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    • Barbara

      Reset your Passwords

      1 week ago

      Hello community.

      Our site has recently experienced a security breach. Based on what we know, your username, password and email address may have been viewed; no other information has been accessed and we don’t store any personal information (including credit card information). As a safety precaution, we are force-resetting everyone's passwords. Please make sure, when resetting your password, that you select a different password, and if you were using the same username/email address/password combination on another site, change your password there, too.

      We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We will let you know immediately if we learn of any more information regarding this breach. Your safety and security on our site is our top priority, so we hope you understand.

      When logging in, click "forgot password" and it will ask you for your email address associated with your username. You'll get an email to this address with instructions to reset your password.

      If you forgot what email you used on the site, please email your Username to "accountrecovery[at]roosterteeth[dot]com". (Please only do this AFTER trying all your emails, and if you're completely stuck)

      Thanks, everyone!


      For users who used Facebook to sign up:

      You don't have a password associated with your account, so nothing changes for you.

    • Barbara

      Red vs Blue: The Ultimate Fan Guide AMA!

      1 week ago

      In case you haven't heard, we just released our first BOOK! Red vs. Blue: The Ultimate Fan Guide! It's available for sale here.

      We are about to begin an AMA on Reddit to talk about it. Join us and ask questions there!


    • Barbara

      Update: November 9 2015

      2 weeks ago

      Hey folks!

      I bring you some cool news!

      First up: new people! The web team just added a staff member to support the Sponsor Trouble email address: Josh! He'll be working on getting through all the tickets sent to our sponsor trouble email. We apologize for the delay, but with the size of support staff for that, and the amount of tickets coming in, catching up was a challenge. Now he's here, and we'll be getting to all of you soon!

      Another new, but not new person: Chelsea! Backers of Lazer Team know her well, as she was the one handling the backer support for the whole campaign. She's been amazing, and that is why we thought she'd be the perfect fit to be the person who looks over Rooster Teeth Sponsors! While I am Community Manager, there's a whole lot of you, and having her dedicated to look out for Sponsors will help all of us. She'll be the one listening to Sponsors and taking ideas, requests, and criticism and helping address it all.

      Next update.. some stuff about the website!

      1) Friends Feed

      On the Community Dashboard, there are lists of feeds you can look at. We just added a "Friends" feed, so you can see everything your friends are posting in one place.

      2) Fixed Comments

      YAY! There was a bug on the site that if you changed pages on video comments, it would reload the whole video. NO MORE! Now you can go from page to page of comments without it reloading the actual page. ALSO, we now have 50 comments per page instead of 10. If you click the link above, it'll take you to a journal posted by one of our Web Developers, Dave, who explains it for those of you who are big nerds. (jk) (or am I)

      3) In the works: "CHAT" is in the polishing stages. WOO!

      That's all for today!

      Stay cool and awesome.

    • Barbara

      No but seriously, for the kids.

      3 weeks ago

      This morning at 8 AM Central, Rooster Teeth finished up a 24-hour live stream to raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals through a fundraising event called Extra Life. It was a whirlwind of excitement and I still can't wrap my head around everything that happened.

      This was the 3rd time we've participated, and the 3rd time you guys have shown us how wonderful and insane you are. We set out to raise $300,000 on the stream and sell 25,000 exclusive posters, ending up with a total of $500,000 going to Childrens Hospitals. It was a crazy goal, one we weren't sure if we could achieve. But you guys showed us how silly it was to ever doubt it.

      When it was all said and done, you guys helped us sell over 20k posters and raise over $365,000 (and counting, since you can still contribute!) Whether you donated $1 or $1000, each and every one of you got us there. Not only that, you helped us spread the word, and got more people watching and donating. You are all so ... powerful. It's unbelievable.

      It really all comes down to this; why are we here? What are we doing this for? For the kids. But not just that; for families, for friends, for doctors and nurses, for everyone. No child deserves to have to be in a hospital. Your donations are saving lives, and helping kids come back home.

      This is always an overwhelming experience for us, and this year was no different. We are all bursting with love for this community.

      Before I go to sleep, I want to end this journal with a few thank-yous.

      First, thank you.. to YOU. Whether you donated or just watched, we appreciate you taking the time to laugh and cry with us for 24 hours. Having you guys along for the ride makes it all worth it.

      Second, thank you to @Adam who kept us running and fixed the site crashes when you guys got REALLY excited for something. Having to stay awake and monitor things is not an easy task, but he did it, and was a champ.

      Third, thank you to the entire broadcast team. Patrick, Peyton, Tyler, Michael, Mariel, Nick, and 2 or 3 other people that I'm totally blanking on right now because I'm writing this at 12:40 AM and I'll fix tomorrow when my brain works. You guys were rockstars - constantly running around to get things we needed, change camera angles, do close ups, camera switch, add graphics, play videos or music, and so much more. Not to mention set everything up weeks beforehand, and the day of. This was a full time commitment for the entire 24 hours, and these guys deserve a freakin' medal. We wouldn't have been able to do this without you, period.

      Fourth, the whole Rooster Teeth gang. It's not easy being entertaining for hours on end, and you guys kept it going, and kept people laughing. You all put in so much energy and time, sacrificed your bodies, your hair, your stomachs, and your dignity to allow us to reach our goal. I'm so proud of all of you, and so impressed.

      And lastly, @jack & @Caiti. Our leaders. Our rocks. These two have more passion, dedication, and love in their pinkies than most people have in their whole body. The care they have for this cause shines through, and is what drives us all to do this. Thank you both for letting us do this with you.

      Now, what should we plan for 2016?


    • Barbara

      Community Follow-Up

      3 weeks ago

      Hey guys,

      Thank you so much for responding to my previous post. So many of you responded, and put a lot of time into answering the questions, and I appreciate that more than you know.

      Bottom line: we know there's a lot of work to do on the site. A lot. I've made it my priority to help make it what we want it to be. The tech & web team has done a ton of work (understatement) taking the old site and making it something workable in the backend, and now we're going to work to make it what it should be in the front-end. We at Rooster Teeth are also putting in more effort of being active here, since you guys are our #1. We all know we wouldn't be here without YOU. And we need to be where our family is.

      I'll be honest, this will be a process. We plan to do multiple stages of usability testing, and work on fixing things one step at a time. I know we all want this site to be a place we can really take advantage of being a community, and we'll get there. We'll keep you guys in the loop as we work through things. I love you, and appreciate your support.

    • Barbara


      4 weeks ago

      Hi guys,

      As you may have heard in Burnie's vlog from today, this week all the managers at RT (myself included) are attending a 2-day Management Retreat, where we will be discussing all aspects of the company, what happened in 2015, what we hope for in 2016, and so on.

      I've been working on a list of things I'd like to talk about, but I also wanted to get input from you guys, the most important piece of the puzzle: Our community!

      I want you to be honest here.

      A lot has changed over the years from when Rooster Teeth was a group of 10 guys with a site of 20,000 users to now over 120 employees and a site of over 1.8 million users. Not to mention, a shift in focus of both the company and the community to various social media platforms (twitter, fb, reddit, tumblr, etc)

      I'd love to get your opinions on any (or all of) the following:

      • 1) Your favorite part of the RT community
      • 2) Your least favorite part of the RT community
      • 3) What you think we're doing right
      • 4) What you think we're doing wrong
      • 5) Suggestions/ideas for strengthening the community
      • 6) Do you feel like you're being heard?
      • 7) Have you ever had an issue? and was that issue resolved? How did you go about contacting someone about the issue?
      • 8) One feature you wish we had on our site (could be something similar to another social media platform: e.g. a Twitter feed)
      • 9) What you want to see more of, and what you want to see less of.
      • 10) Anything else you'd like to add

      I'm looking forward to reading what you guys have to say.

      Thanks, and love you,


    • Barbara

      RWBY Scavenger Hunt Scramble WINNERS!

      4 weeks ago

      Thank you to everyone who participated in our RWBY Scavenger Hunt Scramble! We had a blast planning it out, and we hope you guys had fun, too; and that it was at least a LITTLE bit of a challenge.

      We picked 5 winners at random from everyone who got the correct word and filled out the form: 1 winner to receive a SIGNED RWBY POSTER and $100 to the RT Store, and 4 winners to receive $25 to the RT Store!

      Big Winner:

      -- Matt Granger

      $25 to the RT Store

      -- Joshua Samson

      -- Mario Magana

      -- Purvis Woffor

      -- Keri Jameson

      You'll be receiving an email with details later this week.

      CONGRATULATIONS! And thank you to everyone who participated!

      Until next time!

    • Barbara

      RWBY Scavenger Hunt Scramble!

      1 month ago

      Hello Community!

      In the words of Jigsaw, wanna play a little game?

      If you haven’t heard the news (and if not, where have you been?!), RWBY VOLUME 3 Premieres THIS WEEKEND! (Saturday, October 24 @ 10 AM for Sponsors, and Sunday, October 25 @ 10 AM for Public).

      We wanted to celebrate by having a scavenger hunt, with the grand prize being.. *drumroll*… a signed RWBY Poster by the cast and a $100 Gift Card to our store!

      Here’s how it works:

      Each day this week, we’ll be "hiding" a letter on each of our social media channels. After you have each letter, you’ll unscramble them to come up with a wor. Use this word at the end of this link: word here).

      That link will take you to a form. Fill in the form, and you’ll be entered to win! (Sorry, only one entry per person)

      And that’s it! The first name we pick at random from all the entries will win the grand prize. The next 4 names will all win $25 to the RT Store! Plus, for completing the form you'll get a 10% off code for all RWBY merch in the RT Store!

      Here’s the schedule for where we'll be posting the clues:

      • Monday: RT Site (this journal)
      • Tuesday: Instagram
      • Wednesday: Snapchat (Username: RoosterSnaps)
      • Thursday:Twitter
      • Friday: Facebook


      Your first letter is... “A”!

      PS- if you figure it out, keep it to yourself! We want everyone to be able to enjoy the game and the fun.

    • Barbara

      CASTING EXTRAS for an upcoming Rooster Teeth series!

      1 month ago

      We have a large need for EXTRAS on an upcoming series! Are you available any of the following days in Austin, and fit the criteria?

      Here are the dates and roles that we need filled:

      SundayOctober 11th: Male & Female, 20’s, any ethnicity – extras that can portray college students *day shoot

      SundayOctober 11th: Male & Female, 30’s-60’s, any ethnicity – extras that can portray college professors *day shoot

      MondayOctober 12th: Male & Female, 20’s-30’s, any ethnicity – extras for a bar scene *day into night scene

      ThursdayOctober 15th: Male & Female, 20’s-30’s, any ethnicity – LOTS of extras. Content of the scene suitable for mature audiences only. *overnight shoot

      All Extra roles are unpaid, but we will provide meals (when applicable), snacks and tons of good times.

      Call times and Shoot times are TBD, but please only submit for a specific date if you have OPEN AVAILABILITY on that date. All scenes shoot in the Greater Austin Area.

      If interested, please send a HEADSHOT & FULL BODY SHOT and DATE(S) AVAILABLE to: ctaustinextras[at]gmail[dot]com

      Thanks guys!

    • Barbara

      Come see Rooster Teeth at NYCC!

      1 month ago

      We're at New York Comic Con THIS WEEKEND!

      Myself, Lindsay, Miles, Kerry, and Gray will all be attending and representing RT at our booth (#2311) every day of the event. We'll have plenty of Rooster Teeth merch for sale, and we'd love to take photos and sign autographs for all! So stop by, okay?

      We also have a PANEL on Thursday (October 8th) at 8 PM in room 1A10. If you're a RWBY fan, and want to know more about RWBY..and RWBY Volume 3... and things to do with when you might see some RWBY Volume 3... coughcough hint hint cough cough... you should attend! All 5 of us will be on that panel, and we want to see your pretty faces when we look into the audience.

      And finally, there's a community meet-up that the fine folks of RTNY have put together. It's Saturday night, and we will be attending! Details here. (You don't have to be attending NYCC to attend this, FYI)

      See you guys in the Big Apple in a few days!

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    • KyleBaker

      1 day ago

      I finally got both volumes 1 and 2 of RWBY on Black Friday and started listening to the cast commentary on both. First off, I love hearing cast commentaries on, well, everything and RWBY is no exception. Anyhow, my two questions, will we get to hear more wonderful (and groan worthy) puns from Yang over the next few seasons? My other question is how many times a day do you end up hearing marriage requests from us?

    • MetalArcher

      6 days ago

      Hi, Barb! Could you please give this thread a look and tell us if something can be done about it?

    • Tuc396

      1 week ago

      You're amazing and I love your work.

    • Moeparker Ghost

      1 week ago


      I had to dig through my old photobucket account today and I found this picture. I used it as a drawing reference back in 2005. I do not remember the context of why there are forks in your hair. Maybe hair-forks will have a comeback in 2016.

    • DavidleeSchm

      4 weeks ago

      Any information on when you all are accepting guardian applications for next years RTX?

    • BrokenKnife

      1 month ago

      Congrats on winning your death battle, looking forward to more RWBY

    • BricBrac Eagle Scout and Explorer

      1 month ago

      Hey, is there anyway we could get a "Caboose for President 2016" shirt in the store? Or even a "Joel Heyman" one? Haha

    • Leighh

      1 month ago

      I can't wait to see Lazer Team this Friday night in TORONTO ! Wish you could be there !!

    • Nyan-Chan Allergic to cats

      1 month ago

      You are awesome...

    • KageDono13 Dark Shipper

      1 month ago

      Dear Barbara... ScrewAttack has chosen THE opponent againts our dear Yang Xiao Long for the next Death Battle...

      It will be Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII!

      I don't know who to choose between these two fine ladies! XD

      • Lunar30

        1 month ago

        Same here. I was rooting for Yang all the way and then Tifa was announced. I was like, "Well now. That changes things."
        Either way, it is going to be an awesome fight. (Can't help feel that this is another nod to Monty)

        If anybody has seen the sneak peek picture of the fight, looks like Yang is going to bust up another bar, more specifically Tifa's bar.

    • St_franz Joelaholic

      1 month ago

      What do you call a psychic midget on the run from the cops?

      A small medium at large

    • jeremy71504

      1 month ago

      As the pun master you are I could use some help. A coworker of mine lost his shit because he didn't get a egg on his burger so we continued to yell egg puns at him all day but we ran out. If you could help out with more that would be great.

    • Lunar30

      1 month ago

      Yang is going to be on Deathbattle!!! I am rooting for you!!!

    • SantiagoAgne

      1 month ago

      So will you be helping Screw Attack with their Death Battle by lending your lovely voice?I'm asking because I saw in their last Death Battle that Yang is the next fighter.

      • GerardoOtero

        1 month ago


    • OsageOrange

      2 months ago

      Hey, happy Rosh Hashanah, Barbara.

    • samuel_tepes

      2 months ago

      Hey Barbara,

      Where can I find RT Comics? I can't find them anywhere on the new site.


    • CPUNoire

      2 months ago

      Hey Barb, I was browsing the internet today and noticed a picture of you and Arryn wearing a Bumblebee shirt then found out it was AUS exclusive, is there going to be a US/UK release? or stay AUS exc? since I would love to own it as Blake and Yang are my two favourite characters. thanks for looking at this, and sorry to bother you

    • XFRegulate

      2 months ago

      There was a man that lost the whole left side of his body, but he turned out all right.

    • XFRegulate

      2 months ago

      Found a shirt for you

    • MrCrni

      2 months ago

      What does it feel like working in Rooster Teeth?

    • tutvuvu

      2 months ago

      I heard Gus talking about a UK event on the podcast. Please could we get some details of when it is and who's going as the events section is blank. Thanks Barbara.

    • loldrui

      3 months ago

      when will we know if we are accepted as a gaurdian?

    • sealyalf

      3 months ago

      I know it's alot earlier then is usually announced and you're busy with RTX Australia but do you know wheteher RTX 2016 will be in August or July? I really need to know since if it's in July I won't be able to come and if it's in August then I need to start saving for it now!

    • onfreeman

      3 months ago

      thank you for getting my sponsorship issue taken care, i apologize if this caused any problems

    • AsteroidMan

      3 months ago

      If I organised a Toronto screening for RvB13 can RT endorse/front it?

    • Moeparker Ghost

      3 months ago

      Have you seen the scene where Woody is repaired without the music? Just the sound effects? Much ASMR, very soothing. embeds the video now with a link. That's coooool. You mentioned this scene long ago. It's so calming. I'd watch an entire movie of just this stuff.

      edit: HEY...the video doesn't show up. It did in the preview when i was typing it. Meh.

      I'll do it the old fashioned way.

    • user-55cab3086ce8b

      3 months ago

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    • kboy21 Presented with Comment!

      3 months ago

      Hey Barbara! I was wondering why all of the Livestreams for RTX went Private. I was looking forward to watching the panels that I didn't get to see when I was at RTX.

    • theastros17

      3 months ago

      So I never got the emails that said 1) that we no longer are being sent our badges ( we have to pick them up 2) that had the code to reserve our autograph session plz haelp Barbara

    • HenryVanLeeu

      3 months ago

      Hey Barbara, I haven't yet received an email for autograph stuff. My mom was the one who ordered the tickets for my sister and me, but there have been no passcode emails on my mom's email and/or my email. If you are reading this, I would really like to know if there is some way to fix this. Somebody told me that I should have already received passcodes sometime this week. I'm just very confused. If there is anything I need to do, please let me know (btw, my sister and I have normal tickets, not VIP tickets, in case that's important)

    • sunbuster527

      4 months ago

      I'm trying to figure out where to get the pass codes for the autograph sessions. The only thing I got was a confirmation for my order. How do I get the passcodes and where do I sign up for the autograph sessions

    • montase96

      4 months ago

      Oh wow, I didn't even realize we had the same birthday. Happy late Birthday!

    • ChildOfFate

      4 months ago

      Love the banner art. I became transfixed the moment I saw it and said aloud 'Oh, that's awesome!' to no-one in particular. Okay, now I'm curious to see what the other RT cast and crew have.

    • imdafish

      4 months ago

      Site update is cool! One question. Has anyone thought about having RT Staff names standout so that your posts are more obvious than other posts? Kind of like how in many forums, Admin posts are colored? Maybe make staff names colored so they can be easily seen. Or Staff names 1 color, and moderator names another color.

      Just wondering. Have a great weekend.

    • Psychoninja3

      4 months ago

      Barb just wanted to let you know I have tried wiping standing up for 24 hours now and you have opened my eyes. I can't believe anyone does it that way. Makes zero sense to me and hurts my back so much. Thanks for all you do and doo-doo :

    • JeremiahJordan

      4 months ago

      If I buy something off the store will someone from rooster teeth touch it? More importantly will you? Cause I would pay a extra whopping 2 dollars. but for you 3 dollars. I'm cheap. Or 5! I saved 2 dollars on my new basket ball. <3 Love ya

    • user-55b1fc0da05df

      4 months ago

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    • StoneFree

      4 months ago

      Hello Barbara. I know ya prob super busy with doing RTX stuff and handling whatever happened with the tickets, but just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work! Your freaking awesome getting this all together and I wanna wish you luck on your work left. Good luck and hope everything turns out well.

    • Halostruct

      4 months ago

      Hey Barb, I was a sponsor on the old site, and now it says I'm not a sponsor. I've read that a few people have had issues with this, so I was wondering if you could help me out

    • PitpercKid Holy Cleric

      4 months ago

      Hey Barbara. I tried to send you a private message but the button on your profile doesn't put you in the "To" slot and it says error at the top of my screen so I thought I would try this instead. I just had a question about the autograph ticket thing. I ordered 2 Friday passes one for me and one for a friend i understand the rule for the e-mail part but my main question is would we be able to use that on any day or just Friday? Also does this guarantee a signature because the first 500 or so people claimed a spot or is it just you would cut the line sort of thing? Thanks in advance! if i don't hear from you in the next day or two ill see if i can find another way to reach you! Can't wait to be there!

    • user-55b006553bcbd

      4 months ago

      I don't know who to properly ask this but I'm having trouble logging in to my account. This is the account that pops up if I log in through facebook but for my actual account it won't let me log in or reset my password, any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

    • TheSaintZee

      4 months ago

      Hey Barabra, I'm kinda confused on when we get the RTX tickets. Do we download and print them online or do they get mailed to us?

      • Desayjin RTX Guardian x3

        4 months ago

        If you live in the United States, they will be mailed to you. If you are international, you will pick them up at Registration at RTX. I hope that answers your question! :)

      • Desayjin RTX Guardian x3

        4 months ago

        Disregard my previous message. It was just released that all RTX tickets will be picked up at Registration.

    • OneHappyGuy

      4 months ago

      Im just going to leave this message here, To Whom ever created the new site Thank you, It is so much better then the old one

    • Dra90nL0rd1

      4 months ago


      46 SECONDS AGO

      Dear Barbara,

      Big fan by the way. You should see this video. I think you'll find it quite punny.

      Mod This+1 Cool+1 Funny+1 Ditto+1 Zing!-1 Lame-1 WTF?-1 Noob-1 Flamebait Reply

    • Publius10

      4 months ago

      From the new message for non-sponsors trying to view sponsor-only content:

      >Show your support by becoming a sponsor and have gain access to the sponsor pre-screening!

      >and have gain access

      >have gain access


    • user-55af2b62933a3

      4 months ago

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    • djcrossjd

      4 months ago


    • LPPrince

      4 months ago

      Happy anniversary of the most traumatizing experience of your life that you thankfully can't remember because it'd cause psychological trauma! day.

      I'm saying happy birthday. :P

    • OMGxItsxKenzie

      4 months ago

      Happy Birthday!!

    • ferenik Photographer

      4 months ago

      Happy Birthday from Ottawa!!!!