just spent some time with a good friend (best analogy I could come up with).  Here are two pages from Volume 14 of the manga:



    • Fav Book: Becoming A Critical Thinker

      1 week ago

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      Here is an except for this month's book: Becoming A Critical Thinker - A Master Student Text, by Vincent Ryan Ruggiero.  I read it back in college and really loved it, definitely worth the read, and it's fairly short - compact yet powerful.  

      (I cut out some parts (....) to make it shorter.)

      p. 17 - 20

      Key principles of thinking

      Thinking is like building a house or a skyscraper - the success of the enterprise depends on the firmness of the foundation.  The foundation of thinking, of course, is not concrete and steel but principles - ideas that have survived rigorous testing and proved trustworthy.  The following principles of thinking are among the most important:

      Truth is discovered, not created

      You have probably heard it said that truth is subjective and personal, or that each person creates truth to his or her own specifications.  This belief is common today, and it means that believing something is so actually makes it so.  In other words, reality is whatever we wish it to be.

        This idea directly contradicts the view that has been generally accepted since ancient times - the view that truth is the accurate representation of objective reality. In this view reality is unaffected by our wishes, preferences, and assumptions.

        Is the new view that truth is created and subjective more reasonable than the traditional view that truth is objective?  Perhaps the best way to tell is to consider what the new view of truth implies about everyday issues.  if truth is created by each person, then...

        . . . Galileo's assertion that the sun is the center of the solar system, a view that shocked most people of his time, is not true for everyone but just for those who want to believe it.  ....

        . . . when a drunk falls into an empty swimming pool thinking that it is full, water will suddenly appear and save him from a hard landing.  ....

        As even these few examples make clear, the notion that truth is created by each individual does not hold up under scrutiny.  In contrast, everyday experience confirms the principle that truth is discovered.

      A statement can't be both true and false at the same time and in the same way

      This principle is known as the principle of contradiction.  the following examples demonstrate the validity of this principle:

        Statement: Capital punishment is a deterrent to crime.  Comment: If capital punishment was once a deterrent but no longer is, the statement would be true for one time but not for the other.  If capital punishment is a deterrent for some people but not for others (for the reflective, let's say, but not for the impulsive), the statement would be true in one way but not in the other.  Neither stipulation challenges the principle of contradiction, which stipulates that a statement cannot be both true and false at the same time and in the same way.


        A note of caution:  The principle of contradiction applies whenever opposing statements make exactly opposite assertions - for example, she is verses she isn'the did verses he didn't, they have verses they haven't.  In such cases, it is certain that one statement must be true and the other false.  However, when the assertions made are not exactly opposite but merely different, both could be false.  For example, if you say "Sally got the highest mark on the exam" and I say "Luke got the highest Mark," it is possible that we are both mistaken.  (Bertha or Juwan may have gotten the highest mark.)

      All people make mistakes, even experts

      It's a shame that there are no official accuracy statistics available for experts in the various fields of knowledge.  If there were, you could check the experts' "batting averages."  You might be shocked to learn just how often experts are wrong.  Christopher Nerf and Victor Navasky have written an interesting collection of wrong judgements and predictions made by experts.  Many are so far off the mark that they are laughable.  Here is a brief sampling:

      A British scientist in 1895: "Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible."

      A London professor at the dawn of the railroad, when the top speed was 25 mph: "Rail travel at high speed is not possible because passengers, unable to breathe, would die of asphyxia."


      A famous movie studio head, commenting on the future of TV: "People will soon get tired of staring at a plywood box every night."


        This is not to say that the "batting averages" of experts are lower than those of non-experts.  As a rule, they are considerably higher.  The most sensible approach is therefore not to settle for a single expert's opinion but to seek a second, and perhaps a third, expert opinion before making up your mind.  In addition, since advanced degrees are not awarded with crystal balls, be especially wary when any expert attempts to predict the future.

      Ideas can be examined without being embraced

      Some people refuse to consider an idea that differs from their own out of loyalty to their convictions.  This refusal is especially strong in political and religious matters.

        For example, a conservative might refuse to read an article by a liberal and a Christian might refuse to listen to a lecture on Judaism, Buddhism, or Islam.  Such people prevent themselves from deepening their understanding.  Also, because knowledge is as essential to thinking as air is to breathing, they stifle their intellectual development and do themselves a disservice.  

        Whenever you are tempted to deny a fair hearing to unfamiliar or opposing ideas, remind yourself that examining an idea is not the same as embracing it.  If, after applying critical thinking, you decide that an idea is unworthy, you will have a substantial basis for rejecting it.  Moreover, you will be in a better position to explain its flaws to others.

      Feeling is no substitute for thinking

      Following feelings, impulses, and impressions is fashionable today.  Some people go so far to say that feelings are a better guide than thoughts.  This is a comforting idea, but in order to believe it you have to overlook the many times when feelings led you astray.

       Consider a time when you were trying to lose weight and your feelings said, "Order the double hot fudge sundae."  Or another time when you felt the urge to tell your instructor or the boss what you really thought of her.  ....

        The problem with following feelings, urges, and impressions is not that they always lead us astray.  (They don't.)  The problem is that they aren't consistently reliable.  Sometimes they advise us well and sometimes they don't.  ....

        Rather than mindlessly following your feelings, think about them carefully and decide whether they deserve to be followed.

    • Favorite Book Excerpt: The Bible

      1 week ago

      Jianju 01101000 01101001

      I realized I missed a month a while back for quotes/excerpts from some of my favorite books.  I've included fiction, stuff on clothes, politics, health, and now I'm gonna do my favorite religious book, The Bible.  In particular, I've narrowed the focus on quotes about the Kingdom of God:

      Luke 4: 43

      But he [Jesus] said to them: " I must also declare the good news of the Kingdom of God to other cities, because for this I was sent."

      Daniel 2:44

      "In the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed.  And this kingdom will not be passed on to any other people. It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, and it alone will stand forever."

      Matthew 24:14

      "And this good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come."

      Matthew 6: 9, 10

      "You must pray, then, this way: 'Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified. Let your Kingdom come.' "

      Revelation 11: 15

      The seventh angel blew his trumpet. And there were loud voices in heaven, saying: "The kingdom of the world has become the Kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will rule as king forever and ever."

      Luke 4: 5 -8

      So he brought him up and showed him all the kingdoms of the inhabited earth in an instant of time.  Then the Devil said to him: "I will give you all this authority and their glory, because it has been handed over to me, and I give it to whomever I wish.  If you, therefore, do an act of worship before me, it will all be yours."  In reply Jesus said to him: "It is written, 'It is Jehovah your God you must worship, and it is him alone you must render sacred service.' "

      Luke 1: 31 - 33

      "And look! you will become pregnant and give birth to a son, and you are to name him Jesus.  This one will be great and will be called Son of the Most High, and Jehovah God will give him the throne of David his father, and he will rule as King over the house of Jacob forever, and there will be no end to his Kingdom."

      Isaiah 11: 1-5

      A twig will grow out of the stump of Jesse, and a sprout from his roots will bear fruit. And the spirit of Jehovah will settle upon him, the spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the spirit of counsel and of mightiness, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of Jehovah. And he will find delight in the fear of Jehovah. He will not judge by what appears to his eyes, nor reprove simply according to what his ears hear. He will judge the lowly with fairness, and with uprightness he will give reproof in behalf of the meek ones of the earth. He will strike the earth with the rod of his mouth and put the wicked to death with the breath of his lips.  Righteousness will be the belt around his waist, and faithfulness the belt of his hips.

      Daniel 7: 27

      " 'And the kingdom and the rulership and the grandeur of the kingdoms under all the heavens were given to the people who are the holy ones of the Supreme One. Their kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all rulerships will serve and obey them.' "

      Revelation 20: 6

      Happy and holy is anyone having part in the first resurrection; over these the second death has no authority, but they will be priests of God and of the Christ, and they will rule as kings with him for the 1,000 years.

      Revelation 14: 1-5

      Then I saw, and look! the Lamb standing on Mount Zion, and with him 144,000 who have his name and the name of his Father written on their foreheads. I heard a sound coming out of heaven like the sound of many waters and like the sound of loud thunder; and the sound that I heard was like singers who accompany themselves by playing on their harps.  And they are singing what seems to be a new song before the four living creatures and the elders, and no one was able to master that song except the 144,000, who have been bought from the earth. These are the ones who did not defile themselves with women; in fact, they are virgins.  These are the ones who keep following the Lamb no matter where he goes. These were bought from among mankind as firstfruits to God and to the Lamb, and no deceit was found in their mouths; they are without blemish.

      Hebrews 12: 22

      But you have approached a Mount Zion and a city of the living God, heavenly Jerusalem, and myriads of angels...

      1 Peter 2: 5, 6

      you yourselves as living stones are being built up into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, in order to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.  For it says in Scripture: "Look! I am laying in Zion a chosen stone, a precious foundation cornerstone, and no one exercising faith in it will ever be disappointed."

      Luke 22: 28, 29

      "However, you are the ones who have stuck with me in my trials; and I make a covenant with you, just as my Father has made a covenant with me, for a kingdom, so that you may eat and drink at my table in my Kingdom"

      Revelation 5: 9, 10

      And they sing a new song, saying: "You are worthy to take the scroll and open its seals, for you were slaughtered and with your blood you bought people for God out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation, and you made them to be a kingdom and priests to our God, and they are to rule as kings over the earth."

      Malachi 2:7

      "For the lips of a priest should safeguard knowledge, and people should seek the law from his mouth, because he is the messenger of Jehovah of armies."

      Hebrews 5: 1; 9: 24

      For every high priest taken from among men is appointed in their behalf over things relating to God, so that he may offer gifts and sacrifices for sins.

      For Christ did not enter into a holy place made with hands, which is a copy of the reality, but into heaven itself, so that he now appears before God on our behalf.

      1 Timothy 2: 5

      For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, a man, Christ Jesus,...

      Psalm 37: 9-11, 29

      For the evil will be done away with, but those hoping in Jehovah will possess the earth.  Just a little while longer, and the wicked will be no more; You will look at where they were, and they will not be there.  But the meek will possess the earth, and they will find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace. The righteous will possess the earth, and they will live forever on it.

      Proverbs 2: 21, 22

      For only the upright will reside in the earth, and the blameless will remain in it.  As for the wicked, they will be cut off from the earth, and the treacherous will be torn away from it.

      Matthew 5:5

      "Happy are the mild-tempered, since they will inherit the earth."

      Luke 23: 39-43

      Then one of the criminals hanging there began to speak abusively to him, saying: "You are the Christ, are you not? Save yourself and us too!" In response the other rebuked him, saying: "Do you not fear God at all, now that you have received the same judgement? And we rightly so, for we are getting back what we deserve for the things we did; but this man did nothing wrong." Then he said: "Jesus, remember me when you get into your kingdom." And he said to him: "Truly I tell you today, you will be with me in Paradise."

      Isaiah 45: 18

      For this is what Jehovah says, the Creator of the heavens, the true God, the One who formed the earth, its Maker who firmly established it, who did not create it simply for nothing, but formed it to be inhabited: "I am Jehovah, and there is no one else."

      1 Corinthians 15: 24-28

      Next, the end, when he hands over the Kingdom to his God and Father, when he has brought to nothing all government and all authority and power.  For he must rule as king until God has put all enemies under his feet. And the last enemy, death, is to be brought to nothing. For God "subjected all things under his feet."  But when he says that 'all things have been subjected,' it is evident that this does not include the One who subjected all things to him. But when all things will have been subjected to him, then the Son himself will also subject himself to the One who subjected all things to him, that God may be all things to everyone.

    • Change Your Clothes Change Your Life

      2 months ago

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      This is the 4th monthly book excerpt.  This month's book is: "Change Your Clothes Change Your Life" by George Brescia.  I like to read a little bit of everything, and I'm interested in practically every subject.  I don't care about fashion trends, but what I like about this book is that it doesn't deal with fashion trends but fashion principles. And that is something I am interested in.  I really love a lot of the points and concepts he beings out.  The excerpt I've chosen gives a nice sample, it's from pages 88 and 89:

      Your Getting-Dressed Checklist

      Though we'll be getting into the down-and-dirty business of applying my style precepts in the coming chapters, you can start to incorporate some fundamental principles into your daily routine right away. Because it all comes down to what happens in front of that mirror, there are certain criteria you should apply to your reflection every time you are leaving your house.

      1. Check the fit.

      Does the clothing you have on fit you correctly?  If not, take it off right away and put it into a "maybe" pile.  In Chapter 5, we'll be going through your closet piece by piece, but it's never too soon to start the process.

      2. Check the flatter. 

      It's not enough for your clothing to simply fit - it must also flatter.  So take a look in the mirror and make sure that at least one of your best attributes is being displayed.  You don't need to show off that cleavage every day, but you want the shape of your outfit to be doing something for you.

      3.  Check the colors.

      Here's where we're going to take everything you're about to learn in Chapter 4 and make sure you are applying it, everyday and in every way.  As we get further into this process and purge your closet of the colors that don't suit you (and, eventually, stock up on those colors that highlight you at your best), this will get easier and easier.  You won't be able to go wrong in this department when your wardrobe is filled with clothing in the palette you were born for - but you're still going to have to make sure that the colors you are wearing complement each other and suit both the occasion and your mood.

      4.  Check for harmony.

      Does your outfit make sense?  Do the shapes, patterns, colors, and fabrics all come together into a pleasing and harmonious whole?

      5.  Check the message.

      Ask yourself my golden question: What does this say?  And what do you want to say?  Does the message suit your intentions for that day, that event, that moment?  Does your outfit look sad, or does it have some buoyancy?  Every outfit should have a little bit of happiness, an element of interest, whether it comes from color, pattern, or shape.  Is anything sticking out, in a bad way?  I tend to think that women err on the side of under-accessorizing, but there is something to be said for Coco Chanel's advice to look in the mirror and take one thing off before leaving your house.

    • My First Professional Cover Art

      3 months ago

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      Check out my first cover art piece :)

      I did it for an audiobook for my friend Kathleen McKay.  It's for her version of The Frog King.  Here is the link:


    • You'll Never See the World the Same Way Again

      3 months ago

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      This is the 3rd entry of my monthly book excerpts.  This month is real life but seems like the stuff movies are made of.  The following are some passages from the book "Stonewalled" by the investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson.  Be prepared to be mind blown.

      p. 38  

      What's even more dangerous is the fact that, today, government, politicians, and big corporations might as well be one and the same. Their self-interests are inextricably intertwined. Members of Congress serving on pivotal committees solicit contributions - legal payoffs - from the very special interests they're supposed to oversee.  It results in a perverse dynamic where Congress ends up protecting and defending those it should be watchdogging. Likewise, federal agencies view the companies and industries they're supposed to regulate as "clients" or "stakeholders." These agencies are largely bought and paid for. They act as partners working in tandom for a common purpose. They exchange information between themselves that they keep secret from the public, which actually owns the information. Big corporations write and approve press releases that the government issues. As allies, they hold closed meetings and make decisions about matters of public interest without the public's input.


      Another example is the case of Dr. Julie Gerberding, who was head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). She's at the helm when the government secretly agrees to pay damages to the family of Hannah Poling, a child who developed autsim after multiple vaccinations. The landmark case - which ultimately amounts to $1.5 million for Hannah the first year and $500,000 each year after - is ordered sealed, protecting the pharmaceutical vaccine industry and keeping the crucial information hidden from other families who have autistic children and also believe vaccines to be the culprit.

      After she finishes as head of the government's CDC, Gerberding becomes president of vaccines for Merck.


      Both the Defense Department and the Centers for Disease Control provide taxpayer-funded advisors to television and Hollywood entertainment producers to promote accuracy - or propaganda - depending on your view.

      p. 145

      The administration had declined my requests for on-camera interviews for the CBS This Morning investigation. But after the fact, its response was predictably multipronged and indefatigable. It included a long letter of objection replete with mistakes that largely argued points not addressed and claims never made in the report. When CBS replied that the story was entirely accurate so no corrections were warranted, the administration turned to its unwavering partner in uncritically advancing its agenda: Media Matters. The liberal blog printed the administration's error-riddled spin point by point repeating nearly the exact language and format that the administration had used in its letter to CBS.

      As a news organization, we actively choose not to elevate the spinners and the media surrogates by publicly taking part in their propaganda games. But to disengage often means leaving the record muddled by their false information and innuendo, which tends to them miraculously place in the top result spots in subsequent Google searches, where less-informed readers might mistakenly believe they've located a legitimate news source.

      ... Corporate interests can rate access, too. In 2008, after word leaks out about the government's secret settlement of a vaccine-related autism injury in the Hannah Poling case, vaccine makers and their government partners are working overtime to controversialize and tamp down all news coverage of the facts. Their strategy includes a full-forced attack on me and my ongoing reporting. I'm especially dangerous to their interests because my reporting on medical issues cannot accurately be portrayed as fringe or lacking in credibility. After all, it's been cited in the New England Journal of Medicine and the Columbia Journalism Review. My reporting has received an Emmy nomination and a finalist award from the independant Investigative Reporters and Editors organization.

      p. 296

      ...the government - or anyone with skill - can remotely turn on my smartphones and listen to me. Not just when I'm using the phone, but even when I think it's powered down. As long as the battery's in it, they can activate the microphone to hear what I'm doing and to whom I'm speaking. And when they're doing this, the phone doesn't appear to be on at all. Other sources tell me that sophisticated intruders have the capacity to suck information out of my smartphones and computers, or for that matter put stuff in them, without even physically connecting to them. The devices simply have to be in proximity to the perpetrator's smartphone or device.

      p. 322

      I'm all too familiar with the pre-story stonewall. The post-story harassment. The ignored requests for interviews and public information. But the Obama administration has aggressively employed the additional PR strategy: controversializing potentially damaging stories, reporters, and opponents to undermine them. It can be a highly effective tactic - unless the public learns to recognize it. Just how does one take a fact-based, solid story with sourced opinions and turn it into a controversy to therefore be questioned by an unsuspecting public? By putting into motion a well-oiled machine that launches post-story complaint calls and emails; comments to other reporters (often not for attribution); bloggers who circulate manufactured outrage and counterspin; and personal attacks against the journalist. Pretty soon, the administration has controversialized an entire line of reporting. Not because it is controversial, but because their machine has made it appear to be. They can point to blogs and articles that say so. Even Wikipedia says so, so it must be true!

      p. 326

      For example, one of them [her sources] tells me about a covert skill the U.S. government is actively perfecting: the ability to remotely control vehicles. There are several ways to do it. The former U.S. national coordinator for security, infrastructure protection, and counterterrorism Richard Clarke discussed the technology in a June 2013 interview with the Huffington Post. He said that intelligence agencies know how to remotely seize control of a car through a "car cyber attack."

      "It's relatively easy to hack your way into the control system of a car, and to do such things as cause acceleration when the driver doesn't want acceleration, to throw on the brakes when the driver doesn't want the brakes on, to launch an air bag," Clarke tells the online blog.  "You can do some really highly destructive things now, through hacking a car, and it's not that hard."

      In this particular interview, Clarke is responding to questions about the fatal single-car crash of reporter Michael Hastings as he was said to be researching a story related to the scandal that forced the resignation of CIA director Petraeus in 2012.

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      Oops! Sorry about that, I was going to do that today and forgot.... thx 4 reminding me! :)

    • What Cancer is Exactly and How to Prevent It.

      5 months ago

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      Here is the next in my series on excerpts from my favorite books.  This month....

      Excerpts from “World Without Cancer:  The Story of Vitamin B17” by G. Edward Griffin:

      Page 75- 79 – What Cancer Is

      “In 1902, John Beard, a professor of embryology at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, authored a paper published in the British medical journal Lancet in which he stated there were no differences between cancer cells and pre-embryonic cells that were normal to the early stages of pregnancy.  In technical terms, these normal cells are called trophoblasts.  Extensive research had led Professor Beard to the conclusion that cancer and trophoblast are, in fact, one and the same.  His theory, therefore, is known as the trophoblast thesis of cancer.

      The trophoblast in pregnancy does exhibit all the classical characteristics of cancer.  it spreads and multiplies rapidly as it invades into the uterus wall preparing a place where the embryo can attach itself for maternal protection and nourishment.

      The trophoblast is formed as a result of a chain reaction starting with another cell identified as the diploid totipotent.  For our purposes, let us call this simply the “total-life” cell because it contains within it all the separate characteristics of the complete organism and has the total capacity to evolve into any organ or tissue or, for that matter, into the complete embryo itself.

      About eighty percent of these total-life cells are located in the ovaries or testes serving as a genetic reservoir for future offspring.  The rest of them are distributed elsewhere in the body for a purpose not yet fully understood but which may involve the regenerative or healing process of damaged or aging tissue.

      The hormone estrogen is well known for its ability to effect changes in living tissue.  Although it is generally thought of as a female hormone, it is found in both sexes and performs many vital functions.  Wherever the body is damaged, either by physical trauma, chemical action, or illness, estrogen and other steroid hormones always appear in great concentration, possibly serving as stimulators or catalysts for cellular growth and body repair.

      It is now known that the total-life cell is triggered into producing trophoblast when it comes into contact with these steroid hormones acting as “organizer stimuli.”  When this happens to those total-life cells that have evolved from the fertilized egg, the result is a placenta and umbilical cord, a means of nourishing the embryo.  But when it occurs non-sexually as a part of the general healing process, the result is cancer.  To be more accurate, we should say that it is cancer if the healing process is not terminated upon completion of its task.

      ….Anything that causes damage to the body can lead to cancer if the body’s healing processes are not functioning properly…

      …Under microscopic examination, many of these tumors are found to resemble a mixture or hybrid of both trophoblast and surrounding cells; a fact which has led some researchers to the premature conclusion that there are many different types of cancer.  But the degree to which tumors appear to be different is the same degree to which they are benign; which means that it is the degree to which there are non-cancerous cells within it.

      The greater the malignancy, the more these tumors begin to resemble each other, and the more clearly they begin to take on the classic characteristics of pregnancy trophoblast.  And the most malignant of all the cancers—the chorionepitheliomas—are almost indistinguishable from trophoblast cells.  For, as Dr. Beard pointed out almost a century ago, they are one and the same.

      An interesting sidelight to these facts is that trophoblast cells produce a distinct hormone that readily can be detected in the urine.  This is known as the chorionic gonadotrophic hormone (CGH).  If cancer is trophoblast, then one would expect that cancer cells also would secrete this hormone.  And, indeed, they do.  It is also true that no other cell is known to produce CGH.  This means that, if CGH is detected in the urine, it indicates that there is present either normal pregnancy trophoblast or abnormal malignant cancer.  If the patient is a woman, she either is pregnant or has cancer.  If he is a man, cancer can be the only cause.

      The significance of this fact is far-reaching.  A simple urine test similar to the well-known rabbit test for pregnancy can detect the presence of cancer long before it manifests itself as illness or a lump, and it throws serious doubt upon the rationale behind surgical biopsies.  Many physicians are convinced that any cutting into a malignant tumor, even for a biopsy, increases the likelihood that the tumor will spread.”

      Page 80-83 – Pancreatic Enzymes

      “….one of the great false assumptions that plagues almost all orthodox cancer research today: the assumption that cancer cells are foreign to the body.  Quite to the contrary, they are a vital part of the life cycle (pregnancy and healing).  Consequently, nature has provided them with an effective means of avoiding the white blood cells.

      One of the characteristics of the trophoblast is that it is surrounded by a thin protein coating that carries a negative electrostatic charge.  In technical terms this is called the pericellular sialomucin coat.  The white blood cells also carry a negative charge.  And, since the like polarities repel each other, the trophoblast is well protected.

      …Part of nature’s solution to this problem, as pointed out by Professor Beard in 1905, is found in the ten or more pancreatic enzymes, of which trypsin and chymotrypsin are especially important in trophoblast destruction.  These enzymes exist in their inactive form (as zymogens) in the pancreas gland.  Only after they reach the small intestine are they converted to their active form.  When these are absorbed into the blood stream and reach the trophoblast, they digest the negatively-charged protein coat.  The cancer then is exposed to the attack of the white blood cells and it dies.

      …Dr. Wheeler [the patient] was injected with BCG and put an a strict low-cholesterol diet and given antibiotics.  The diet, he said, banned refined sugar, poultry and eggs, and called for raw vegetables, plenty of fish and multiple vitamin supplements.

      Within two months, the swelling was down.  Recent laboratory tests showed a remission of cancerous cells—that is, a return to a normal healthy state—and the presence of new, healthy tissue, he said.

      Let us analyze.  The diet given to Dr. Wheeler consisted of foods that do not consume pancreatic enzymes for their digestion.  This is similar to the kind of diet prescribed by doctors using vitamin B17 therapy because it releases almost all of the pancreatic enzymes for absorption into the blood stream where they can work on cancer cells.  In addition, he was given “multiple vitamin supplements.”

      …It is significant that the point in the small intestine where the pancreas empties into it is one of the few places where cancer is almost never found.”

      Page 85- 93 – B17, aka, Amygdalin and Laetrile

                  “…nature has provided a back-up mechanism…vitamin B17, which is found in those natural foods containing nitriloside. 

                  ….The B17 molecule contains two units of glucose (sugar), one of benzaldehyde, and one of cyanide, all tightly locked together within it.  As everyone knows, cyanide can be highly toxic and even fatal if taken in sufficient quantity.  However, locked as it is in this natural state, it is chemically inert and has absolutely no effect on living tissue.

                  ….There is only one substance that can unlock the B17… an enzyme called beta-glucosidase… When B17 comes in contact with this enzyme in the presence of water, not only is the cyanide released, but also the benzaldehyde, which is highly toxic by itself.  In fact, these two substances together are at least a hundred times more poisonous than either of them separately…

                  …the unlocking enzyme is not found to any dangerous degree anywhere in the body except at the cancer cell, where it always is present in great quantity, sometimes at levels in excess of one-hundred times that of the surrounding normal cells.  The result is that vitamin B17 is unlocked at the cancer cell, releases its poisons to the cancer cell, and only to the cancer cell.

      There is another important enzyme called rhodanese, which we shall identify as the “protecting enzyme.”  The reason is that it has the ability to neutralize cyanide by converting it instantly into by-products that actually are beneficial and essential to health.  This enzyme is found in great quantities in every part of the body except the cancer cell which, consequently, is not protected.

      ….Dr. Otto Warburg received the Nobel Prize for providing that cancer cells obtain nourishment, not through oxidation as do other cells, but through fermentation of sugar.

                  …anything that improves normal respiratory metabolism is an inhibitor to cancer growth…any benzaldehyde that might diffuse away from the cancer cell and come into contact with normal cells, will be oxidized and converted into harmless benzoic acid.  Benzoic acid is known to have certain anti-rheumatic, antiseptic, and analgesic properties.

                  …when the body temperature is raised from its normal 37 degrees to 41 degrees Celsius (98.6 to 105.8 degrees Fahrenheit), there is a gain in effect of from three to ten-fold.  In other words, at the higher level of 41 degrees, it takes only one-third to one-tenth as much Laetrile to achieve a given anti-cancer effect.”

      Page 99-103 – Dosage

                  “….roasting these seeds does not impair the vitamin B17 factor, but it does destroy the unlocking enzyme.  So those who are concerned about toxicity can take the added precaution of roasting their seeds before eating.  …roasting for 30-50 minutes at 212 degrees Fahrenheit to deactivate the beta-glucosidase.

      …Dr. Krebs has suggested a minimum level of fifty milligrams of B17 per day for a normal, healthy adult.  Naturally, one who is pre-disposed to cancer  would require more, and one who already was afflicted with the disease would need much more.

                  The average apricot seed grown it the United States contains approximately four or five milligrams of B17.

                  …wise to follow the simple rule that one should not eat at one time more seeds than he likely could consume if he also were eating a reasonable quantity of the whole fruit.

                  …After almost two centuries of use in all parts of the world, there never has been even one reported case of related death or serious illness [in the case of Laetrile, the laboratory form of B17 that doesn’t carry some of the unlocking enzyme in it].

                  …It is estimated that 100,000 people die every year from prescription drugs.”

      Page 57 – 

      “Dr. Krebs has pointed out that, in the entire history of medical science, there has not been one chronic, metabolic disease that was ever cured or prevented by drugs, surgery, or mechanical manipulation of the body.  In every case—whether it be scurvy, pellagra, rickets, beri-beri, night blindness, pernicious anemia, or any of the others—the ultimate solution was found only in factors relating to adequate nutrition.”

      Page 34 –

      “In spite of all the incredible distortions of fact and the perversions of scientific truth, Drs. MacDonald and Garland were forced to admit on page three of their California Report: 

      All of the physicians whose patients were reviewed spoke of increase in the sense of well-being and appetite, gain in weight, and decrease in pain…

      That statement, alone, should have disqualified the California Report [which said laetrile doesn’t work], for these observations are, indeed, among the very things which indicate to a physician whether or not his drug therapy is effective.”

      Page 29-31 -

      “Dr. MacDonald was even more emphatic.  In an article in U.S. News & World Report, he was shown with a cigarette in his hand, and is quoted as saying that smoking is “a harmless pastime up to twenty-four cigarettes per day.”  And then he added: “One could modify and old slogan: A pack a day keeps lung cancer away.” [“Here’s Another View: Tobacco May be Harmless,” U.S. News & World Report, Aug 2, 1957, pp. 85-86.]

      ….the tobacco industry had already pledged the first ten-million dollars out of a total of eighteen million to the AMA (American Medical Association) for “research” into the questions of smoking and health. ….

      Upon going through the back reports of the AMA’s Committee for Research on Tobacco and Health, one is able to count but five research projects that are primarily concerned with cancer.  One of those dealt with laboratory-testing procedures only, and another was an experiment to see if tobacco smoke could be used to cure cancer of the skin!  So only three of these projects really dealt with the area of major public concern.  Three out of two hundred and three is only about one-and-a-half percent – which tells us something about the AMA’s scientific integrity on the subject of smoking and cancer.

      With the expenditure of a mere eighteen-million dollars—which is small, indeed, compared to the tobacco industry’s advertising budget over the same period—it was possible to direct the AMA’s medical research away from the important question of cancer and into a hundred giddy questions that served only to confuse and delay the ultimate truth.

      Dazzled by the meteor shower of thousand-dollar bills, the AMA, in its December1959 issue of the American Medical Association Journal, published an editorial stating flatly that there was insufficient evidence “to warrant the assumption” that cigarette smoking was the principal factor in the increase of lung cancer.  Furthermore, through its gargantuan research program, the AMA was making it increasingly difficult to obtain that evidence.

      …. important is the fact that these are the same “experts” whose medical opinion has been widely quoted and followed in the question of Laetrile.

      ….the California State Department of Health officially decreed that the findings of the antiquated study were “true” and adopted them as its own.  When it did so, however, it performed an unexpected favor for the public because it published for the first time all the original experiments and studies upon which the report had been based and, in doing so, it made available the documentary evidence proving that MacDonald and Garland had falsified their summary of those experiments.”

      Page 16, 17 of the Forward -

      “The Chad Green story made big headlines but, unfortunately, the same thing involving other children has happened numerous times since then with only minor news coverage.  For example, in 1999, James and Donna Navarro were told that their four-year-old son, Thomas, had a malignant brain tumor.  Surgery left the child speechless, blind, and unable to walk.  When the doctors told the Navarros that Thomas would also have to undergo radiation and chemotherapy, they researched the medical literature and learned that these treatments probably would further impair the boys brain function and that long-term survival was unlikely anyway.  So they decided to try an alternative therapy called antineoplastons offered at the Stanislaw R. Burzynsky Research Institute in Houston.  At this point, the FDA stepped in and prohibited Dr. Burzynsky from accepting the boy as a patient unless he first had undergone chemotherapy and radiation.

      Mr. Navarro explains: “What they don’t understand is that there won’t be anything left of him to salvage if we make him take that awful treatment first.”  When he did not fall in line with the doctors’ demands, he began to receive harassing phone calls from hospital personnel.  One oncologist threatened to file charges with the state.  When Mr. Navarro still refused, the doctor went to the protective-services agency and filed child-abuse charges against the parents.

      In 1980, movie actor Steve McQueen also made news when he went to Mexico for Laetrile and other unorthodox therapies.  When he died following surgery four months later, the press had a heyday telling the American people that laetrile didn’t work.  What they failed to report is that McQueen’s cancer was, indeed, apparently cured by Laetrile, and that only a non-cancerous tumor remained in his abdomen.  (Most tumors are composed of a mixture of cancer and non-cancerous tissue.)  McQueen was feeling great and decided to have the bulge removed for cosmetic reasons.  It was a complication of that surgery, not cancer, which caused his death.  Not a word of his prior recovery was to be found in the major press.  Consequently, millions of Americans who followed the story came away with the conviction that Laetrile is just another hoax.  That, too, is merely an extension of the kind of biased media reporting that has become a permanent part of the coverage of Laetrile.  It continues today.”

      The Warning in the beginning of the book –

      “When the FDA says a therapy is proven, it means only its promoters have complied with the testing protocols set out by the agency to demonstrate safety and effectiveness.  … the successful completion of those tests does not mean, as the terminology implies, that the therapy is safe and effective.  It merely means that tests have been conducted, the results have been evaluated, and the FDA has given its approval for marketing, often in spite of the dismal results.

      ….the actual laboratory reports…. show neither safety nor effectiveness and, in fact, they are not intended to do so.  Their purpose is to establish the lethal dose—the point at which the therapy will kill 50% of the patients—and also to establish the ratio between those who are benefited and those who are not.  That ratio often is in the range of only eight or nine people out of a hundred.  Furthermore, “benefited” can mean any slight improvement such as a temporary reduction in tumor size.

      ….the testing protocols established by the FDA are costly.  ….must assign a large staff ….and compile many thousands of statistical pages.  …. The process can take years and consume over two-hundred-million dollars per study.

      Only the large pharmaceutical companies can play that game.  (Although they publicly complain about this expense, they privately approve, because it prevents competition from smaller companies.)”

    • The Benefits of Being Raw Vegan

      6 months ago

      Jianju 01101000 01101001

      I wanted to post a clip from another of my favorite books for December and missed, so here is a catch up.

      Here are two testimonials that I love about eating raw vegan from two of Victoria Boutenko's books.

      From 12 Steps to Raw Foods p. 152-153

      "I Love You No Matter What You Eat"

      Another example is my friend Tina from Denver.  She had a serious health problem.  For many months she had to go to the hospital to undergo a procedure that was extremely painful for her.  When we came to visit, she saw what Igor and I were eating and she became interested.  She asked, "Can you show me how to prepare this food?  I'm willing to try because I have surgery (a colostomy) scheduled in two weeks which I would rather not do."  Within a matter of days, she started feeling better and avoided the surgery.  Tina understood that for her, there were only two choices:  raw food, no surgery, life and health; or cooked food, surgery, and eventually death.  Tina chose life.  At the time of our visit, Tina's four children were major junk-food eaters, and her husband enjoyed vodka, steak, pork chops, and pig's fat, which he used as if it were bologna.  Tina did not tell her family that she was going raw.  She kept cooking for them as she always had.  She said, "I'm going to keep it quiet."  I agreed with her and said, "Don't even mention it to them.  Don't irritate them.  Let them just leave you alone.  Tell your family that you don't expect them to do anything."  Tina didn't mention her diet change to them. 

      One year passed.  We were driving through Denver again and we stopped by.  I saw Tina's husband, Sam, and he looked dramatically different. I said, "Sam, what's happening?  You've changed."  He replied with a grin, "I became 100% raw one month ago.  The children are raw too."

      I was shocked.  "What happened?"

      Sam told me the story of why he became raw.  He said that one day, about a month ago, he went to pick up Tina at work.  He arrived a little early and sat down within view of her desk to wait.  He noticed that his wife was so beautiful.  He saw the customers flirting with his wife.  He was looking at her through new eyes.  He saw how she'd become so healthy, sexy, and attractive.  All of a sudden he felt inadequate.  He said, "I ran to the restroom and I looked at myself in a mirror.  I saw puffs under my eyes and a red face and grey hairs sticking out all over.  I opened my shirt, and I looked at the blemishes all over my chest.  I thought, nobody is going to flirt with me!"  Sam told me that he realized Tina had been getting healthy and beautiful and he was just aging.  Sam decided to make a change so he could keep up with his wife.  He said, "On the way back home I begged her to help me become raw like her."

      Tina was happy to help her husband.  She told me that as soon as Sam adopted a raw-food diet, the children said they wanted to eat raw food too!  Her daughter became thin and beautiful and was now auditioning for a local theatre.  Everything in this family's life was transforming in a wonderful way.  Tina said that she felt a call from God, and things happened like never before in their life.  Tina is a very wise woman.  She didn't preach to her family about eating raw food.  She made her food and enjoyed it without putting any expectations on her relatives.  Her body healed and her family observed the changes.  Because of her good example, her family made the choice to follow.


      From Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko p. 139 (this book is great for learning about how to have a balanced raw food diet highlighting the benefits of green smoothies) 


      I was allergic to all foods to such a degree that I could not sleep.  I frequently called emergency services, and in one month I was hospitalized five times.  I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and hypothyroidism in 1989.  I felt confusion and muscle pain for five years, suffered allergies and candida, and was once hospitalized.  I couldn't work physically or dance.  I wanted to die.  I was given high doses of Xanax and antibiotics for a hiatal hernia, which did not help me at all and gave me heart palpitations.  At this point I became a vegan, which only made a slight improvement.  Then I went on a raw food diet and started to feel a lot better right away.  However, my cholesterol was still high at 200.  I was 90 percent raw for about seven years.  Most of my symptoms were gone except my vitamin B12 level was low.  My doctor put me on B12 shots and supplements.

      Five months ago I added green smoothies to my diet and my health dramatically improved.  I usually drink one quart a day.  I like lambs quarters or kale as a base with parsley, pear, mango, and apple.  Sometimes I add papaya and soaked chia seeds.  After four months my cholesterol dropped to 170, and my thyroid tested normal.  The most exciting change was that my B12 level tested normal for the first time in many years, and my doctor said I don't need B12 shots anymore.  I love how I feel!  The heart murmurs stopped.  I have a lot fewer cravings for unhealthy foods.  I lost twelve pounds and it feels so good, especially because I am a dancer.  I eat two meals a day and have a lot of energy.  I vigorously dance swing and polka ten hours a week.  My white hair of twenty years is suddenly growing dark again.

      At sixty-seven years old I don't fear anything anymore as my life attitude has significantly changed.  I've never felt so well balanced in my whole life.  My massage therapist told me my skin is glowing and my muscle tone has improved.  I look ten years younger, and I feel twenty years younger.  Since I incorporated green smoothies into my diet my kids can't keep up with me anymore, and I beat my seventeen-year-old grandson at tennis.  At our dance club I outdance a lot of younger dancers.  I can do six hours straight of polka, waltzes, or swing.  People always ask me what my secret is.  Since I carry my green drink everywhere, I am always happy to share.

      Many people my age often have severe digestion problems, which I also suffered.  Since I began drinking green smoothies my bowels work fantastically; one meal in, one meal out.  My kidneys became a lot stronger, and I don't wake up to urinate in the middle of the night anymore.  My liver spots have faded noticeably.  My eyesight improved so that I don't need my glasses most of the time.  I am able to maintain a positive attitude even through the most challenging moments of my life.  I feel calmer and more focused.  I recently increased my business in Washington, DC, which I run from California, three thousand miles away, using fax, computer, phone, and frequently commute by plane.  A also host seven huge potlucks per year with the San Francisco Vegetarian Society and East Bay Vegetarian Society as well as many raw food potlucks and classes.  To help other people with healing information I maintain my own Web site, www.LizzysLanding.com.

      I am supporting Victoria's research on chimpanzees and everything else she is involved in.  I believe that the raw diet with green smoothies added is the future of all nutrition.  I admire Victoria's courage and purpose in life to make a healthier planet.

      -Elizabeth Bechtold, California

    • Like Trees in November

      7 months ago

      Jianju 01101000 01101001

      It's almost the end of November and I felt like sharing a bit from one of my favorite books, Watership Down by Richard Adams.  From the chapter Like Trees in November.  I like it because, even though the book is a fiction about rabbits, it speaks to me of the human situation:


         "Aren't you coming to learn to carry, Fiver?"  asked Hazel at length.  "It's not too difficult once you get the hang of it."

         "I'll have nothing to do with it," answered Fiver in a low voice.  "Dogs - you're like dogs carrying sticks."

         "Fiver!  Are you trying to make me angry?  I'm not going to get angry because you call me stupid names.  But you're letting the others do all the work."

         "I'm the one who ought to get angry," said Fiver.  "But I'm no good at it, that's the trouble.  Why should they listen to me?  Half of them think I'm mad.  You're to blame, Hazel, because you know I'm not and still you won't listen."

         "So you don't like this warren any better even now?  Well, I think you're wrong.  Everyone makes mistakes sometimes.  Why shouldn't you make a mistake, like everybody else?  Hawkbit was wrong in the heather and you're wrong now."

         "Those are rabbits down there, trotting along like a lot of squirrels with nuts.  How can that be right?"

         "Well, I'd say they've copied a good idea from the squirrels and that makes them better rabbits."

         "Do you suppose the man, whoever he is, puts the roots out there because he has a kind heart?  What's he up to?"

         "He's just throwing away rubbish.  How many rabbits have had a good meal off men's rubbish heaps?  Shot lettuces, old turnips?  You know we all do, when we can.  It's not poisoned, Fiver, I can tell you that.  And if he wanted to shoot rabbits he's had plenty of chances this morning.  But he hasn't done it."

        Fiver seemed to grow even smaller as he flattened himself on the hard earth.  "I'm a fool to try to argue," he said miserably.  "Hazel - dear old Hazel - it's simply that I know there's something unnatural and evil twisted all round this place.  I don't know what it is, so no wonder I can't talk about it.  I keep getting near it, though.  You know how you poke your nose against wire netting and push it up against an apple tree, but you still can't bite the bark because of the wire.  I'm close to this - whatever it is - but I can't grip it.  If I sit here alone I may reach it yet."

         "Fiver, why not do as I say?  Have a meal on those roots and then go underground and sleep.  You'll feel all the better for it."

        "I'll tell you, I'll have nothing to do with the place," said Fiver.  "As for going underground, I'd rather go back over the heather.  The roof of that hall is made of bones."

         "No, no - tree roots.  But, after all, you were underground all night."

         "I wasn't," said Fiver.

         "What?  Where were you, then?"


         "All night?"

         "Yes.  A yew tree gives good shelter, you know?"

         Hazel was now seriously worried. ....

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      8 months ago

      so have you seen the v4 premiere and what were your thoughts on it ( wasn't the servers crashing fuuuuuuuuuuuuun

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        8 months ago

        lol, yeah, I tried replying to your question and it deleted my answer....  ahhhh@$^#$^!!!

        But I was able to reply and it's on the Consequences thread. #33317571 What did you think of vol 4 ch 1?

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      9 months ago

      My friend Asia (pronounced Ah-sha) telling a high school story.  (she speaks Polish for a bit but it's mostly in English)

    • TheG33kymonk The Idiot

      11 months ago

      think it has to be between Ruby or Nora, because of their randomness and usual cheerfulness. I do love a lot of the characters with their backstory, but I feel pretty good, whenever I see these two doing their usual random things.

      I put it on the wrong place...

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        11 months ago

        Both good choices :) I don't think there is a main character that I don't love or at least like. Except the villains, but I'm often a villain hater. There were only a couple of villains in Sailor Moon that I liked.

      • TheG33kymonk The Idiot

        11 months ago

        I think if the actor/author/writer/s makes you hate the villain/s then they did a good job, but if they make you love the villain/s then they did an amazing job.

        That's how I see it atleast.

    • TheG33kymonk The Idiot

      11 months ago

      Thanks for the FR and hope we can discuss random things :3

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        ty! Do you like cheese?

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        Does me eating a whole wedge of it for no reason count?

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        Yes it does. Who is your favorite RWBY character?

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      Hey. I appreciate the friend request... but why me?

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        Why not? You have some interesting comments on your profile ;)

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        Comments or Journal posts?

        And FR accepted. Welcome aboard.

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        ah, I guess they are called Journal posts ^_^
        Ahoy there matie!

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        Thank you? I don't write a journal every day/week/month or whatever... But when I write it seems to be a lot...

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      1 year ago

      My theory of what could happen to Pyrrha:
      See also #33237055; #33237088; #33237114; #33237164; #33237173; #33237458; #33237587; #33242328;

      This is a re-post of #33239543

      Okay guys, this is just my imagination running away with me, so ya’ll can make fun of me if you want (and I’ll punch your face). But I want it to be said, so that if by some ridiculous happenstance I am right, I can say, “Ha! I kneeeeewwww it!” Even though I really didn’t, I just guessed it. At best I’m thinking I’ll just partially guess it. At worst, I’m utterly wrong and while most will forget I even wrote all this, some punks will point to this later and say, “You’re an idiot, nothing even remotely like that happened.” And then I’ll say, “You shut your face.”


      Per my spiel about questioning why Pyrrha would choose to fight Cinder alone (#33220010), my conclusion was that “the only way I can see any actual sense in her decision to fight Cinder, would be if she somehow knew she was going to die, and knew she had to die.“

      I would like for RWBY to make sense to me, particularly in regards to Pyrrha’s death. So I’ve been asking myself the question: How would it make sense for Pyrrha to somehow know she was going to die, and know she had to die.?

      To be clear, I am NOT saying that Pyrrha wanted to commit suicide because she was emotionally turbulent, or guilty, or as an act of valor. I said “…. and knew she had to die.” If she only knew she was going to die, and went up the tower because of being emotionally turbulent or guilty, that would make her rash and suicidal, which really doesn’t fit the character. I would expect something like that of Yang XiaoLong, Shinji Ikari or Naruto though. And as I said in my spiel, duty would only make sense if she honestly could have expected to make a difference by fighting Cider alone instead of just being cannon fodder.

      So again, I think the only way her decision to fight Cinder would make sense is if she somehow knew she was going to die, and knew she had to die.

      Here is the theory I’m considering: That Pyrrha knew she had to die to accomplish some sort of a transformation she would undergo to become more powerful. Like the legend of the Phoenix that rises from the ashes. She is red and yellow, so are Phoenix birds. Pyrrha was turned to ashes. Or as @Aphrion put it:

      “…consider the fact that the phoenix was also associated with the sun, and we know a lot now about the sun's powerful magnetic fields (go look up solar storms if you don't know about this). And if anyone else has looked up the etymology of Pyrrha's name, it pertains to the color red, but it's ultimately derived from purrhos, which literally means "flame colored". Not to mention, what is the phoenix most famous for? Burning to death before being reborn from the ashes.”

      Coincidence? Maybe not.

      I think the legend (or whatever it is) would have had to say something about her having to lose herself/die/become nothing (something that has the general meaning to that effect, but without being too precise about it), but that by doing so, she’d be transformed into something powerful or reborn. If this is the case, then in the following details I’ll go over, it would only make sense if she didn’t really want this destiny, that she wanted to make her own destiny. But after it became apparent to her that the Legend/destiny was true, she decided to play her part in it in her decision to go up the tower to her death.

      What if this legend thingy said something about a maiden with powers? That would explain why Pyrrha’s mother’s favorite story is the one about the 4 maidens. And why Pyrrha was so disturbed when Ozpin said that the story of the 4 maidens was true and that Pyrrha was next in line to become the Fall Maiden. Normally, you might even think she could be happy to find something like that out. But instead she seems afraid. Why would she be afraid? Unless it reminded her of the destiny she was running from.

      What if this destiny said something to the effect that Pyrrha might have to lose herself or die? We assume Pyrrha would be freaked out when Ozpin explains to her about how she might no longer be herself when she gains the Fall Maiden’s aura, simply because she could no longer be herself, but what if it also freaks her out because it sounds a bit too much like this legend.

      I remember hearing something about how Pyrrha is supposed to have a mother that pushed her hard to train as a warrior. What if this destiny included her being a warrior? It would explain why her mother would push her to train so hard.

      What if this destiny said something to the effect that she would need to die to save the world? Her learning about the world being on the brink of war and then seeing Beacon get attacked, would help her see that the destiny was real.

      Sound disparate? Remember that legends/prophecies/fortunes can be strangely worded and like a riddle. Perhaps it is not so clear what role this maiden would play. Here is an example I came up with, what if it said this line: “The Phoenix will be lost to the maiden, but will rise again, and provide the key to the power to save the world….blah blah blah.” When Ozpin first tells Pyrrha about how the maiden’s aura/life could overtake Pyrrha’s own, she could be thinking that she would be “lost to the maiden, but in order to save the world.” And again, she never wanted to believe this destiny, so she still may be in denial about the resemblances. But then, when it is clear that Cinder has become the maiden, Pyrrha may think, “I have to lose to the maiden to rise again and save the world.”

      And then there is another thing to consider…. Pyrrha did go on about destiny a lot. A LOT. Remember what she said to Jaune in their talk about destiny? She said, “this isn’t how things were supposed to happen.” To me this line could have a double meaning.

      Now the example legend I came up with was just off the fly. But what if whatever the actual destiny/legend thingy somehow confuses Pyrrha. She has her own agenda to escape this destiny by making her own, but even the destiny thingy doesn’t quite line up with how she understood it was supposed to happen, compared to how Ozpin says the maiden power transfer was to work. So that she’s thinking that she doesn’t know what to think. Should she stick to her own destiny ideas (goal of becoming a huntress), or go along with this other destiny of becoming a maiden which doesn’t sound quite right….? But then, when she’s at the tower, she sees the queue and how the actual events line up with the destiny/legend and, after having pined over destiny for days (since she learned of the maidens), she makes the decision to fulfill the destiny she had long been denying.

      So, for review: She knew she was going to die and knew she had to die.

      How did she know she was going to die? She said, “there’s no time.” No time for what? To wait for backup to get there.

      (For all those who will say “AH HA! See, she went up there because she thought she had to because she didn’t have time to get backup.” That is only the obvious thing to think she meant based on what we know of her viewpoint. But it still doesn’t make sense for her to go there on a fool’s errand, which fighting Cider by herself would be. Otherwise, if keeping the tower safe was so important that everyone should die to protect it to the last man, then why would they have a mandatory evacuation of Beacon? The only reason Weiss and Ruby went back to the tower was to find Pyrrha and Jaune. Surely, if the tower was so freaking important, there should have been someone - someone - who would have been on hand besides Ozpin to at least keep an eye on it and report if it was taken.)

      Anyway. Again, How did she know she was going to die? She said, “there’s no time.” No time for what? To wait for backup to get there. Her worried and sad looks before she shoves Jaune in the locker, Jaune’s objections, Ozpin’s saying “she’d only get in the way” if she helped him fight Cinder, the fact that Cinder quickly defeated the great and powerful Ozpin, the dragon Grimm, and Cinder’s new Maiden powers that as Jaune put it, “You saw how powerful she is,” all say that Pyrrha knew she was going to die if she faced Cinder alone because there wouldn’t be enough time for backup to get there. (That is not to say that she wouldn’t also realize the tower could be taken, but seeing as her ashes on top the tower wouldn’t prevent it from being taken… that really doesn’t make a difference.)

      Now think about what I’m saying for a moment. This whole time, we’ve been assuming that she was having a hard time with the maiden powers because of what we heard in the script. That when she’d gain Amber’s aura/life, they didn’t know what would happen to Pyrrha. Would she still be Pyrrha? Would she lose who she was simply to gain power? And that she was struggling with if she would be more separated from being a normal girl and become even more alienated? But what if there was more to it?

      And remember Pyrrha's last words? “Do you believe in destiny?” She could have said a million other things, "you'll never win!" "Why are you doing this?" "What do you have to gain by destroying Beacon?" "Who do you work for?" So on, and so on. But she didn't. Her words here are important, and I believe it may be giving crucial insight into thoughts she hasn't put into words on-screen yet.

      How did she know she HAD to die? Well if you were told since childhood that some legend or whatever applied to you and said you had to die or something like that, would you want to believe it? Maybe not so much. Maybe you'd even try to rewrite the definition of destiny so that it means you have control of your life. But perhaps as events unfolded she realized that the legend was true. And at the moment she knew she had to fulfill it, she decided to do so. She wouldn't be killing herself dying at Cinder's hand, she'd be fulfilling her destiny of becoming the Phoenix reborn from the ashes. (I would hope it would mean "Phoenix" in idea rather than Pyrrha becoming a literal bird. Pyrrha: "Kaaaaa kaaaa!" Jaune: "Hi Pyrrha." Yeah... that'd be dumb.)


      Oh yeah..... remember that part where Jaune tells Pyrrha: "And if you really believe it's your destiny to save the world, you can't let anything stand in your way" (even death) and then Pyrrha cries and smacks him into the wall.... That scene always made me wonder if there was more going on in Pyrrha's head than you thought.

      • xHollowFactorx

        11 months ago

        To me, its more like pyrrha, got teleported.. or something.

        If you see the episode where shes getting the maidens power.. you can see that a bit of that power stayed with her.. the moment she "died" it gives you that feeling that she really isn't dead.. that she may yet come back or maybe Im just in denial. :/

    • Jianju FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold 01101000 01101001

      1 year ago

      Here are links to my comments that outline my sentiments and thoughts surrounding Pyrrha Nikos' death in a nutshell (well, maybe a larger nut, like a coconut ;) along with what I hope for Pyrrha and Arkos.

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      1 year ago

      I've been trying to see if I can get into any of the other content on RT's site. So far it all kinda falls into the category I have roughly labeled "frat boy material." Kinda like the college boys that do what is cool and don't want to grow up to be your average adult. Not that I blame them. The idea of the average adult is stupid. Work for a company, have everyday be roughly the same as the last - a brick in the wall, a cog in a clock - and then you retire and die. So you perhaps have family and children, but the base of your life still feels shallow and pointless, a Ned Flanders or a Homer Simpson. Why not show your disgust of the bland oatmeal that some call living. People have a fire to strive for greatness. To live with passion, to stay young, to not fade into the night. To enjoy life to the full and fulfill their dreams. I just think the frat boy mentality goes about accomplishing this the wrong way. That also humans in general have yet to find their essence. Stretching their wings but still grounded, yet getting closer to flight each day. And coming close to destroying ourselves in the process. I find it disappointing that some people's idea of perfection in life is closer to Gattaca, where as I think it should be closer to Avatar.

    • Jianju FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold 01101000 01101001

      1 year ago

      This is pretty much my final conclusion on the death of Pyrrha Nikos, it's a reply to someone else:

      I agree with you on a few things. RT can write the story however they want and they don’t have to listen to anything we say. I’m not telling them what to do, I’m telling them what I think. If they listen, or if they act on it, it’s their choice of course. But with the Pyrrha discussion I’m talking about how I think and feel about what happened, mostly though, I’m trying to figure out where this story is headed exactly.

      As for boycotting. If the series turns into some Nihilistic story, I’m not going to watch it because I hate Nihilistic bull crap. And since currently RWBY is the only show RT makes that I watch, it wouldn’t make sense to sponsor a studio that produces nothing I watch. So on my part, it wouldn’t really be boycotting, it would just be me only buying something if I actually want it. I tried watching Red vs Blue, but there was way too much swearing. I grew up in a ghetto and I felt like I was back in low income housing again, where even the 3 year olds would walk up to you and curse you out for no reason whatsoever. People used expletives as nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, pronouns, commas, periods and so on. I even heard some people there construct entire sentences using only expletives. So R v B didn’t do anything for me, it was kind of funny but not nearly as funny to me as RWBY was. I haven’t been curious enough to look at their other stuff yet, I’m kinda picky about what I watch and read.

      Concerning the sudden dark turn. Yes, I agree it was foreshadowed pretty well. The Red Trailer didn’t look anything like Mary Poppins, and the narrative by Salem at the beginning of the very first episode of volume one certainly sounded dark to me. And I can appreciate unexpected events (I don’t like everything to be foreshadowed, I like surprises) and realism - in not making everything happen like it’s all a golden fairy tale. The darkness in the series mirrors reality in many ways, I would say that reality is even worse though. And yet, as I said, I don’t like stories that are all about Nihilism, or that get too dark where watching it becomes a decapitating (rather than captivating) experience and you just want to commit seppuku when it’s over. I don’t watch fantasy for the blood and gore, or to see evil run amok, or to revel in darkness. I like stories that are funny, heart-warming, meaningful, and/or deep (and not deep as in the “deep things of Satan” kinda way), where the darkness is conquered. If RT wants to make a series all about the dark side, it’s their prerogative. But I don’t have to like it or watch it. And if RWBY turns into that, I won’t be watching it anymore. 分かりますか?

      I don’t think it’s gotten to that point yet, I’m just saying, “if it does.”

      Also, I think there is much more background to the story than we are yet aware of and therefore the events of the series may come under much different light when we learn more, and that there may be more to the universe that we have yet to learn about that can change things, and that things may not be as they seem.

      Now about what you said about her death… selflessness her demise? That would be true if it were true. How exactly was she supposed to help anybody by going after Cinder by herself? She knew Ozpin lost really quickly against her, she had barely gotten out of the tower and he was defeated. She knew the dragon had already been released from the mountain. She knew better than any of the other students that Cinder now had OP maiden powers. She knew Ozpin told her to get Qrow, Glynda, and Ironwood and that she’d only get in the way. (And when Ozpin tells her she’d only get in the way, her facial expression does not say, “you underestimate me” to indicate hubris.) If it had been the case that Pyrrha had actually HAD to fight Cinder, because she was the only chance to stop her, that would make sense. But Ozpin fell fast, and if anything, even with the time loss in finding them, they would have had a better chance stopping Cinder if she went to get Qrow, Glynda, and Ironwood than by her not doing that and fighting Cinder all by herself.

      …. And here is what we are talking about when we say “railroading,” if it was that important for the tower not to fall, then why in the world would Ozpin send all his right hand men out without having some way to get them quickly back to the tower when it would come under attack? And really, why send them out in the first place? Where are all the other huntsmen anyway? They knew of likely imminent attack for a while in advance. You could say that it’s like Cinder said, that Ozpin is arrogant, and so all of that must have been due to his arrogance. But that seems more like stupidity to me. I mean, they don’t even have signal flares or an alarm bell or something? Really? I’m not debating that Pyrrha would have gone up the tower, knowing she was going to die - or probably die - in order to try to save Beacon. I’m saying that her actions didn’t even do that. There was no way she could have known about Ruby coming to save the day (belatedly), and there really isn’t any reason she should believe that she’d be able to even stall Cinder long enough to make a difference, much less stop her. And when she dies, the tower would fall BECAUSE she didn’t attempt the only real chance they had by getting the others (sending Jaune to Vale in a locker hardly counts). So, the only real reason she died the way she did was because the story writers decided she had to die on that tower, the question is why?

      Was it to make the story meaningful, as some have suggested her selfless act did? For the reasons in the above paragraph, that idea does not fly with me. It wasn’t selfless, it was stupid. Was Pyrrha meant to be a fable, that she was Achilles? (a short story that teaches a lesson or moral) If that was the case, I completely lost that in translation. Other than her getting shot in the ankle, her demise didn’t speak any Achilles lesson to me. If anything, the whole scene only reads like a demotivational poster, that is, it bespoke of Nihilism. See my prior post on page 371 (#33218175) for some examples of what I mean.

      Some have said that her Achilles’ heel was her hubris…. I don’t recall any excessive pride or self-confidence. And in order for that to be the case she would have had to have been dumb enough to think she could win against Cinder. Her worried looks before she kisses Jaune say that, if anything, she expects defeat. Her face also shows a moment of determination, but that speaks of duty, not a haughty glare that overconfidence would have given her. And even thoroughout the series, I never detected hubris. Yes she knew she was good, even among the best students, but not overly prideful or over-confident about it.

      Others have said that Pyrrha went up the tower because she thought being the fall maiden must have been her destiny. But, as we have heard Pyrrha say herself, she doesn’t think of destiny as a “predetermined fate you can’t escape, rather some sort of final goal, something you work towards your entire life.” Alright, think about it. If Pyrrha thought she was destined to win against Cinder, that would be the prior view of destiny, because she wouldn’t be able to lose. But with the view she actually had of destiny, how would that make sense? If Pyrrha thought she’d be powerful enough to beat a maiden before she even got the maiden powers herself, then what would be the point of needing maiden powers to help her toward her goal of becoming a huntress to protect the world? And if a maiden fell so easily, then how useful could a maiden’s powers really be? It should be obvious that Pyrrha could not have expected to win, therefore she would not be helping her destiny of wanting to become a huntress by going up the tower to her probable death. If she honestly thought her actions would save the day, then maybe you could say destiny played a factor, but I don’t see (for the prior reasons I gave) how that could be the case.

      Others have said she died so it would push the other characters forward, so Ruby could discover her powers, and Jaune could fledge out, and whatever. It’s true that the writers may have had that intention, but I’m talking about Pyrrha’s decision to fight not making sense and making her death meaningless as far as we can tell at this point…. from Pyrrha’s point of view. That is, I’m sure Pyrrha wasn’t thinking, “I have to die so Ruby can go silver saiyan” or “If I don’t die Jaune will never grow a pair.” Yeah, no.

      I have thought about it in-depth, and really, the only way I can see any actual sense in her decision to fight Cinder, would be if she somehow knew she was going to die, and knew she had to die. And if that be the case, there are not enough clues to know right now how that would play out to make sense.

      That all being said, if Pyrrha really is dead dead, and is not coming back, then I cannot see any way that would help the series. And here is why. I think @Powerspyke1 said it best a while back in the discussion:

      I think you can make a case for Pyrrha. I understand the Achilles stuff, the pyrrhic victory stuff, and I also understand Monty had a lot of things planned from the beginning, although, we can't know what was set in stone for AFTER this point and what wasn't.

      Here's my take though. Pyrrha was a brilliant character that, in my mind, deserves to move forward.

      As a writer, I understand her death. I understand the utility and purpose it served for propelling the other characters (Ruby and J especially), for fulfilling prior foreshadowing, for serving as a pivotal plot device. I understood all of the setup for it.

      I also understand how completely contrived it sounds when someone says "bring her back". It sounds a little childish to some, I know. But you know what? I'm still in the "bring her back" crowd. (She was my favorite character for quite a while, so yes, I'm biased.)

      I in no way want to disrespect what Monty wanted to do. But again, only a select few actually know what he had set in stone to happen AFTER this.

      So allow me to make a case for Pyrrha (very briefly). In terms of what the character embodied, it wasn't just brute strength, but balanced strength in an imperfect world. She was lethal, yet had that very important characteristic of being kind, upright, and collected. She had the potential to be a leader, and yet also was willing to follow someone else without guile or protest. She took on all the bullies in a sparring match, silently beating them into the classroom floor, but never once rubbing it in their faces.

      And yet, it has become very common in the writing world to take that sort of character, and almost WITHOUT FAIL, martyr them. The statement it almost brings across is "people quite that good can't really exist, and if they do, they just can't for long". (I realize that the rebuttal to this statement is "yeah, but look at Ruby! That's kind of the whole point!) but it still felt like giving Pyrrha and what she stood for a little bit of a shaft.

      The real thing that bothered me though was the events leading up to her apparent death. She didn't just die in battle.....she was destroyed before she ever stepped into that fight. She was (for the first time, at least within any of our experiences with the character) terrified, unsure of what to do and decimated by the pressure and the otherworldly decision being put on her. It was jarring to see her that way, but (again, from a writer's perspective) it gave us hope that she could develop from it, become stronger by overcoming it. But she didn't really get that chance. Then there's the whole "oops, you accidentally 'slaughtered' Penny" thing. And that incident I could live with, except for the fact that if she really is dead for good, she died with that on her mind, unresolved. All her stability and strength, crippled internally right before she meets her untimely end.

      It's like we took this strong, vibrant character, and destroyed her soul first before killing her off. Her death didn't feel like heroism because she hadn't even been able to resolve all the morbidity thrown upon her in such a short amount of time. I know that she got over much of it quickly, choosing to push it down in the name of duty to protect humanity, but pushing it down doesn't quite equal catharsis.

      And yeah, truthfully I'd love to see her live out the whole series. Because, think about this: picture her in a year. Two years. Five. Stronger. Wiser. Maybe not always doing the perfect thing, but think of all the possibility she could have as a character, alive with the others.

      Whatever decision the writers make, I'll ultimately respect it. But I feel like, even if Pyrrha being "not dead" might feel a little cheesy, I think overall she would be a much better addition to the story as a breathing, practical character. Not as a propulsive memorial or a haunting (even if "at peace") ghost from the other side. We've seen those things before. Show me a strong, loving character who gets to be just that. She can't make a joke at a noodle shop as a sagelike ghost. That's what I'd like to see anyway. And I don;t feel like bringing her back would cheapen her "death". What she did is what she did.”

      And on to my final point.

      It is true that I’m “in love” with Pyrrha, as you put it. I’m not a lesbian, but I identify with her (so I guess you can call it Narcissism), and she is basically in a lot of ways what I aim to be. And yes, I’m like Darth Vader when he found out Padme died, but that isn’t my main gripe with Pyrrha’s death (although it is the main reason it upset me so much). Now again, this is only my gripe if Pyrrha is dead dead, no green mushroom, no reset button, no “It was only a magic trick” but dead dead. Story writing is an art. I paint and draw and sculpt and stuff, and I love art that looks beautiful. Screw the art where it looks like all the artist did was slosh vomit on canvas, rub on some dog #@#$ and slap on a $10,000 price tag. In the art of story writing you come up with main characters for a reason, so you can follow their story and feel like you somehow shared their life experiences. It can also be like making new friends, you learn about others and they can help you grow in turn. There is a difference between a main character and a side character. A main character is meant to be identified with somehow. They have a personality and background. And most importantly, they have a destination where you can see the character is headed and without them the story can no longer be complete. If you kill the main character dead dead before the story plays out, there is no story. You don’t kill a character midway through their story. Rather, you get to enjoy seeing them develop, experience their ups and downs, and be able to live life through another’s shoes. To me that is art. That is beautiful. That is entertainment. Some people think movies like “Saw” are entertainment. I don’t consider bear baiting, torture, and the like to be entertainment. To me that is the vomit and crap on canvas. It belongs in the burnable trash pile along with Nihilism.

      And finally, here is my point. When you plan stories, you may mean for certain characters to die for whatever reason. But you don’t kill off characters if the story would be better with them in it. Sometimes you plan a story a certain way, but as you actually write it out, you find the story is better another way. In my strong opinion, removing Pyrrha permanently from the story will not make it any better. Any benefit from her death could be better done another way. And her character is too good to waste. She has all the potential and substance of any of team RWBY. I would infinitely prefer the rest of RWBY to have Pyrrha in it than not in it. It is the waste of a perfectly good character, one that I would love to see living in many scenes to come.

    • Jianju FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold 01101000 01101001

      1 year ago

      Original post:#33202395

      This is my first main comment I've made in forums, it's about the death of RWBY's character Pyrrha Nikos:

      It is true that Pyrrha's death was realistic, and I do love realism. However, it is only realistic in relation to how things work in our lifetime on planet earth. I believe, that in the not too distant future, life on earth will be a true utopia. That being said, even if reality were to be eternally as it currently is, I think the beauty of fiction is that it can attain what this world lacks. You can make a story as awesome as you wish life was.

      I well know how horrible reality can be. Allow me to relate two instances. The person who was closest and most dear to me was my younger brother Sean. When he was 13 he tried acid and it left him severely brain damaged with aphasia. Doctors put him on psychotropic drugs, which made him feel inhuman. He wanted to get off the drugs but his doctors wouldn't let him. Eventually, when he was 19, he stopped taking them cold turkey. His doctors had never warned him of the side effects of stopping too quickly and had never offered to help wean him off of them. Sean downward spiraled and committed suicide two weeks later. Only recently did I learn that 10-50% of people on the drugs he was taking (or similar ones) have similar experiences, and that suicides and suicidal thoughts are common. What happened to him was pointless and nothing good came of it. It's something I will never get over. (some older family pics with my brother http://www.xylophoneprodigy.com/gallery.html)

      Sean (on left, my cousin on right):

      The other instance was my friends Chris and Sarah, a young married couple who were both talented, kind-hearted, and good looking. They were one of those rare "perfect couple" types. And they were the type of people who were able to spread happiness to those around them. Then Sarah got cancer and died at the age of 25. When she died, Chris committed suicide in grief the same day. He was only 30. Cancer is yet another horrible and pointless way to die. (Here is some videos of them: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLySCF2dRdbe...)

      I don't watch fantasy to see a world as horrible and hopeless as the one I am living in. Some realism is good, but if you want to see pure realism you can just go outside. And that's my reply to Swissip's comment.

      Chris and Sarah:

      (I'm going to be much more candid in the next paragraph, please don't think I'm trying to brag.)

      This is what I think about Pyrrha's death and what it could mean, and what I think or hope it could mean. First, I should probably admit that Pyrrha is my favorite character in the series (and one of my favorite characters of all time, perhaps only 2nd to Yukino Miyazawa from Kare Kano), I love the other characters as well, but in many ways I could relate to Pyrrha. I have the IQ of a genius and I'm talented at almost everything I try (except singing), and I definitely know what it feels like to be alienated in that way. (I totally hate it when people tell me how great I am.) But just in general, her personality is a lot like mine too. I often would and do help out people who I think could use a hand, people who are perhaps considered hopeless causes to others. And I can also kick butt. I've taken martial arts classes, and even before that I defeated a town bully twice my size who was picking on a little tot, and I beat her with one punch. And there was that time I killed a scorpion in my sleep with my bare hands. I have a strong sense of justice and totally would have said what Pyrrha said, "Atrocious, I can't stand people like him." But besides all that... Pyrrha is so beautifully drawn ....and her clothes ...and her get-up, OMG! My aesthetic senses are tingling.

      While all that may mean I'm hopelessly narcissistic and biased, on to what I really want to talk about. We still don’t know what Jaune’s semblance is. And there is that scene where Pyrrha unlocks Jaune’s aura. When Pyrrha does this, she says, “For it is in passing that we achieve immortality. Through this, we become a paragon of virtue and glory to rise above all. Infinite in distance and unbound by death, I release your soul, and by my shoulder, protect thee.” Now you could take a eastern philosophy view of what she meant by that, or a New Age view or something to that effect. But in Judeo-Christian theology, it is written that chosen ones who die faithful are made to be as angels and live immortal as powerful gods in the heavens thereafter (although not as powerful as the almighty god, the Father, as it were).

      In that light, it would be sweet if we find out that there is some sort of spirit world. There have been glimpses of what looks like a nether. And the Grimm themselves are beings without souls. So the idea of souls and the netherworld may be a thing in RWBY. If so, it may shine some light on what Pyrrha meant. Her words themselves sounded like a spell or a prayer, something communicated to a higher power or being. And if there is a nether, there could be a heaven (like in the anime "Ah! My Goddess!" and "Dragonball"). Be that the case, perhaps Pyrrha arrives in heaven and meets whoever gives semblance powers and magic ability, someone who perhaps knows how to turn the Grimm into creatures of light. Notice that Winter Schnee's familiar looks like a creature of Grimm but obeys her and is colored in light. Perhaps if the Grimm had souls, they would be likewise the same.


      If Pyrrha does end up in a heaven of sorts, perhaps she could also be able to help protect Jaune as she said in that quote. Or perhaps she could even become a powerful Goddess (I would LOVE that! I totally love OP characters!). Or maybe Jaune's semblance may come into the picture with Pyrrha in some way.

      But if Pyrrha is really just plain dead.... then words cannot describe the emptiness I feel. All the RWBY characters really are alive to me. And while I realize it's fiction, my feelings are very similar to how I feel about deaths in real life. I think the loss of all the good people throughout humanity's history is a loss that cannot be endured. My first memory is of when I learned at about age 3 that all people die. I couldn't understand how my parents and seemingly everyone, could somehow just go on with life like it was no big deal. I still don't get how people can be okay with death. If you watch a movie only to totally forget everything you watched immediately afterward, then what was the point. Even that there are people living in the present doesn't right the situation. If you die, and everyone who knows you dies, eventually even the true remembrance of you is forgotten. It is not enough for me that my brother has a stone with his name on it. And my memory of him is a sad excuse for his actual life - that he would be able to live it. Who I imagine him to be in my mind is nothing to who he actually was.

      So no, I can't just say, "rest in peace Pyrrha." I would go to hell and back to have her live again.

      • Danielle2096 Weirdo

        1 month ago

        Count me in on the "hell and back" trip - I want to save Pyrrha, too.

      • Jianju FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold 01101000 01101001

        1 month ago

        Yay!  Let's get a whole group and lay siege to hell!!!

      • Danielle2096 Weirdo

        1 month ago

        I'm having trouble coming up with a color that has a "J" and a "D" in it, so I can't tell who else we should invite to this group...

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