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    • Barbara


      1 month ago

      Lucky number 13! That’s right, folks. We are officially an angsty teenager. MOM AND DAD JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND, RIGHT?

      As always with our anniversary, we have a ton of things to announce and love to spread; and this year, we’re going crazy. Hold on to your butts.


      You can get 13% off in our store for the next 13 days starting NOW. Use the code RT13 at checkout to receive your discount!

      Curious as to what to use your discount on? We've got some new merch in stock (13 new items will be up today, to be exact), including an all-new Rooster Teeth collection, blankets, AH & FH Civil War Poster, and a new RWBY shirt. Head over and check it all out!


      RT Animation has grown tremendously over the last few years, and they’re not stopping. Today, we have three trailers for three new shows! First up will be RED VS BLUE, SEASON 14 at 11 AM CT! The other two trailers, well, I won’t spoil anything, but you’ve never seen anything like them before from RT. Stay tuned to our social media and website today as they come out! Today is going to be HUGE.


      Lastly, we want you guys, our wonderful Community, to share with us your favorite Rooster Teeth moment from the last 13 years. It could be a video, a picture, a story, a joke— anything! Either leave a comment in this journal, or tweet using #RT13 for us to see.

      We’ve come such a long way, and we couldn’t have done it without our talented & dedicated team here at Rooster Teeth, all our fellow partners, and most of all, YOU. You guys keep us going, and there isn’t a single day we don’t recognize that. For the billionth time, we love you. Let’s be together forever.

      TO LUCKY 13! CHEERS!

      Happy Anniversary, loves.

      Barbara & the RT Crew

    • Barbara

      Want to be an Extra in DAY 5?

      1 month ago

      I bring you a message from our production crew of Day 5! We need extras for a scene. Please read instructions below.


      Seeking the following Extras to work various days between 3/31 and 4/6 on 'DAY 5’.

      RAVERS- Male or Female, any ethnicity, age range 18-35 years old. Needed to portray RAVERS at a dance party with electronic music. We are specifically looking for ravers with original awesome costumes or rave outfits. Costumes must be original!

      The pay rate is $64/8hr.

      To submit, email us at: thirdcoastextras[at]gmail[dot]com and use the subject line ‘'RAVER'' and follow directions below exactly:

      Include name, age, phone #, location (Austin?), height/weight, attach plenty of clear, well-lit, high resolution current photos both close up AND full length INCLUDING costume photos.

    • Barbara

      Let's Play and Kinda Funny

      1 month ago

      Recently, you might have seen the Let's Play channel ( going through a few changes. We're happy to announce another exciting change: Kinda Funny, a group of guys we admire and love to work with, have officially joined the Let's Play family!

      This means in addition to the Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, and ScrewAttack videos you see already on the Let's Play channel, you'll also be seeing contributions from the Kinda Funny crew, too.

      And that's not all!

      We've teamed up with them to bring you Let's Play Presents: Kinda Funny LIVE!

      This is the second KFL that they've done, and we're happy to partner up to bring our guys over to San Francisco for this 2-day event. Tickets for that are NOW ON SALE! Come see us (and I guess Kinda Funny, too) May 28-29, 2016!

      And before you go, make sure to check out Kinda Funny. They're more than kinda funny, IMO.

    • Barbara

      Day of DOOM!

      1 month ago

      That is probably the most awesome title of anything we’ve been a part of, right?

      We’re super pumped to announce that we’re hosting a live stream event called Day of DOOM.

      This is the very first live stream of DOOM multiplayer in a tournament with athletes, YouTubers, and our very own Rooster Teeth people, and hosted by the lovely Tyler Coe and Jack Pattillo.

      This takes place TUESDAY, March 29th at 5 PM - 7 PM CT, on our YouTube channel!

      Here are the teams. Start placing your bets.

      • Adam Kovic and Chad Ochocinco Johnson
      • Michael Jones and Rob Gronkowski
      • iJustine and Antonio Brown
      • SSSniperwolf and Thierry Henry

      That’s right. We’re pairing Adam Kovic and Michael Jones up with real athletes. I’m not sure who will be more prepared… or scared.

      Join us for this event, what some are calling “SO COOL” and “ULTIMATE DOOM BATTLE EXTRAORDINAIRE” and “OF EPIC PROPORTIONS!”- real quotes, I swear.

      Check out the trailer for the tournament here.

      See you then!

    • Barbara

      Still haven't seen Lazer Team?

      1 month ago

      In case you've been off the internet for the last few months, Rooster Teeth's first feature film, Lazer Team, was released in theaters and online on YouTube Red! We're so excited to be able to share the movie with you guys, the people who helped us make it happen and who support us throughout everything.

      We know we have a very worldwide audience, and we want as many people as possible to be able to watch the movie. If you DON'T live in a country that has YouTube Red, there may still be a way to see it!

      If you go to this link, it should take you to the watch page for Lazer Team.

      1) If you live in a country with YouTube Red, you'll have the option to start your trial and watch the movie (or watch it if you already have Red).

      2) If you live in a country that DOESN'T have YouTube Red, you may still be able to purchase it! Go to this page, and see locations that the movie is available to purchase in "Purchase Locations." If your country is listed, you should be able to get the movie from this link. Attached is a screenshot from Canada to show you what it should look like.


      Hope this helps for any of you who still haven't gotten a chance to watch it online!

      *butt squeeze*



    • Mipship asked Barbara a question

      Hey B! I was wondering if you plan to/have made any appearances on RvB? That'd be super cool!

      Answered: Mar 21, 2016

      I play Lt. Jensen. She's in Seasons 12+13.

    • moriuh asked Barbara a question

      When are we gonna find out why you went MIA on social media for a few days? :)

      Answered: Mar 7, 2016

      You'll find out soon. Maybe even this month!

    • Shadowbladez13 asked Barbara a question

      Hey Barbara What Are The Chances Of Us Getting A RTXCanada Much Love From Canada, Oh My Pet Beaver Says Sup

      Answered: Mar 7, 2016

      You never know! I'm sure it's possible now that RTX is expanding to other countries.

    • RandomChineseGuy asked Barbara a question

      Any kind of anime hair you'd like to have?

      Answered: Mar 7, 2016

      Yang's hair. Have you seen that shit? IT'S MAJESTIC AF.

    • Barbara

      2 months ago

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    • psycOhippie

      2 weeks ago

      i found someone that makes pun based art so... and im sorry if this is a repost for you.

    • Shepsus Shepsus

      2 weeks ago

      Loved the doc. I will now make an effort to turn off my phone when I'm with friends.
      At the end, when you say, "I'm just going to start from scratch, clearly nothing burned down while I was away" was a huge indicator.
      Thank you BlawnD!

    • Cassner Hail Hydra

      1 month ago


    • SleepyGuyy

      2 months ago

      ... Do you like my Avatar picture..

    • The8Bit

      2 months ago

      This is a Official Decree:

      I Here by call Dibs on Yang's Right


      I ,The8Bit,call dibs on Yang's right armed ShotGauntlet. I have made this post to clearly state that I have called dibs on Yang's right shotgauntlet. It seems to me that Yang has cut off her career of being a huntress and will no longer need a bracelet full of shells. In this case I could use this weapon in better purposes instead of her. If she needs a hand then I am sure that the general can make that girl her very own arm. I have already notified her that I will be arriving next month to pick up the weapon from her. Fraid not good people for this weapon will be cared for in the upmost respect. I know that a weapon like this would cost an arm an a leg anywhere else. I would love to explain more but I must be packing for it will be a very long and interesting trip.

    • Desayjin RTX Guardian x4

      2 months ago

      Happy Warm Fuzzies!


    • Karthone

      2 months ago

      This guy uploaded RWBY Vol3 episode 11 to his channel before the RT channel on Youtube. Also is there a proper channel through which to report this sort of thing to y'all?

    • AgentAri2on4

      2 months ago

      I think it's unfair for anyone to fight Yahg now. She's clearly unarmed.

    • Megas77

      2 months ago

      Hey Barbra Quick question for you, how come Yang was Disarmed so easily by Adam

    • EWMoly

      3 months ago

      This just seems like an appropriate place to leave this.


    • TheKracken

      3 months ago


      I'm super excited about RTX this year!!! any news on when you're releasing tickets?

      side note

      you're dope

    • BakerBlitz

      3 months ago

      Just between friends, is anywhere in the UK having a surprise guest appearance? I already booked a non refundable ticket or two for Peterborough but I book another if I know.

      I would say I would be Tick (et) ed off If I missed the chance.

      It was a risky pun, but I stick by it.

    • Rwbycamaro392

      3 months ago

      Hey there Barbara I've been wondering about this for awhile now but do you guys ever use fan submitted ideas or characters in the shows that you guys have running

    • BricBrac Eagle Scout and Explorer

      3 months ago

      Hey Barbara, there's two showings for Lazer Team near me in Pittsburgh on the 27th, but they're both sold out (I had to wait till pay day to buy my ticket). Is there anyway to get another ticket or something? Just wondering if you might have any idea on what to do here.

    • DavidForgetD

      3 months ago

      i have trouble finding different payment options for sponsorship. do you only accept credit cards or do accept payment via paypal?

      • zogman1

        2 months ago

        They used to accept PayPal, idk about now.

    • 1Forrest1

      3 months ago

      Hey Barb, I'm having trouble finding where to put the code for the Lazer team merch. I got my ticket, and want to get some merch before the movie but have looked through the entire site and cannot get to it.

    • SethRex

      3 months ago

      Hey Barb, why does RWBY not have its own forum section yet? I'm not sure who else to ask this but it's been on my mind every time I go to the forum.

    • Dreadpool

      3 months ago

      Hi Barb

      I was hoping it would be possible to get a tweet about the Lazer Team screening at Tamworth, NSW Australia it's a small rural town and the best shot at reaching the rooster teeth fans that are not members of roo teeth would be to have rooster teeth itself put out the word. It would mean the world to me and all the other rooster teeth fans in this small area if we could pull this screening off as would not only be an opportunity to see Lazer Team on the big screen but an opportunity to meet other rooster teeth fans in this remote area. We are halfway there we just need some help.

      Thank you.

    • PaulHikari

      3 months ago

      Bad news. The RWBY sub-forum is under attack from hordes of evil spam bots. Look!

    • jakcantjump

      3 months ago

      Hey Barbara,

      I bought tickets to the Lazer Team showing in NYC on the 27th. My girlfriend received tickets to see Muse the same night so now I can't go. I want to try to make the most of the situation though. Would it be okay if I tried to give the tickets away to a Rooster teeth fan who volunteers with my old company, St Bernard Project? (D.B.A.; Friends of Rockaway and Sea Bright Rising)

      They do Hurricane Sandy recovery work in NYC and NJ respectively. They are also starting some work in Texas and South Carolina but I assume fans in that area probably can't make it to NYC.

      I just want to make sure I can actually do it and it wont effect the showing or anything. If that works let me know. I'm not sure who else I could ask.

    • IsaiahS Clumsy Muddler

      4 months ago

      I just finished watching a few episodes of "How It's Made" and I would like to nominate you to be the narrator of a RT spoof of how something is made. This nomination is made on the grounds of your singular pun prowess and how many puns that show's narrators squeeze into each instructional sequence. I'm convinced you could make a much more enjoyable segment.
      Happy New Year and Have a great day!

    • RiverRunning

      4 months ago

      Hi Barbara :)

      Can I ask about the Vue screenings of Lazer Team in the UK? The link of Tugg just seems to link straight through to the Cinema's website but they don't seem to have sold many tickets and I'm confused as this is not the way the other cinemas on Tugg seemed to work (having to have over a certain number before being confirmed etc.) ... can you tell me what the deal is? Have Vue auto-confirmed all the screenings? (The one we're particularly interested in is Vue Omni Edinburgh, Scotland).

      Thank you for your time and any help you can give me and my friends :)


    • RWBYfan2k15

      4 months ago

      Hey, Barbara. I'm thinking about sending a drawing that I made as a present for the RWBY cast and staff. I would appreciate it if I could know the RoosterTeeth address, if possible Thank you.

    • Carl_DR_1995

      4 months ago

      Hey, Barb, what about Lazer Team's theatrical release in the Philippines? I went to this website and I didn't saw my country in the list. Please, Barb, give us a chance to do this.

    • Cinomari Keeper of N00bs

      4 months ago

      Congrats on four years at RT! Almost feels impossible that there was ever a time WITHOUT you there. <3

    • Kazion The Darkland

      4 months ago

      Was trying out a new drawing program and need a warm up sketch.


    • PokalypseM

      5 months ago

      Just saw the Ashley Fatison and the Starbucks shorts. Really impressed with your acting skills!!

    • KyleBaker

      5 months ago

      I finally got both volumes 1 and 2 of RWBY on Black Friday and started listening to the cast commentary on both. First off, I love hearing cast commentaries on, well, everything and RWBY is no exception. Anyhow, my two questions, will we get to hear more wonderful (and groan worthy) puns from Yang over the next few seasons? My other question is how many times a day do you end up hearing marriage requests from us?

    • MetalArcher

      5 months ago

      Hi, Barb! Could you please give this thread a look and tell us if something can be done about it?

    • Tuc396 Cinder_Fall

      5 months ago

      You're amazing and I love your work.

    • Moeparker Ghost

      5 months ago


      I had to dig through my old photobucket account today and I found this picture. I used it as a drawing reference back in 2005. I do not remember the context of why there are forks in your hair. Maybe hair-forks will have a comeback in 2016.

    • DavidleeSchm

      6 months ago

      Any information on when you all are accepting guardian applications for next years RTX?

    • BrokenKnife

      6 months ago

      Congrats on winning your death battle, looking forward to more RWBY

    • BricBrac Eagle Scout and Explorer

      6 months ago

      Hey, is there anyway we could get a "Caboose for President 2016" shirt in the store? Or even a "Joel Heyman" one? Haha

    • Leighh

      6 months ago

      I can't wait to see Lazer Team this Friday night in TORONTO ! Wish you could be there !!

    • Nyan-Chan Little cosplayer

      6 months ago

      You are awesome...

    • KageDono13 Dark Shipper

      6 months ago

      Dear Barbara... ScrewAttack has chosen THE opponent againts our dear Yang Xiao Long for the next Death Battle...

      It will be Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII!

      I don't know who to choose between these two fine ladies! XD

      • Lunar30

        6 months ago

        Same here. I was rooting for Yang all the way and then Tifa was announced. I was like, "Well now. That changes things."
        Either way, it is going to be an awesome fight. (Can't help feel that this is another nod to Monty)

        If anybody has seen the sneak peek picture of the fight, looks like Yang is going to bust up another bar, more specifically Tifa's bar.

    • St_franz Joelaholic

      7 months ago

      What do you call a psychic midget on the run from the cops?

      A small medium at large

    • jeremy71504

      7 months ago

      As the pun master you are I could use some help. A coworker of mine lost his shit because he didn't get a egg on his burger so we continued to yell egg puns at him all day but we ran out. If you could help out with more that would be great.

    • Lunar30

      7 months ago

      Yang is going to be on Deathbattle!!! I am rooting for you!!!

    • SantiagoAgne

      7 months ago

      So will you be helping Screw Attack with their Death Battle by lending your lovely voice?I'm asking because I saw in their last Death Battle that Yang is the next fighter.

      • GerardoOtero

        7 months ago


    • OsageOrange

      7 months ago

      Hey, happy Rosh Hashanah, Barbara.

    • samuel_tepes

      7 months ago

      Hey Barbara,

      Where can I find RT Comics? I can't find them anywhere on the new site.


    • CPUNoire

      7 months ago

      Hey Barb, I was browsing the internet today and noticed a picture of you and Arryn wearing a Bumblebee shirt then found out it was AUS exclusive, is there going to be a US/UK release? or stay AUS exc? since I would love to own it as Blake and Yang are my two favourite characters. thanks for looking at this, and sorry to bother you

    • XFRegulate

      8 months ago

      There was a man that lost the whole left side of his body, but he turned out all right.

    • XFRegulate

      8 months ago

      Found a shirt for you

    • MrCrni

      8 months ago

      What does it feel like working in Rooster Teeth?

    • tutvuvu

      8 months ago

      I heard Gus talking about a UK event on the podcast. Please could we get some details of when it is and who's going as the events section is blank. Thanks Barbara.

    • loldrui

      8 months ago

      when will we know if we are accepted as a gaurdian?

    • sealyalf

      8 months ago

      I know it's alot earlier then is usually announced and you're busy with RTX Australia but do you know wheteher RTX 2016 will be in August or July? I really need to know since if it's in July I won't be able to come and if it's in August then I need to start saving for it now!

  • Questions answered by Barbara

    You'll find out soon. Maybe even this month!

    You never know! I'm sure it's possible now that RTX is expanding to other countries.

    Yang's hair. Have you seen that shit? IT'S MAJESTIC AF.

    How long have you known Gavin?

    | Asked by: NickPidd 3 months ago

    Since the end of 2004. AKA: long.

    How do you like your eggs?

    | Asked by: Cambrizzle 3 months ago


    I'll answer this tomorrow.

    I knew it was coming this volume, so I was super excited to do the VA for the scene. Had to drink lots of water for screaminz'.

    You can't have an "all time best" thing when all of them are perfect and god-like.

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