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    • Energy Value and Equivalent Level

      2 days ago


      Since I noticed the other day there was some confusion I wanted to show my system which is not quite the OBD system....it's a bit different so as to be standardized a bit more, though the values are approximate in most cases.

      DC: Energy Values:

      Tier 16:

      100+ Joules: Human Level

      Tier 15:

      Kilojoules: Wall/Room Level

      Megajoules: Small Building Level

      Tier 14:

      Gigajoules/Tons: Building Level

      5-10 Tons: Large Building Level

      10-100 Tons: City Block Level

      100-1,000 Tons: Multi-City Block Level

      Tier 13:

      1 Kiloton to 1 Megaton: Town Level

      1 Megaton to 1 Gigaton: City Level

      Tier 12:

      1 Gigaton to 1 Teraton: Island Level

      1 Teraton to 1 Petaton: Country Level

      1 Petaton to 1 Exaton: Continent Level

      Tier 11:

      1 Exaton to 1 Zettaton: Moon/Planetoid Level

      1 Zettaton to 1 Yottaton: Planet Level

      Tier 10:

      1 Yottaton to 1 Tenaton: Large Planet Level

      1 Tenaton to 100 Tenatons: Low Stellar

      Tier 9:

      100 Tenatons to 1 Tenakiloton: Stellar

      1 Tenakilaton to 10 Foe: Large Stellar/Solar System Level

      Tier 8:

      10 Foe to 10 KiloFoe: Multi-Stellar

      10 KiloFoe to 10 GigaFoe: Low Galactic

      Tier 7:

      10 GigaFoe to 10 PetaFoe: Galaxy Level

      Tier 6:

      10 PetaFoe to 10 YottaFoe: Multi-Galactic Level

      10 YottaFoe to 10 TenaExaFoe: Low Universal Level (40 YottaFoe=Big Bang)

      Tier 5:

      10 Tena Exa Foe to Infinity: Mid Universal Level (14 TenaExaFoe=Destruction of Observable Universe)

      Tier 4:

      Infinite Energy/Infinite Area: High Universal/Low Multiversal

      Tier 3:

      Finite Number of Infinite Areas: Mid Multiversal

      Tier 2:

      Infinite Number of Infinite Areas, through restricted by constants: High Multiversal/Megaversal

      Tier 1:

      Everything that can be expressed: Omniversal


      1 Ton = ~Gigajoules (1 Ton = 4,184,000,000 Joules)

      1 Kiloton= ~Terajoules (~10^12-15 Joules)

      1 Megaton = ~Petajoules (~10^15-18 Joules)

      1 Gigaton= ~Exajoules (~10^18-21 Joules)

      1 Teraton = ~Zettajoules (~10^21-24 Joules)

      1 Petaton = ~ Yottajoules (~10^24-27 Joules)

      1 Exaton = ~ Ninajoules (~10^27-30 Joules)

      1 Zettaton = ~ Tenajoules (10^30-33 Joules)

      1 Yottaton = ~ Tenakilojoules (10^33-36 Joules)

      1 Tenaton = ~ TenagigaJoules (10^39-42 Joules)

      10 Foe=1 Quattordecillion Joules (10^45 Joules)

      10 KiloFoe=1 Quindecillion Joules (10^48 Joules)

      10 GigaFoe=1 Septendecillion Joules (10^54 Joules)

      10 PetaFoe=1 Novemdecillion Joules (10^60 Joules)

      10 YottaFoe=1 Duovigintillion Joules (10^69 Joules)

      10 Tena Exa Foe=1 Trigintillion Joules (10^93 Joules)

    • PR Calcs

      5 days ago


      Savage Sword Storm:

      In Lost Galaxy Pink Ranger Kendrix fights to the center of an energy storm. Same energy storm was vastly larger then the planet they were on Rathion. 


      Assuming Earthlike diameter for Planet (Standard Assumption)...

      Planet diameter (from height) is 2.2 centimeters. Energy wave move 8.5 centimeters from the planet, or 17 centimeters in full diameter.

      Assuming Earthlike planet that means the energywave encompasses over 98,460 kilometers. Compare this to:

      Neptune: 49,244 Kilometers

      Uranus: 50,72 Kilometers

      Saturn: 116,464 Kilometers

      Jupiter: 139,822 Kilometers

      It's well above Neptune and Uranus, 84% Diameter of Saturn, and 70% Diameter of Jupiter. It's pretty easily a Large Planetary Feat that one of the Rangers DIRECTLY withstood. The Astro Megazord, implied to be weaker then the Original Megazord TANKED it and was hurting someone who was easily absorbing it.    

      Jinxer's Eclipse:

      Jinxer makes a super rapid eclipse just to power up Olympius and Diabolico

      Bear in mind, Jinxer is not a fighter at all. His job is just to summon monsters and he should easily scale to any morphed ranger, let alone to the Megazord.


      Moon moves it's own diameter. In less then 2 seconds (it's about 1.75 seconds) but I'll use 2 seconds for a lowball. 

      Moon's Diameter: 3,474,000 Meters

      In 2 Seconds: 1,737,000 Meters Per Second   

      Moon's Mass: 7.34767309e22 Kilograms

      Kinetic Energy: 1.1084585734641106e35 Joules or ~ 26.5 Yottatons

      For comparison: 

      GBE of Uranus: 2.7 Yottatons

      GBE of Jupiter: 482 Yottatons

      Gruum's Minion destroys planet:

      Already Calced. Low Stellar Level:


      Which is fitting with other SPD Context.


      So to recap, most rangers should be at least Large Planetary (Between Uranus/Neptune Levels and Saturn/Jupiter Levels) and potentially Low Stellar from SPD Scaling and High Tier Rangers like Shadow Ranger, Red Lightspeed Ranger and Green Ranger should be Low Stellar. Of course the Green Ranger with 2 boosts couldn't take down the Megazord without it being drained of energy and at full energy would have "crushed him" so....

    • Power Rangers Simple Scaling and Original Megazord Strength

      6 days ago



      So…Megazord next. Oh well…might as well use all this research I have doing.


      So let me start by saying that individual seasons tend to have a rough bracket that is common to that season.

      Tier 5: Fodder and Beginning of Series Civilian Form Rangers

      Tier 4: Weaker Monsters, Comical Generals, End of Series Civilian Form Rangers, Beginning of Series Morphed Rangers

      Tier 3: Strongest Monsters, Serious Generals, End of Series Morphed Rangers

      Tier 2: Super-Form Rangers (like Battlelizers), Big Bads

      Tier 1: Giant Form Monsters, Zords

      Rare Tier 0: Big Bad (Giant Form), Season Big Good/Deus Ex Machina

      So scaling in a season tends to be pretty easy. It’s scaling BETWEEN seasons that can be challenging.

      Every Season from In Space (Season 6) to Wild Force (10) crosses over with the previous season. Every Season from Ninja Storm (11) to Mystic Force (14) crosses over. “Forever Red” crossed over the first 10 seasons. “Once a Ranger” crossed over Mighty Morphin (1-3) with Ninja Storm (11), Dino Thunder (12), SPD (13), Mystic Force (14) and Operation Overdrive (15).  

      In all these depictions the ranger terms were around on par, with the newest team being slightly weaker save for “Forever Red” which had Wild Force Rider Cole (Basically Cole with the power of his Battlizer) defeat Serpentera, suggesting he’s the strongest ranger yet, and “Once a Ranger” where the Operation Overdrive team is shown as significantly weaker then the older rangers.

      What this suggests is most rangers teams from the first 15 seasons should be scale-able  in their civilian and morphed forms, at least by their respective End of Season.

      However while this suggests comparable-ness between Tiers 5 and 3 for each season 1-15, it says nothing about each other’s Tiers 2 and Tier 1.

      As for seasons past 15….

      RPM (17) is a season that explicitly takes place in an alternate dimension, a dimension destroyed by a robot apocalypse. RPM Red Ranger and Samurai (18-19) Red Ranger actually fought evenly in “Clash of the Red Rangers” suggesting those 2 seasons are on par at least.

      And eventually there was Super Megaforce (21) which has the PR Legend War, a fight with every Ranger so far versus the forces of evil. This is suggestive that every season up to 21 are at least somewhat comparable in capacity. Of course most the galaxy and universal feats (I am totally serious) appear in season 22…..

      So scaling wise, the Original Megazord should be scalable to anything Tier 5-3 for every season probably up to 21, and most Tiers 2 to Tier 1s probably.

      So how strong does that make it?


      Well monsters of the week have had planetary scale powers before. And Planetary seems to be pretty casual for people the Rangers fight without their Zords.

      In MMPR Rita created a solar eclipse (which takes well over planet-busting energy) in order to drain the Megazord of it’s power, instead of fighting it directly suggesting she can’t.

      In MMPR, The Green Ranger made Giant Size by Rita with his Sword of Darkness which his boosts his powers immensely fights the Megazord. Not only does the Megazord hold on, but this was when it was immensely drained. If the Megazord was at full power it would “crush him

      Even afterwards it takes Giant Goldar and Scorpina fighting with the Green Ranger to finally destroy Original Megazord (for like one episode but I'll get back to that)


      White Ranger easily takes an energy blast from Lord Zedd (who is by far Rita’s superior) 

      even breaking his staff. And the White Ranger and Green Ranger are equals. But the Megazord was stronger then Boosted Green Ranger.

      In other seasons the Megaforce Rangers despite being weakened by by the eclipse defeated Vrak who created the eclipse in the first place

      In Lost Galaxy, Psycho Pink stabbing the Pink Space Ranger’s Morpher with the Savage Sword caused an energy storm that was so strong is threatened not only the planet Rashon, but the Colony City of Terra Venture that was far outside Rashon’s atmosphere (11:20). You can even see the energy emanations of The Savage Sword go an entire planetary diameter from it. Given the distance this is likely a Large Planetary Feat. Yet Lost Galaxy Pink Ranger fights to the center of the storm to destroy the Savage Sword:

      Notably Pink Psycho Ranger, Astro Megazord and Galaxy Megazord also tank this energy (Pink Psycho grew into her Giant Monster form and was absorbing it). The Astro Megazord also hurts Monster Psycho Pink and the Two Megazords together manage to destroy her. Although Astro Megazord was clearly important because before then Galaxy Megazord was losing to Monster Psycho Pink. Why is this important? Well Astro Megazord was an emergency plan made by Zordon, so it would make sense that it wouldn’t be quite as good as his main plan for Ranger Zords….which if you remember was the Original Megazord given to the MMPR Rangers…..hmmmm….Also of note, Astro Megazord helps fight Giant Monster Psycho Rangers on another occasion. And, not really quantifiable but another big feat from a weaker Megazord, weaker then the Galaxy Megazord….Taurozord PHYSICALLY holds open a portal between universes (17:00)

      So beyond that Jinxer, a Lightspeed Rescue villain who’s main job is to SUMMON monsters and is not a actually a fighter himself created a RAPID solar eclipse just to strengthen Diablico and Olympius (The actual big fighters) to defeat the Lightspeed Megazords (15:23). Also Queen Bansheera, the Big Bad of that season being summoned was enough to move all the planets of the solar system out of alignments, including moving Jupiter and Saturn to either side of Earth (16:35)

      Queen Bansheera when summoned has her own casual eclipse feat and which she was continually maintaining until her defeat (12:42). Yet same episode Carter (Lightspeed Red) manages to hold his own against her (15:00).

      But this is literally just how strong the Rangers are. The Megazord itself should be much stronger. How much stronger exactly is unknown however…However SPD gives us some indication with an even higher feat then the above. 

      In SPD the Rangers fight the Alien Criminal Bork. It’s commonly thought that they had to use SWAT mode to do this, meaning it wouldn’t scale to the other rangers. However the SPD Rangers WERE fighting Bork before going SWAT, they only went SWAT to counter him using his special "erase things from existence" power (12:00)

      What's so special about that? Well you see Bork left Alpha Centauri, the Star System, in ruin (1:10)

      In fact a minion of Emperor Grumm, the main Big Bad of SPD, destroyed a planet with conservatively low stellar levels of energy. And yet SPD Shadow Ranger was able to beat Emperor Grumm himself. EVEN WHEN UNMORPHED

      Now Shadow Ranger is a Higher Tier Ranger in comparison to most, ala Jason, Tommy and Carter. But even in Base Morphed Forms the other SPD Rangers should be at least as strong as Doggie UNMORPHED. And the Megazord is far stronger then them.

      However this is really starting to tap into their feats. While it takes until Dino Charge to get Galaxy and Universal Feats directly….there are implicit ones in the seasons prior that if you count them would make things far stronger. Even ignoring Super Modes and Megazords.

      For instance, Zordon when he died released an energy wave that purified all the evil forces in the entire universe.


      An energy wave that spread through the ENTIRE universe. That should be >Galactic in terms of energy output. You know who was equal to Zordon? Rita. The Two battled for centuries until Zordon sealed her away and Rita sealed him in his time warp. The same Rita blasted a heavily damaged weakened Megazord and caused only slight damaged in “Doomsday” (15:20). Again, her superior, Lord Zedd, blasted the White Ranger himself to no avail. In Operation Overdrive the Big McGuffin is the Corona Aurora which has power over the entire universecontrols the fate of the universe, and controls all the power of the universe

      Yet the Overdrive Rangers fought and defeated Flurious even when he had the Corona Aurora. To add to that, the Guardian of the Corona Aurora, the Sentinel Knight who’s power is pretty comparable to the Rangers, threw the 5 jewels of the Corona Aurora to Earth from a galaxy on the other side of the Universe. He Threw them BILLIONS OF LIGHTYEARS and the Overdrive Rangers are comparable to him. 

      In Dino Thunder the Triassic Ranger’s power creates a dimension complete with galaxy background.

      There is stuff in the Galactic and above Range even for the Rangers without Zords and before Dino Charge if you wanna push it. But even without that it has by far enough DC/Durability to defeat it's likely opposition. So let's look at speed for a minute:


      There are relativistic feats for FODDER: 



      And FTL Feats for Monsters of the Week and Comical Villains so you can guess it gets pretty crazy:




      However, let's get serious. Remember how Zordon’s Z-Wave went through the entire universe in a matter of…minutes at best? Well….Red Space Ranger and Ecliptor move and react at point blank range to it and everyone, up to and including fodder can be seen reacting and moving comparable to it when it gets to them

      Pretty clearcut scaling can occur. 

      Likewise, The Corona Aurora’s power can affect the whole universe rapidly too and yet fodder visibly reacts to it at point blank range. (turn it to 0.25 speed if it goes too fast for you to see)

      The Thunder Zords, which are literally the original Zords rebuilt, travel to the edge of the universe (or technically “the farthest galaxy”) in a manner of hours AT MOST:



      One last thing. The Megazord, due to the Mastodon, is capable of freezing opponents. Outside of that it doesn’t have much hax however it does have one more trick: They have a healing factor. At the End of Green with Evil Part 4, The Zords are supposedly “destroyed” by Rita blocking out the Sun with her magic and then being attacks by Giant Goldar, Giant Scorpina, and Giant Green Ranger with the Sword of Darkness at once. They are then cast by Rita into the center of the Earth….except they return next episode with like no explanation at all. 


      I think the implication is supposed to be that the nature itself heals the Megazord as it does it’s Sentai counterpart Daizyuzin. 



      +Large Planetary DC/Durability when Damaged and Drained. Low Stellar+ when Fully Charged.  Potentially MUCH higher.

      +MFTL Speed (At Least Trillions, likely Quadrillions of times lightspeed)


      +Laser Weapons

      +Power Sword

      +Mastodon Shield (Can Reflect Attacks)

      +Grappling Chains

      +Sonic Roar Attack


      +Some form of Healing Factor

      -Relies on Sunlight to Charge

    • Tier List of my favorite 100 Characters

      1 week ago


      Made a thing saying my favorite 100 characters so I made a quick tier list of the 100 characters in terms of power.   

      Please Note: This is the strongest canon form of the character, not including one-off power-ups. 

      Tier 1: Super-Cosmics

      Lucifer Morningstar (DC Comics)

      Dream of the Endless (DC Comics)/Destiny of the Endless (DC Comics)/Death of the Endless (DC Comics)/Delirium of the Endless (DC Comics)

      Shub-Niggurath (Cthulhu Mythos)

      Darkseid (DC Comics)

      Ares (DC Comics)

      Tier 2: Higher Level Cosmics

      Doctor Fate (DC Comics)

      Pegasus Tenma (Saint Seiya)

      (Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon)/Cardcaptor Sakura (Cardcaptor Sakura))???

      Tuxedo Kamen (Sailor Moon)

      Clow Reed (Cardcaptor Sakura)

      Chaos (Sailor Moon)

      Superman (DC Comics)

      Dragon Shiryu (Saint Seiya)

      Sailor Galaxia (Sailor Moon)

      God (Divine Comedy)

      The Narrator (Stanley Parable)

      Tier 3: Lower Level Cosmics

      Goku (Dragon Ball)

      Vegeta (Dragon Ball)

      Son Gohan (Dragon Ball)

      Sailor Saturn (Sailor Moon)

      Wonder Woman (DC Comics) (Primarily through Speed and Haxes rather then raw dc/durability)

      Sailor Pluto (Sailor Moon)

      Sailor Neptune (Sailor Moon)/Sailor Uranus (Sailor Moon)

      Sailor Venus (Sailor Moon)

      Sailor Jupiter (Sailor Moon)/Sailor Mars (Sailor Moon)/Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon)

      Doomsday (DC Comics)

      Zatanna (DC Comics)

      Tier 4: Celestial Body Level, Titan Level to Mid League Level

      Lex Luthor (DC Comics)

      Umi (Magic Knight Rayeath)

      Mikeru (Mermaid Melody)

      Dante Alighieri (Divine Comedy)

      Beatrice (Divine Comedy)

      Bubbles (Powerpuff Girls)

      Satan (Divine Comedy)

      Kunzite (Sailor Moon)

      Cthulhu (Cthulhu Mythos)

      Aziraphale (Good Omens)

      Crowley (Good Omens)

      Princess Peach (Mario)

      Aku (Samurai Jack)

      Odin (American Gods)

      Loki (American Gods)

      The Triple Goddess (American Gods)

      Shadow (American Gods)

      Tier 5: Higher Civilization Level

      Darth Vader (Star Wars)

      Kratos (God of War)

      Dante Alighieri (Dante’s Inferno)

      Lantis (Magic Knight Rayearth)

      Zagato (Magic Knight Rayearth)

      Samus Aran (Metroid)

      Player Wizard (Magicka)

      Grimnir (Magicka)

      Yugi Moto (Yu-gi-oh!)

      Yami Yugi (Yu-gi-oh!)

      Seto Kaiba (Yu-gi-oh!)

      Yami Bakura (Yu-gi-oh!)

      Lucia Nanami (Mermaid Melody)

      Kaito (Mermaid Melody)

      America (Axis Powers Hetalia)

      England (Axis Powers Hetalia)

      North Italy (Axis Powers Hetalia)

      Tier 6: Lower Civilization Level

      Mew Ichigo (Tokyo Mew Mew)

      Spider-Man (Marvel Comics)

      Panty Anarchy (Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt)

      Mami (Puella Magi Madoka Magicka)

      Baby Metroid (Metroid)

      Masaya Aoyama (Tokyo Mew Mew)

      Tier 7: Army Level

      sans (Undertale)

      Star Butterfly (Star versus the Forces of Evil)

      Dracula (Dracula)

      GLaDOS (Portal)

      Isaac Clarke (Dead Space)

      King Bumi (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

      Merlin (Arthurian Legend)

      Prospero (The Tempest)

      Else Maria (Puella Magi Madoka Magicka)

      Tier 8: Superhumans/Squad Level

      King Arthur (Arthurian Legend)

      Gregor (Underland Chronicles)

      Ripred (Underland Chronicles)

      Solovet (Underland Chronicles)

      Harley Quinn (DC Comics)

      Amir Valerie Blumenfeld (Jake and Amir)

      Tier 9: Low Level Metahumans

      Luxa (Underland Chronicles)

      Captain Carrot Ironfounderson (Discworld)

      Commander Samuel Vines (Discworld)

      Ares (Underland Chronicles)

      Ryou Shirogane (Tokyo Mew Mew)

      Vikus (Underland Chronicles)

      The Black Knight (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

      Tier 10: Non-Superhuman

      Julius Caesar (Julius Caesar)

      Brutus (Julius Caesar)

      Marc Anthony (Julius Caesar)

      Hamlet (Hamlet)

    • Mini-Blog: How strong is X DC Character? A Quick Guide

      1 week ago


      This is a quick guide, giving you at least my idea of how strong most DC Character. This provides the skeleton for basically every character via scaling:

      Bracket 0: Omniversal+

      Bracket 1:

      High: Omniversal

      Mid: High Multiversal/Megaversal?

      Low: Mid Multiversal

      Bracket 2:

      High: Mid Multiversal

      Mid: Low Multiversal

      Low: Universal

      Bracket 3: Past the Time Barrier to Past the Speedforce Barrier

      High: Universal

      Mid: Multi-Galactic

      Low: Galactic

      Bracket 4: MFTL to Past the Time Barrier

      High: Galactic

      Mid: Multi-Stellar

      Low: Stellar

      Bracket 5: FTL to MFTL

      High: Stellar

      Mid: Large Planetary

      Low: Planetary

      Bracket 6:

      High: Moon to Planetary (FTL)

      Mid: Island to Multi-Continental (Also Asteroid Level) (Massively Hypersonic to FTL)

      Low: Town-City to Island Level (Hypersonic to Massively Hypersonic)

      Bracket 7:

      High: Building to Town-City Level (Supersonic to Hypersonic)

      Mid: Wall Level to Town Level (Faster then the Eye to Supersonic)

      Low: Peak Human Level to Wall Level (Speed up to Superhuman but sub-Faster then the Eye)

      Justice League:

      The Stronger members I call “Bricks”. Pre-Crisis and Rebirth Bricks are Bracket 3. Post-Crisis is Bracket 4. New 52 is Bracket 5.

      Superman tends to be on the higher end just physically. Beings that are described as being similar to Superman Level physically, even if he holds back can be assumed to be at least in the low area of that bracket, although can also be mid or high range depending. Low is just a conservative estimate.

      Captain Atom tends to be on the higher end via his energy-matter powers.

      Flash tends to be on the lower end, but compensate via obviously being the fastest by a significant margin.

      People who are considered tough JL enemies are generally in the high area of their bracket. Big Crisis Scale Villains usually start as Mid Scale in the Bracket higher then JL Bricks, and get up to High Scale during the Crisis.


      Same Bracket generally as the JL Bricks.

      Low Tier Lanterns tend to be in the “Low” Area of their bracket with their constructs and shields. 

      Mid Tier Lanterns tend to be in the “Mid” Area of their bracket with their constructs and shields.

      High Tier Lanterns tend to be in the “High” Area of their bracket with their constructs and shields, and in the “Low” area just base physically.

      The Guardians tend to be in the “High” Area of the Next Bracket Up.


      The Teen Titans tend to be bracket of the Justice League Bricks minus two, save for Pre-Crisis where it is only 1. Pre-Crisis/Rebirth is Bracket 4. Post-Crisis is Bracket 6. New 52 is Bracket 7 (though higher ones tend to go into Lower Bracket 6).

      Superboy and Wonder Girl/Donna Troy tend to be in the higher range of their bracket.

      Starfire varies heavily on her emotional state, ranging from the lower range of the bracket 

      (normal or serious), to the middle range of the bracket (Determined), to the higher range of the bracket (Enraged)

      Beast Boy’s Mystical or Alien Transformations can reach up to the higher range of the bracket but otherwise is much, much lower

      Kid Flash tends to be on the Lower Range of the Bracket

      Cyborg tends to be in the Mid Range of the Bracket, but can boost up to the Higher Range, particularly with his famous “Sonic Cannon”  

      Miss Martian tends to be in the Middle of the Bracket or so.

      Raven’s Magic tends to Max out in range at about the higher range of the bracket

      Their Brick-ish villains like Mammoth are usually in the Lower Range of the Bracket, while their more powerful magical or supernatural ones tend to in the Higher Range of the Bracket.

      Street Level:

      Most National Tier Magic and Tech Users are at least in the Higher Bracket 7.

      City Tier Magic and Tech Users are in Middle Bracket 7 generally.

      Local Magic Users and Tech Wiz are in Lower Bracket 7

      Global Scale Martial Artists (The Best in the World) are usually in Higher Bracket 7.

      Most National Martial Artists (Renowned in a single country), Martial Arts Masters in General are in Middle Bracket 7

      Most Proficient Martial Artists are in Low Bracket 7.

      Low Level Vigilantes and Higher Level Basic Criminals are Low Bracket 7

      The Gods:

      The Gods’ Avatar tends to be in the Higher Range of the Bracket of the Justice League Brackets

      The Technology of the Beings of the Sphere of the Gods tends to be Bracket 2 Low or Mid

      Low Level Gods tend to be Bracket 2 Mid

      High Level Gods tend to be Bracket 2 High

      Aspects of THE God (The Source, The Word, The Voice) tend to be Bracket 1 High

      Most things are based on this.

    • Gauging Interest: DC Core

      1 month ago


      This is a blog to gauge how much interest there would be in a "DC Core" project to create a skeleton of what DC's powers are in a versus sense by reading the "Central Narrative" of DC Comics and it's history. You can:

      1: Not be Interested at all

      2: Be interested in reading

      3: Be interested in discussing and contributing

      Feel free to comment on any of the above. The Core DC Events will be:

      1: Flash #123 (Flash of Two Worlds)

      (Introduction of the Multiverse, and of Earth-One and Earth-Two, Silver Age Earth and Golden Age Earth respectively)

      2: Crisis on Multiple Earths! Issues 1-6 (The Crisis on Earth-One!; Crisis on Earth-Two!; Crisis on Earth-Three!; The Most Dangerous Earth of All!; Earth -- Without a Justice League!; Crisis on Earth-A!; Crisis Between Earth-One and Earth-Two!; The Bridge Between Earths!)

      (Continuation of the relations between Earth-One and Earth-Two. Introduces Earth-Three. Sets up COIE)

      3: Crisis on Infinite Earths: Issues 1-12

      (The Famous Event itself. Collapsed the Multiverse for a time. Constantly referenced and considered)

      4: Zero Hour: Crisis in Time: Issues 4-0 

      (Explains the nature of DC Time and Hypertime, and introduces DC Timelines as separate from parallel universes which is important for understanding DC Continuity) 


      5: Infinite Crisis: Issues 1-7

      (Is the continuation of COIE, and explains the state of the Post-Crisis Universe)

      6: Final Crisis: Issues 1-7

      (Finishes the COIE-Infinite Crisis-Final Crisis Trilogy. Starts the end of the Post-Crisis Era with the end of the New Gods as they were previously)

      7: Flashpoint: Issues 1-5

      (The Move from Post-Crisis to New 52. The Temporary Timeline Break and Restoration)

      8: Convergence: Issues 0-8

      (Undoes the Multiversal Collapse from COIE. Brings back all of DC Canon in Hypertime.)

      9: DC Universe: Rebirth: Issue 1

      (Brings us to our current state. Undoes the timeline damage)

      Total Issues: 52 ;)

      Could do more, like all the other stuff involves with each event as opposed to just the main plot of each event. But this is the central narrative that would be the focus. Just wanted to see what the interest levels are. 

    • Quick Guide for telling if something is a Magical Girl

      1 month ago


      Prelude to my next blog. How to know if something is a Magical Girl Character. This is my method since there is no common method.

      Ask yourself the following questions.

      1: Is this Character Female or Turns into Female? If no, then he's not an Magical GIRL. If yes, please continue.

      2: Does this Character have Magic or Magiclike powers? If no, then she's not a MAGICAL Girl. If yes, please continue.

      3: Is this Character's Magical Powers Feminine or Girly in presentation in some way? If yes, then she's a Magical Girl!

      For the record, a Magical Girl SERIES, is a series with a Magical Girl central protagonist. 

      It's that simple. 

    • Mini-Blog: My Next Death Analysis

      1 month ago


      So after my next blog, I wanna do a Death Analysis. I have some ideas on what I was thinking of, but wanted to gauge interest.

      My Ideas:

      1: Yugi Muto

      + Very Well Known Shonen Protagonist, especially among English-Speakers

      + Unique Powerset

      + Is one of my favorite Shonen

      2: Crybaby

      +The only Music characters used so far are Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber, and barely. 

      + Has a crazy powerset yet basically street-level meaning DB can actually handle it. 

      + Personality and Style would be one of the unique to be in Death Battle so far

      3: Cthulhu

      + Very Different kind of powers from most giant monsters

      + A Very Well known literature character with lots of visual sources for the analysis

      + Despite coming from an OP verse, is not that OP himself and could be used.

      4: Dream of the Endless

      + Bring some god-darned culture to Death Battle

      + One of the strongest characters in fiction yet can also be used realistically in a Death Battle

      + One of my favorite characters ever

      5: Sackboy

      + Can be a protagonist that is both cute and super-powerful to get the same appeal and Kirby

      + Has a Unique Aesthetic to play with in the animation

      + Has a ton of good matchups thematically


      Note: You can vote for more then one option if you like multiple ideas here. 


    • Who's actually Stronger Superman vs. Wonder Woman?

      1 month ago


      In complete contrast to my last blog.......

      This is a topic that probably interests versus debaters a lot more. Who would actually win...Superman, The World's Mightiest Man or Wonder Woman, the World's Strongest Woman. This is a debate that goes back A LONG time for DC Fans, and the short, boring answer is "Depends on which version." However I'm gonna use the versions people tend to be talking about, to figure out who would win, at least in my opinion. 

      Please note that this is just a Mini-Blog, not a Death Prediction, so it's not gonna have all the bells and whistles. Hope you enjoy my thoughts anyway. Let's start by making sure we know exactly what the question is asking:

      Starting Conditions:

      No Prep

      Normal Prior Knowledge

      Bloodlusted so the two will actually fight. Pandora has manipulated Superman into thinking Wonder Woman destroyed Metropolis and has directly attacked the American Government. Doctor Manhattan has manipulated Wonder Woman into thinking Superman has destroyed Themscyra and brought about global warfare. 

      Fight is on Earth.


      Superman's powers vary depending on which Era he's in. He's generally one of the most powerful members of the Justice League, especially physically. He's on the higher side of the General Strength Range of each Era of Justice League:

      New 52: Planetary to Stellar

      Post-Crisis: Stellar to Galactic

      Pre-Crisis: Galactic to Universal.

      All 3 of them have a few feats above that range, but I tend to consider them outliers. He also has a bunch of Powerups that appear once or twice.  Because people tend to have it mind when they talk about "Superman vs...." I am going to be using Standard Post-Crisis Superman. No Powerups, and it takes place on Earth so no bonus power from being closer to the Sun. Also no changing into other versions of himself like that one weird part in his fight with Dominus. 

      Major Powers:

      ~Low Galactic Strength and Durability imo

      -MFTL Speed (~ High Quadrillions of Times Lightspeed imo)

      -Heat Vision of similar potency to Strength

      -Freeze Breath

      -Vibration Attack (Can Counter someone's vibrations, canceling them out and erasing them from existence)



      -Kryptonian Martial Arts

      Wonder Woman-Version:

      While Wonder Woman does have versions at different power levels, oddly enough the fluctuations in her powers are NOT mostly caused by era. Wonder Woman's powers vary based on which Olympian Gods are giving her favor. The default one is Athena, the Patron of the Amazons. However Different Gods can boost her power to some degree if they give her strength, and can even alter her actual powerset to a small degree. 

      When she has no favor of the Gods she actually loses most to all of her powers. Like she becomes street level. So if you really stretch it you can kinda actually sorta defend Wonder Woman vs. Rogue if you stretch the "No Outside Help" rule so far as to include Favor from any God, thus giving her no portion of the Godwave. But doing so is kind of missing the point. I play a Cleric in Pathfinder, which is basically a Battle Priest. Clerics have divine magic which is technically asking Patron Deity for effect. If you remove the Divine Magic they might still be able to fight, but they cannot compete with like a same level Fighter, or Monk, or Barbarian, because that's the main draw. 

      As to her actual strength....it didn't seem to actually change after Crisis on Infinite Earth. If anything she got a bit stronger (Her best actual feat in Pre-Crisis that I know of is her using her Lasso and moving a Sun). You know you'd think something like the Crisis WOULD make some characters stronger, some weaker just due to it's nature, but it so contrary to the narrative of "Crisis on Infinite Earth was a retcon to nerf the characters" that it's surprisingly when it actually does make a character stronger.

      Funny enough it does actually make sense that Wonder Woman's powerset wouldn't diminish after COIE. Because Wonder Woman's power....comes from the Gods. And the Gods were unaffected by COIE. So anyway this is Athena-Favored Post-Crisis Wonder Woman, which is the Standard. Also not using her other equipment like Godwave Weaponry and Gauntlets of Atlas, and stuff. Just Standard Equipment. 

       Major Powers:

      ~Multi-Stellar+ DC/Durability imo

      -MFTL Speed (~Low Quintillions imo)

      -The Bracelets of Submission (Reflect Attacks)

      -The Lasso of Truth (Magically Binds enemies)

      -Decades of Years of Combat Experience in the Amazonian Martial Art

      -Inter-Dimensional Teleportation

      Superman Advantages:

      + A Little Stronger and More Durable (Has the best feats in this area...Wonder Woman is comparable based on their showings, but Superman seems a tough stronger and more durable)

      + Longer Range (Heat Vision can reach the length of planets. Admittingly it's Superman only real attack on that range, but Wonder Woman has got nothing to counter...outside if like physically moving the planet, but that's not very helpful here.)

      + More Intelligent, can plan more (He has Super-Intelligence and can match minds with Brainaic and Lex Luthor. Wonder Woman is smart but not THAT smart.)

      Wonder Woman Advantages:

      + A Little Faster and More Agile (Wonder Woman, pushing herself, has been able to enter the Speedforce of her own volition, which is basically the sign of Top Tier DC Speed. Superman's best feat is outpacing a guy who helped push someone into the speed force (Jay Garrick) suggeting he is close to Speedforce Barrier Speed, but not quite there. If the Speedforce Barrier was lightspeed, Superman would be like Relativistic and Wonder Woman would be like 2c or so.)

      + Magic Equipment like the Lasso and the Bracelets will be effective (Superman is not defenseless against magic as is common conception, but he is definitely more vulnerable to it.)

      + More Skilled Fighter (Superman has been fighting crime for a bit over 10 years. Wonder Woman has been doing it for decades.)


      I really really like both of these characters. Maybe it's my bias towards one though, but I think in the end Superman would win. Not by a huge Margin.....maybe like 55% of the time or so. Here's my reasoning:

      Point 1: I have seen both Clark and Diana be called among the strongest people in the planet. I have seen the two collectively referred to as the strongest people on the planet, and the Justice League have mentioned for both of them that if one goes rogue, the other is their containment plan. However while I have seen Clark be referred to as the most powerful person on the planet, I have not seen Diana be referred to as such. As such I wanna conclude Superman is he stronger by a hair. 

      Point 2: Superman's Vibration Attack would be extremely if it lands. Some can argue about whether he can do it to another Universe's characters since he knows Darkseid well and that supposedly helps him find the vibrations better? But this does not at all apply here. Diana is someone Clark knows VERY well. The only people he knows better would probably be Bruce Wayne, Lois Lane, and Ma&Pa Kent. And even then it's not by a drastic amount. I talk about this attack with bloodlusted Post-Crisis So Much because it's so OP. His Freeze Breathe Attack has also insta-frozen Wonder Woman before.....Now true Wonder Woman can dodge both of those things but it's something that can tip the scales a bit.

      Point 3: Biggest Point: I think tactically Superman is in a better position to win then Wonder Woman. I think while both have their advantages, Superman has a slight edge due to the nature of their advantages in comparison.

      Thinking of this like a Fighting Game for a second....Wonder Woman has a big disadvantage at long-range. Superman's Heat Vision can do the lobotomize trick if he's bloodlusted, shooting his Heat Vision through her pupil like a scalpel. You might be thinking...."Bracelets...she can reflect it." However think of this like a Fighting Game. Superman can basically turtle and fire a mixture of high, medium and low shots at her, especially given his incredible accuracy. She can reflect it, but it's much harder, even at range since she doesn't know where it's gonna go, while he will know exactly she will reflect it. 

      However, on the other end of the spectrum, she is at a disadvantage at close range too...since there Superman can grapple her and physical force being slightly stronger will come to the fray. Plus if he uses Frost-Breath or the Vibration Attack at Close Range she'll be hard-pressed to dodge it and those can one-shot her.

      What she would want to do optimally is stay at Mid-Range, using her skill to dive in and out again, get him with the lasso, and keep knocking him around without staying close for too long and not getting far away that he can use his Heat Vision to optimal effect. And she CAN do that, she would take a large percentage of victories.

      However, on average, I think being locked in a sort of mid-range strategy is a pretty notable disadvantage compared to a strategy that can play both Close and Long Range. I think Superman would take 55/45.

      Other Possibilities:

      If Wonder Woman had prep, things would obviously be different. She can get her Godwave Weaponry and Gauntlets of Atlas (Multiples Strength by 10) which would give her a big advantage in Close Range, which means she can use her speed to stay up close to win. If she had prep she could probably make it 55% in her favor instead. 

      However that's only one-sided prep. Superman is honestly more of a prep character then she is. He can fly to the Fortress of Solitude to get a Phantom Zone Projector which....regardless of if she can teleport from the Phantom Zone to Earth will either tire her and slow her down or beat her completely, as well as anti-magic equipment. If both had prep, it would probably swing more to Superman honestly...like 60-40.

      Now if Wonder Woman has the Favor of Zeus instead of Athena this change two things. One it boosts her stats to some degree, giving her Galactic Level Strength/Durability and increases her speed it was, and Two it allows her to use Zeus' Lightning which is a Galactic Scale Magic Long-Range Attack. In other words it gives her most of the advantage in both Close and Long Range. Now if this was Zeus-Favored Wonder Woman, WW would take a large majority....not ALL per se. In Close Range it's mixed between Wonder Woman's higher Physical Stats and Superman's Vibration Attack which should still work. At Long-Range, His Heat Vision Lobotimization should theoretically still work, but she can also do the same to him with Zeus' Lightning which would fry him. And he can't reflect attacks like she can. It's not a total stomp but Wonder Woman would take like 85-90%.

      If you want a fair fight with Zeus-Favored Wonder Woman versus a form of Superman, Superman 1,000,000 would arguably be the best fight possibility. Superman 1,000,000 probably takes majority imo.

      If Wonder Woman has the Favor of All Olympus, as happened against Nemesis....she becomes one of the strongest members the Justice League has ever had. Multiversal Power...Honestly Possibly Higher. She has more power then all the Olympians like this, including Zeus who along with DC Odin and DC Jove split the Power of the Source. The Source is the Aspect of the Presence as The Creator of all things......so....

      The closest possible Superman fight with this version of Wonder Woman is Superman Prime 1,000,000 (Golden Superman), who is the second strongest version of Superman. And honestly....Olympus-Favored Wonder Woman would probably take majority. That said I wouldn't say even she can stand up to Cosmic Armor Superman.

      Anyway, this has been my quick attempt to consider who would win between Superman and Wonder Woman. Hope you enjoyed. 

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