Prayer Request?

9 years ago

ok so in the past few days i have learned a thing or two about prayers. they can work or appear to work. most people i think know the whole thing about Allie. anyway, prayers are needed sometimes. now i have no issue admiting i never really prayed much until recently, it's amazing what you are willing to do or give up in hopes that someone you care for lives. but when it all went came down to it i found my self instead of watching tv falling asleep praying for Allie and anyone else that needed prayers.

so here's the deal, if you need a prayer comment on this journal so i know you need it. and i will add you to the list each night in hopes that the prayers heal the sick or help whom ever needs.

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  • VilesGuest07


    7 years ago

    praying is a way to do nothing and still feel good about yourself

  • Elite17


    8 years ago

    I don't really know you, but could you pray that I can become a better person? I'm trying.

  • Kisses4You


    8 years ago

    Tony has lukemia.. not doing well AT all.

  • Kisses4You


    8 years ago

    Mr, M is having difficulties breathing

    Allie is having surgery dec. 2

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  • Dark_Rayne


    9 years ago

    i respect what your doing entirely... and i guess i kinda have one if the offer is stil standing...

    my mother has crohns disease, theres really no way to describe it except that its triggered by stress and anxiety. Her body rejects most of her organs, like she has a colostamy bag cause she only has part of her small intestine left and in her past with the disease, she was diagnosed at 19, she was told she would only live til she was 26, maybe and she had a time where her diseases was at its all time high, my dad came home to find her surrounded by a pool of water, her body had become completely dehydrated and she was sick, she had a 5% chance of living, she made it, obviously shes 47 years old, still fighting it, theres no known cure, when she was found to be ill, they didnt even have a name for what she has... i worry all the time that shes going to die, as much as i loathe my mother and wish her pain, i dont know what i would do without her... so if you could like.. keep her in ur mind sometime... pray she stays strong and fights it like she has for the last 28 years... it would be appreciated because theres so many times I have yet to do anything on my own.... yeah... thanks if u do

  • TRod


    9 years ago

    prayer is a great thing. one of the best gifts ever in my opinion.

  • powerbomb141


    9 years ago

    sure didn't.

  • Epion


    9 years ago

    I asked my church last saturday, but I will remind them this week. Did you know cancer is the same in english and spanish I didn't.

  • messenjah


    9 years ago

    for a girl... called Emilia... christian catholic who needs courage and strength to live the miracle and free herself from the bondage of fear to enter into a deeper relationship with god

  • Black_Devil


    9 years ago

    the green bay packers are losing... so there in my prayer... and yess people... i am praying for u guys