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    • Jianju asked DoYourResearch a question

      I finally finished my ultimate reply to your Consequences of P-Nikos' death thread. It's my new YouTube vid "Should Pyrrha Stay Dead? | RWBY Analysis", link on my profile News. Will you watch?

      Answered: Sep 30, 2016

      Hmm, I'm certainly going to watch it. Though it will take a while till I write an answer to it due to its length. ;)

    • JROY asked DoYourResearch a question

      So did you imagine you're Pyrrha thread getting this...Interesting?

      Answered: May 18, 2016

      No, I would have never expected that it goes in circles for so long.

    • AlexG77 asked DoYourResearch a question

      I hate to bother you, but it seems someone on tumblr wasn't in favor of your POV on pyrrha nikos death

      Answered: Mar 19, 2016

      I expected that I wouldn't only get positive feedback. Hell, my thread has over 5000 posts by now! That person on Tumblr made more a reaction than an actual rant to my thread. She didn't insult me, so I'm completely ok with it.

      Thanks anyway, for warning and showing it to me. :)

    • ravensep asked DoYourResearch a question it me or is everyone in denial? LOL...I mean I "feel" like Roman's gonna comeback but Phyrra? ehhhh....

      Answered: Feb 18, 2016

      I think that too, but I can see now where some fans are comming from and some have a point. Considering what happened after her death in the same episode, it definitely felt off. I will explain what I mean exactly in the thread. Roman is confirmed dead. They showed more of him than originally intended. So, I'm completely ok with it that he won't come back.

    • Jaune, get a proper fighting style! ... and more!

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      So, hopefully did Pyrrha's death and Jaune's multiple other failures through out the last volume, motivate him to train much harder than ever and finally discover his semblance. First of all he needs a real fighting style. We saw him swing his sword like a maniac in the volume 2 finale, do some basic blocking in the tournament and... headbutt an Ursa in chapter 10? The point is, he hasn't shown to use any technique. Thus, here is my idea.

      Jaune should use a similar fighting style like Pyrrha did. That would also be a nice way to make her live on in him. He was trained by her, it would only make sense. It would be awesome if we see him use some of her signature moves in some future fights. For example, where Pyrrha hits her opponent with a backwards slash and then sends this one flying in doing so. In mid air she continues with three horizontal slashes. She used that move against Cardin and Penny. It's also a move that Jaune could technically perform someday, because it doesn't require a sword/spear/gun (Miló). Of course, he should still have his own unique moves!

      Things like that, you know.

      Am I the only one, who really dislikes Jaune's weapon? I know, it's from his grandfather but he really should get his own weapon. Something that represents him! Hopefully, his sword and shield break soon, so that he doesn't have a choice.

      I hope, team RNJR will meet Pyrrha's family someday. So much character development potential there!

      Maybe, her family could help him make a new weapon, shield included. I assume that they are pretty good weapon engineers since Miló (Pyrrha's sword) was one of the only weapons (I think) in this show that could transform into three different forms.

      I think, Monty said once somewhere, that RWBY weapons are designed in the way to complement their semblance. Whatever Jaune's semblance may be. He should get a new weapon which does just that! This weapon could also have some little parts of Pyrrha's design. I emphasize the word "little". It's suppossed to be a little reminder of Pyrrha. It would be like with Ruby and Qrow which kind of had the same student - teacher relationship that Arkos had at some point. I mean, come on! They even both use scythes.

      It doesn't have to be only the weapon. His armor could also be slightly changed as well.

      This picture is an extremely exaggerated version of the idea.


      or this...


      You get the point.

      His emblem shouldn't change at all though! That would be too much in my opinion.

      What are your thoughts? Do you have any other suggestions?

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    • Pyrrha Nikos general discussion

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      This is going to be a very looooong one...

      It has been clear from the start that Pyrrha wouldn't live till the end of the series. I hoped that she would at least make it till volume 5. She was my 3rd favourite character of the show and I wanted to know more about her and her past. But I guess "sometimes bad things just happen" like in real life.

      I had hope for her because Ozpin ordered them to get help. It was nice and painful to see the confirmation of Arkos (I'm not a shipper though!). Unfortunately that moment made it also clear that Pyrrha was doomed. What I think is interesting is that she didn't say "I love you". Normally it wouldn't have been necessary because it was obvious, but you can never know with Jaune. I'm curious if she actually did pity him more than love him the whole time.

      After that they only gave us about 5 minutes to prepare our selfes. Btw, could we rename the Arkos ship to Titanic please, because I think it's much more fitting now?

      So, we move on to the Pyrrha vs Cinder fight. We see again that the Maiden powers have their limits, since Cinder's powers became progressively weaker through out the fight. At the end Cinder wasn't even floating anymore. It looks like she used too much against Ozpin. If it wasn't for the dragon, Pyrrha could have survived till Ruby showed up. Maidens aren't that strong. I bet a fully trained good huntsmen team could take one down no problem. *cough* team RWBY reunited *cough* *cough* vol 5

      None the less, Pyrrha held her own pretty well. Apparently Cinder believes in destiny. Which begs the question, what she believes to be her destiny. She also stopped smiling. Maybe she thinks that her destiny won't end well. - Hopefully, it won't end well for her!

      Pyrrha got killed pretty clearly. Which is of course heartbreaking but it gets worse. When I think about it, Pyrrha actually died in vain... kind of. Her direct actions didn't save the tower. Beacon fell anyway. Cinder's status is unknown, since it hasn't been mentioned that she was frozen as well. So, she probably got away... somehow. Ruby has unlocked her Silver-Eye Deus Ex Machina BS powers indeed but she doesn't know exactly how she used them or how to train on them. The main characters still have no idea about the Maiden powers. Basically, Pyrrha couldn't fulfil her destiny of becoming a huntress and saving the world. The worst thing about it, that it wasn't even a Pyrrhic victory. Just a pure bitter defeat. This show will continue for at least another 5 volumes. It just shows how insignificant Pyrrha is. It makes her death extremely sad for me.

      ...Or maybe not. Jaune had four chances to shine this volume.

      Help Pyrrha with her problem. - He failed.

      Save Pyrrha from the Nevermore. - He failed.

      Protect Amber. - He failed again.

      Stop Pyrrha from running into her certain death. - He failed miserable.

      I can't blame him. All of these things were out of his power. Pyrrha's death may motivate Jaune to train much harder and discover his semblance to become finally the badass he was destined to be... and build his harem. XD - That may be the true Pyrrhic victory.

      Isn't team RNJR heading towards Mistral? You know, the kingdom where Pyrrha came from! I bet they'll meet her family there and have to tell them personally about her unfortunate end, since the communications on Remnant are down. - Oh man.

      Is Penny going to replace the missing 'P' in team JNPR someday?

      Pyrrha's end was certainly the most powerful scene in this show to me so far. It truly showed that not every sacrifice and heroic act will pay off. That's realistic and that's why I like it.

      As much as I like Pyrrha, I hope she won't come back at all. I only accept pictures, memories/flashbacks and dreams of her in the show from now on. If she comes back in any way, shape or form, it would make her death and future deaths meaningless. That would ruin the show for me. I'm sick and tired of countless animes bringing their characters back from the dead with some BS excuse, just because they're popular!

      RoosterTeeth, you have killed off my 3rd favourite character. I'm mad at you in a good way! It shows great writing!

      I beg you, please do NOT bring her back!

      Rest in peace Pyrrha Nikos. Even though she never graduated at Beacon, she still was a true huntress indeed.

      Man, I care too much for some fictional characters.

      What are your thoughts on this?



      EDIT: I'm not active on this thread anymore. So, please do not expect any direct answers from me.

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    • The consequences of Roman Torchwick's death

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      Torchwick should stay dead in my opinion.

      This is going to be a long one...

      Torchwick has been a very enjoyable to watch villain. His death has been very abrupt indeed. However, I think it was necessary.

      He was the first villain that was introduced to us. It was immediately clear that he would be your typical criminal with some interesting traits. A good first obstacle for the protagonists to overcome. At the end of the first volume the face of the currently main antagonist has been revealed. We already could see that he was just a henchmen to her and that he was scared of her too, which was a small hint to his motivation. After some shenanigans in volume 2 he got captured by Ironwood. It was clear that he would break out somehow and make his comeback.

      And man, he made one. A few seconds after he was freed, he destroyed two military flagships and killed assumably a few dozen soldiers in the process. Afterwards he infected the system with the "Black Queen virus" making the robots turn sides and that probably lead to even more civilian deaths. (Please show it, RoosterTeeth!)

      He personally became finally a real threat! Ruby fought him and Neo. We heard Torchwicks motivation and then he got devoured by a Griffon. Ruby stays innocent. Neo most likely survived.

      So, a lot of people didn't like this outcome. His death could have been handled a bit better but I think it did its job.

      At this point Torchwick did all he could to "survive" and he didn't hold back. His motivation of fear is just too simple to be further build up on. He doesn't have any other ambitions. Especially if you compare him to Adam and Cinder. Torchwick is as a threat also easily outmatched by the other two. Cinder is the evil Fall Maiden and Adam injured two main characters with no sweat!

      Yeah sure, it looks like Torchwick had a rough past but it's not important narrative wise in my opinion. His death also makes space for new darker villains to rise. So, when RWBY is taking a darker route, I don't think he would fit well. He doesn't even have his own gang and he doesn't know what Cinder's plan exactly is.

      He has done his job as a first villain and he was the biggest threat he could be. He wouldn't have a meaningful purpose in the story from now on. He would only take important screen time away from other characters which need it much more than him. This show already has enough problems with it's screen time. Keeping him in the show would be just fanservice and that's most of the time bad for the story.

      I also want to add that the Griffon who ate him got set on fire in an exploding ship which crashed afterwards. I can see a cyborg like Ironwood survive that. But Torchwick? It seems to be a bit ridiculous to me.

      So, what is Neo going to do after his death?

      I see two options.

      1) She doesn't really care because she was just a new henchman for Torchwick like Yang assumed in volume 2. She just keeps working for Cinder like she did before.

      I would be ok with that.

      2) This...

      I would like to see this as the after credits scene for this volume finale.

      ...or this.


      ...or even both pictures.

      Neo believes that Ruby killed him and seeks revenge because she had feelings for him in some way. Like father - daughter or romantic.

      That would also be a nice way to get to know her better and we would get an explanation for their past.

      I would prefer this as a side plot for volume 4.

      Hey, it's just my opinion.

      What do you think?

      Btw, excuse me for my bad English. It's not my first language.

      EDIT: I'm not active on this thread anymore. So, please do not expect any direct answers from me.

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    • RWBY fanart!

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      There is so much awesome RWBY fanart out there!

      Feel free to share it here...

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    • Nope, all Grimm are mindless.

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      Do you remember when Oobleck was talking with Ruby about the Goliaths back in vol. 2 ch. 9? He said that not all Grimm would be mindless and those would be "waiting". For what exactly? For the right moment? Something else?

      Well, now they're also attacking Vale where all the military is more or less ready to wipe them out. Not really the best moment if you ask me from the point of view for the Grimm. Sure, they will cause some chaos with Torchwick and the White Fang. But I don't think it will be enough to take over the whole kingdom.

      They were attracted by the negative atmosphere which Cinder caused. It looks like the Goliaths just need much more negative emotions to get their attention. Nothing else. However, they are just a tool for Cinder's plan right now.

      I believe, the kingdom can still deal with this attack. The aftermath will be more important. But a lot things can happen in the three remaining chapters. The CCTS tower is still standing. The maiden powers must be transfered.

      So, was Oobleck lying, was he wrong, did I miss something or did the writers just make a mistake there?

      Maybe, he meant just their attacking methods.

      Btw, I want to know more about the Grimm. Why are they only attacking humans, faunus and their creations? Where did they come from? And so on...

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    • Is Glynda Goodwitch the current spring maiden?

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      Call me crazy but I'm calling it now. Glynda Goodwitch is the current spring maiden which was hiding in front of our noses the whole time.

      Think about it. In the very first RWBY chapter where she fought Cinder. She could control the weather to some extent like Amber. She can use telekinesis. She can fix collateral damage with ease like she did in volume 2 and 3 several times. Cinder couldn't overpower her. Glynda also seems to be much more powerful than the other hunters and huntresses we've seen so far. All of that without using dust at all.

      I don't think all of those things are her semblence because it's just too diverse and powerful. Even more than the Schnee family.

      And her surname could be a little hint that she actually uses magic.

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    No, I would have never expected that it goes in circles for so long.

    I expected that I wouldn't only get positive feedback. Hell, my thread has over 5000 posts by now! That person on Tumblr made more a reaction than an actual rant to my thread. She didn't insult me, so I'm completely ok with it.

    Thanks anyway, for warning and showing it to me. :)

    I think that too, but I can see now where some fans are comming from and some have a point. Considering what happened after her death in the same episode, it definitely felt off. I will explain what I mean exactly in the thread. Roman is confirmed dead. They showed more of him than originally intended. So, I'm completely ok with it that he won't come back.