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    • All About Gorlin (Pt. 2 - Why I'm "Gorlin Goltz")

      1 month ago

      Darkskills Gorlin Goltz

      Welcome, reader(s)! Today, as promised, I'll be discussing my medical issues, which were most prominent back during high school. Buckle in, cause it's a long story! 

      I covered my thoughts on high school in general in the last post. But, I realized that I failed to mention that I was an alcoholic for my last two years before graduation. Before I get put into a stereotype, no, I didn't drink because it was fun, and I certainly wasn't pressured into it, as most of my drinking was done alone. I drank to forget, and here's why:

      It was junior year of high school. I hadn't been to the dentist in roughly 4 years, and my parent decided that I was way past due for a cleaning. So I went during the afternoon, to a college dental program- because it was free, apparently. The cleaning itself went well, but they found a lump in my jaw that could be felt through my cheek. I had noticed it before then, but hadn't thought anything of it. They decided to do some X-rays, and that's where my story begins. 

      As it turns out, the lump was actually a cyst in my jaw. The X-rays also found two more: one in the center of my lower jaw, and one up in my right sinus. My dad knew an excellent oral surgeon, so I met with him and we all decided that I should have surgery to essentially see what we were really dealing with. The surgery went well, but the surgeon found that the cysts, while too large to operate on at the time, were both benign and special. The types of cysts that were in my head only really materialized for certain people. My dad brought me to a geneticist for some tests, and after a while, they found exactly what was wrong with me.  

      Nevoid basal-cell carcinoma syndrome, more commonly known as "Gorlin-Goltz" Syndrome,

      was evidently my issue. It is an uncommon syndrome, and not many people have even heard of it. There are lots of possible symptoms for it, and I was lucky enough to not have all of them. For now, my symptoms include:

      - Far greater chance of developing cysts in my body compared to other people. 

      - Far greater physical reaction to sunlight (I get a certain type of skin cancer very easily)

      - Abnormal height compared to others (I've been over 6 feet tall for 7 years)

      - Children I have will have 80% chance of dying within a year, or may be severely disabled. 

      While these may seem harsh, I got off easy compared to some other people who have the same syndrome. The majority of people who have it are mentally or physically impaired, if they live past childhood. My only symptom until the cysts were discovered was my abnormal height, so I consider myself relatively lucky. Anyways, the cysts were shrunken, mostly by the oral surgeon injecting a syringe of saline into my mouth and flushing each cyst multiple times a week. I won't go into detail of it, but it was traumatic, and was part of the reason I drank. The other reason was knowing I had the syndrome. The second surgery, where the cysts were removed, went well too. I started visiting a dermatologist to check for skin cancer while all this was going on. During my junior year, I had three spots of skin cancer removed. Senior year, there were two. 

      So that is why my sponsor name on here, as well as my gamertag on Xbox, is Gorlin Goltz. My syndrome doesn't define me, and I do not let it effect my quality of life, but it is still something I have to live with. I suppose I could use my gamertag to raise awareness for the syndrome, or something along those lines, but I do not believe that would change things.

      So that's my story! I'll have to think of what to talk about for my third entree. 

      Maybe my horrible love life? Probably! 

      Stay tuned! 

    • All About Gorlin (Pt. 1 - Teenage Angst)

      1 month ago

      Darkskills Gorlin Goltz

      I decided to keep most of my personal stuff out of the forums. 

      But, I still want to tell my story, and this seems like a good time to start. 

      High school wasn't a fun time for me. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of it. Shipping your hormone-fueled, emotionally-charged adolescent off to learn 'useful' information in small classrooms packed with dozens of other small adults for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 4 years sounds super, right? Just letting the system take care of everyone seems like a great idea, especially when teachers are criminally underpaid to put up with it all. At the end of it, unless said small adult is deemed "gifted," they will have learned next-to-no practical skills, and certainly nothing that can be used at a college. But sure, the Pythagorean theorem can be used in plenty of practical ways, so let's teach that instead of how taxes work.  

      Anyways, sarcasm is getting me nowhere, so let's move on. I wasn't bullied in high school. Quite the contrary, I was pretty popular in some circles. My father, who I lived with at the time, was (and is) a doctor, which meant I could essentially miss school whenever I want and it would be excused. I graduated high school on time, despite a bunch of actual medical problems. And that will be the next entry! 

    • Defining Moments - What made you?

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      Darkskills Gorlin Goltz

      Everyone, at some point or another, has had a moment that made or broke them. 

      If you still have most of our life ahead of you, this may not apply to you yet, but it will.

      If you feel that yours can benefit others, please feel free to share. 

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    • Rooster Teeth & You: What keeps RT alive?

      1 month ago

      Darkskills Gorlin Goltz

      Today, Burnie's latest vlog was released on youtube. For those who don't have the time to watch it, he and Matt discussed how it is that Rooster Teeth makes money to produce shows, run events, etc. and that essentially broke down like this...

      #1 Advertising

      All the commercials you see before the videos on this site or youtube generate a relatively good chunk of money for the company. They also displayed an excerpt from Parade magazine featuring Camp Camp as an example of this. 

      #2 Subscriptions, also know as FIRST Membership

      As it's been a huge discussion point since the time restriction on the latest season of RvB, this still makes sense. The community largely supports the company. 

      #3 Licenses & Royalties 

      For those who don't know what this is, a good example would be the version of RWBY that was done in Japan, with the Japanese voice actors. The company that did that paid Rooster Teeth in order to legally create it. 

      #4 Events... RTX, Let's Play Live, and secret future events

      While some of the money from ticket sales goes to the vendors and overall funding for events, Rooster Teeth still makes money from these amazing events. 

      #5 Merchandise... Shirts, Music, DvD's 

      Essentially, digital or physical purchases made from the RT store, including Double-Gold Subscription boxes. 

      "So what's the best way for someone with extra income to support RT?"

      Coming straight from Burnie and Matt, the biggest way to help the company is with direct contact. This means buying products directly from the RT store, watching videos on the site instead of Youtube, or simply just being a subscriber. 

      The point of the vlog was basically to say that, despite the Youtube-based

      "Ad-pocalypse," Rooster Teeth as a company is far more secure financially then other companies, and it is thanks to subscribers and the community that they don't have to constantly adapt and change things to survive. 

    • The Sponsor Gaming Connection!

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      Darkskills Gorlin Goltz

      Interested in playing games with other sponsors on your preferred console? Well then, you've come to the right place! 

      If this actually takes off, maybe people can post their gamertags, steam names, or any equivalent way of connecting with other members of the community! 

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    • Sponsorship, Day 1

      2 months ago

      Darkskills Gorlin Goltz

      So I made a change today, and started my free month trial of sponsorship. 

      Hopefully this is the right move, but I don't really see a downside to it. 

      This company has entertained me from the first time I saw an episode of Red vs Blue in middle school, and I have never regretted being a member of their fanbase. While I have spent some of money on shirts and other merchandise, it never really felt like I was giving much back to them.

      Originally, I was against the changes to the time restrictions on shows, and was quite vocal in the comment section of the first episode of season 15. After thinking about it for a while, I had a huge change of heart. I decided that this company strongly relies on sponsorship in order to create the majority of shows and content that we are then able to enjoy. 

      I look forward to helping to support RT in the future, and hope that those non-sponsors who are on the fence will see things my way eventually. 


    • Where are the sponsors?

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      Darkskills Gorlin Goltz

      So I'm still kind of new here, but I noticed that there aren't many active sponsors in the forums. 

      Even in the exclusive ones, there are only a couple threads that actually get replies. 

      Do people just not visit anymore? Or is there somewhere else sponsors go? 

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    • NM Community

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      Darkskills Gorlin Goltz

      So does anybody in this group ever meet up or communicate? I ask because I'm almost certain I'm the only RT fan in Roswell, and would love to be proven wrong about that. I know groups in the more fan-populated states do meet ups and other events, but it seems like we had enough of a fanbase here to greenlight the Lazer Team showings in ABQ... So what are we missing?

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    • 1 year ago

      Darkskills Gorlin Goltz
    • Collectible

      2 years ago

      Darkskills Gorlin Goltz

      So I have one of those old Grifball figures from a Comic-Con a few years ago... It's still in the box, so I'm gonna see if I can have the guys sign it at the next RTX.

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