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  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33568588 - 1 week ago

    This took a while, I'm not gonna lie. These guys were a pain to work on, the team name in particular, but here they are, at long last! These four lovely people are vicious mercenaries, each with their own set of rules to work by, and don't think that just anyone would make any exception! Make no mistake, they've agreed to act as a team only in terms of coordinating who goes where for which "job"... which actually made things a bit more efficient for their deadly trade! But that's enough of me yapping, here they are... Team "A.R.M.E."! 

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33568589 - 1 week ago

    Name: Charlene ("Shar-leen")

    Surname: Aranka (Hungarian for "gold")

    Faunus Trait: N/A

    Aura Color: Bronze

    Aura Rating: Moderate


    -Samus Aran ("Metroid" game series)

    -Leia Skywalker ("Star Wars" movie series)

    Affiliation: Mercenary/Assassin

    Kingdom of Origin: Vacuo

    Kingdom of Occupation: Vale

    Age: 28 years

    Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 185 lbs

    Build: Lean

    Profile Appearance:


    Note: Weapon in image is only a Rinmaru placeholder of closest resemblance (and is only half of the whole thing).

    Other Appearance Details:

    -Vest has straps sewn in, on the back, with holsters for the two halves of her weapon.

    -Emblem is tattooed on her back, though only partially visible, most of the time.

    -Black shorts, ending at the knees.



    Strengths: Trained from an early age, giving a lot of experience to work with in combat; Physically adept for almost any situation (the exception to such will be mentioned in the next section); Does not let anything get in the way of her task (especially if paid in advance), not even if the target(s) get reinforcements or are felt to not have to be targeted. 

    Weaknesses: While adept to most situations, being pitted against targets of equal or higher skill level is much less than ideal (slow metabolism, which leads to the risk of draining her stamina and, in turn, her Aura); Ranged attack is comparatively weak, given the lack of a high firing rate (weapon is only semi-auto, not fully auto).

    Personality: Not one to talk unless spoken to. If the situation isn't during a "mission" however, she CAN be quite sociable, cheerful, even has some semblance of humor... if the topic of conversation calls for it. But since conversation is usually rare, not many are able to witness her as a sensitive human being, and knowing this has a depressing effect on her. Even so, she does everything she can to not let that get in the way of her line of work, and the effort most definitely shows. Orders or not, she does still care if the target isn't some Grimm pack that needs to be cleared, even if she does feel the need to charge extra for the hit against said person.

    Known History: Born in a remote location just outside of Vacuo, life was already difficult with the lack of outside support. When a group of Griffins swarmed the town when Charlene was only eight, however, things couldn't have gotten worse... She was lucky to have survived, as it was when she found the sense to run that she discovered her Semblance... which didn't, at the time, do anything more than stall just long enough for her to get past the Griffins that tried to attack. What made matters worse was when the town suddenly burst into an enormous ball of red fire for reasons that even she couldn't tell you. It IS theorized, however, that the Dust merchant visiting at the time had found the sense to gather up enough Fire Dust to wipe out every non-flammable thing in the town, not long after Charlene had gotten to cover just outside the town's now shattered borders. Knowing she'd have to survive on her own, since then, she'd tried every possible way to get by. Using her Semblance to perform, attempting to make a living through cooking (she turned out to be nothing exemplary in the practice), even blacksmithing (which... only lasted until she had forged a weapon that she just couldn't part with, at the age of 14). Eventually, however, she found an occupation that was more... "financially reliable" towards her abilities at the age of 15: mercenary contracting. See, in the town she grew up in, it was already important to be ready to act when Grimm or bandits attacked (even though at the time, she couldn't even fend off a young Beowolf). That in mind, it made sense, that she'd have the mind to continue training when no one else was around. She had been trying to get her act together again with another group of performers when an accidental incident, involving some of the props being flung in entirely the wrong direction (let's just say it didn't go well, so you can be spared the details), caught the interest of... "less than reputable people" as some would say. Anyways, it started off as covering for certain people or standing guard for certain establishments. Eventually though, when she became of age (18), the jobs only got more serious, going as far as assassinations of political figures (usually ones that kinda had it coming, which did make it all the easier to stomach) or some "punks" that upset the wrong people. To this day, she does still take said mercenary contracts from various sources (taking care that said hits didn't conflict with said sources, of course), but it's not unknown that she has gotten in trouble with people that say/do the wrong things around her... but that's pretty rare (and by that, I mean like...  one-in-a-thousand chance). Best guess, though, she may well still be looking for a life outside of being a mercenary... as her personality suggests, in the views of others that have conversed with her... Then again, this theory isn't exactly supported by the fact that she's taken lead of a small band of mercenaries now calling themselves "Team A.R.M.E."

    Semblance: Telekinesis (physically bound) - Basically, it's like controlling gravity through direct motion of the user. While this may seem like a huge advantage right off the bat, this ability has it's limits. Namely, the ability to move an object and the mass of said object, in comparison to the user, are inversely related. For instance, an object (or person) of the same weight of the user could only be moved around for a few seconds at a time, and the force in said movement wouldn't exactly be enough to cause serious injury.

    Weapon of Choice:


    "Metro" Tactical Dust-Phaser Staff- Two... excessively large Dust pistols, with a custom-made interlocking mechanism to join them together into a short staff. The ammunition for these comes from Fire and Lightning Dust, which forms a combination that acts a sort of molten ammunition. Both guns also have a control switch, activating such alters the function from semi-auto pistol to pistol-grip heat saber (basically an orange light saber with a pistol grip). This makes for several different applications, especially in making use of the rotator joint on either side of the locking mechanism.

    Fighting Style: Style is a combination of several forms of kung fu... should it involve use of oversized pistols and a staff that melts through Grimm like a hot knife through butter. Charlene will usually start with both pistols and relying on ranged combat as a way to keep the opponent(s) from getting too close. Should that fail, however, she will either switch them both to saber setting and use them individually, only switch one to saber and use them as a combination, interlock them into staff configuration... okay, let's be honest, having to list ALL of the configurations would be boring, so let's just assume they are each used accordingly to the following combinations: pistol + pistol, pistol + saber, saber + saber, gun + gun on staff, gun + saber on staff, and saber + saber on staff.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33568598 - 1 week ago

    Name: Mote (Derived from "Mot", meaning "death" in Ugaritic)

    Surname: Rajani (meaning "the dark one" in Sanskrit) 

    Faunus Trait: N/A

    Aura Color: Blue-violet

    Aura Rating: Average

    Allusion: Reaper (Overwatch)

    Affiliations: Mercenary

    Kingdom of Origin: Vacuo

    Kingdom of Occupation: Vale

    Age: 36

    Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 240 lbs

    Build: Stocky, Heavy set

    Profile Appearance:


    Additional Appearance Info:

    -Trench coat is a loose fit as to conceal the pack he uses for Dust storage.

    -Blue jeans, thick and lightly worn.

    -Thick black combat boots, also lightly worn.

    -Black leather gloves, usually visible when not wearing the Fire Fang gauntlets.

    -Several rings of various metals worn on both hands.

    -The cap is steel-lined under the bill to hold it's shape (and to use as a last resort).

    -Emblem is shown on the back of the jacket



    Strengths: Decent precision; excellent judge of the surrounding situation (knowing whether to press forward or to withdraw from the scene); Persistent when necessary; powerhouse in physicality; Extremely difficult to sneak up on; and efficient and effective at negotiating terms.

    Weaknesses: Rarely talks outside of "business necessities"; Can't afford to take multiple hits (lack of integrity); Can only do so much at one time; And not exactly the friendly type.

    Personality: Dark, quiet, "broody" as the term goes, and dead serious... He doesn't speak unless given a reason to, such as negotiating business deals (ranging from the pay for a hit, making a counter-deal, or clearing out Grimm in a nearby town). He doesn't hesitate for anything other than to survey the present situation. Last of all, if he's paid to do it, he'll see to it until either the job is done or a better counter deal is made (not exactly good news, for the Grimm).

    Known History: Originally born in Vacuo, he'd already had a fair share of tussles as a boy. Having had both parents as mercenaries as well, it was only natural that he'd been bullied wherever he went. This gradually built up his brooding dark nature and, some time after he had his Fire Fang gauntlets developed, eventually caused him to snap, driving him to tear down his tormentors and those that tried to intervene in a blaze of fire... or so the story goes. All that really IS known is that he's clearly lived through tough times, which reflects upon every business target he's put down, severed from the life lines, or burned to the ground... Yeah, he does NOT take his mercenary trade lightly... For... those that have... well... you probably get the idea. Still, at least he's shown tolerance enough to team up with several others (even adopted the youngest of them a year ago), now calling themselves "Team A.R.M.E." On the other hand, he argues that it's "merely to make coordinating our careers more efficient, thus making for mutual benefit that cannot be ignored."

    Semblance: Spectral Mist - Deforms the body and whatever's attached into a violet mist and reforms it in another location (or in the same one) at will. While this means for prevention of getting hit, it ALSO prevents him from dealing hits as well. As far as anything attached, he cannot simply choose not to reform it, it HAS to be reformed along with himself. Each deformation and reformation takes a small amount of Aura, but movement of the mist created does not.

    Weapon of Choice:


    "Fire Fang" Dual-Phase Spearhead Gauntlets - Like any gauntlet that uses Dust feeds rather than cartridges, each gauntlet has small hoses that extend from the intake ring to a Dust pack worn by the user. As for the dual-phase portion of the name, one function is a powerful, singular blast that deals grenade-like damage. The second function is a moderately powerful beam of Dust energy, usually powerful enough to cut through stone with ease and steel with mild effort (assuming that Fire Dust is used). Those with Aura, however, would more likely get blown far away by the beam... Oh, and the blades aren't to be taken lightly, by the way. They tend to hurt... A lot... So yeah, don't get TOO close, if not the one using them. It's rumored that this particular set has been modified so that the blades can be triggered to be imbued with the Fire Dust...

    Battle Strategy: "Get the job done, by any means necessary. If not possible, forget it, I'm out." - Mote Rajani. In more detail, this means he usually goes through multiple strategies viable for the application of the task at hand. This includes many different fighting styles such as Tai Chi, karate, and even boxing. If the target in question is too strong at that given moment, he'll simply "specter" out using his Semblance and try again with a different tactic until he's out of ideas. At that point, he just leaves it be...

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33568601 - 1 week ago

    Name: Felina (Derived from "Felinus", meaning "cat-like" in Latin)

    Surname: Melanie

    Adopted Surname: Rajani

    Faunus Trait: Lynx Ears

    Aura Color: Periwinkle

    Aura Rating: Low-Moderate

    Allusion: Widowmaker (Overwatch)

    Affiliations: Apprentice

    Kingdom of Origin: Menagerie

    Kingdom of Occupation: Vale

    Age: 16

    Height: 5'8"

    Weight: 160 lbs

    Build: Thin, yet lean

    Profile Appearance:


    Additional Appearance info:

    - Blue jeans, ending a half-inch above the ankles

    - Wears a large holster for her weapon on her left hip, with another for ammo clips on the other hip

    - Emblem is tattooed on the back of her neck, between the shoulders

    - Facial tattoos are intended to mimic the appearance of a lynx

    - Slight hourglass figure



    Strengths: Fast and agile, but capable of staying perfectly still when she needs to; Perfect vision, due, in part, to her Faunus heritage; Very sociable, even when the situation doesn't call for it; Ambidextrous; Can be very persuasive when she wants to be...

    Weaknesses: Impulsive to a fault (but with limitations); Very brash in making decisive actions (though it's only occasional that it doesn't work out); Very picky, so not exactly self-dependent...

    Personality: Lively and with such spunk, it's difficult to stay mad or irritated in her presence for long (though Mote seems to have no problems with such...). Even so, her spontaneous nature can sometimes get her into trouble, which would have to be dealt with before anything else can take place. Despite her cheerful nature, however, she seems more fragile and volatile when her past is brought up, implying a deep spite for those related to said events.

    Known History: There is mostly speculation as to how she came across Mote Rajani, her adoptive father, but it's no secret where she came from. Felina was born and raised in Menagerie, named for her ears (for some strange reason, not having the normal human ears as well), and growing up to be an ideal candidate for White Fang training. However, she had gotten word of the things the White Fang had been doing and she most certainly wanted no part of it. Hearing of this, several known White Fang officials were to have her put down for her defiance to the cause... and she was only 14 too... Before they could finish the job (which was of little effort, seeing as her signature weapon was still in the prototype stages), however, in the time she needed for it most, her Semblance made itself known, more than capable of getting her out of harms way and allowing her to escape from Menagerie before the White Fang could put together what had just happened. As for how Felina met up with Mote and dedicated herself to following him, that's still up to debate, seeing as she refuses to make it known. Still, at least it meant that she had no argument in joining up with another two mercenaries, herself, Mote, and them forming up to make the guns-for-hire group now known as "Team A.R.M.E."

    Semblance: Transfiguration (Lynx) -Allows for the ability to transform into the animal that holds the greatest resemblance to the user (in Felina's case, a lynx). Transformation into and out of animal form requires only a small amount of Aura, but remaining in animal form drains Aura at a slow rate. Should Aura run out, the user is stuck in animal form until Aura is fully recovered.

    -Yes, this is indeed inspired by the show "Animorphs", I just didn't bother to put it up as an allusion-

    Weapon of choice:


    "Widower" Double-Barreled Blade Rifle- Three configurations, three different ways to take down the target. First is the basic SMG form, blade folded to the side and both barrels able to fire alternatively at a rate of about 4 shots per second. Second, rifle form. The blade is straightened for the non-sharp side to be used as the shoulder rest and both barrels firing simultaneously and precisely at a rate of one burst (both bullets fired at the same time) per second. Third and final remains as rifle configuration, but is held by the handle below the barrels. When swung, however, the momentum of the blade allows it to be extended outward for longer reach, from which it retracts after the swing. Note: Shading in this image is not present as a deliberate detail, implying that the weapon has been fashioned to not reflect light, which makes for an improved stealth factor.

    Fighting Style: Entirely dependent on the Widower. If disarmed, she will Transfigure to get away and to get back to her weapon later. While she practices handling the Widower in it's multiple configurations, she has yet to practice fighting hand-to-hand.

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    #33568608 - 1 week ago

    Name: Elderim (derived from Turkish "Yildirim" meaning "lightning")

    Surname: Hurik ("small fire" in Armenian)

    Faunus Trait: N/A

    Aura Color: Cyan

    Aura Rating: Moderate-High


    -Deadpool (... this is DEADPOOL we're talking about here... seriously?)

    -Blur (Transformers franchise)

    Affiliation: Mercenary

    Kingdom of Origin: Atlas

    Kingdom of Occupation: Vale

    Age: 32 years

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 165 lbs.

    Build: Wiry but firm

    Profile Appearance:


    Other Appearance Details: 

    -All limbs are cybernetic (and painted blue), courtesy of Atlesian technology.

    -Jacket sleeves are torn off below the shoulders, as are the blue jeans (torn from above the knee), from use of the cybernetics.

    -Upper arms have built in Dust feeds that have to be refilled from time to time.

    -Eye marks are supposedly to imply precise aim...

    -Baldness resulted from "stress" when the anesthetics expired early during one of the procedures...



    Strengths: Cybernetics allow for high endurance and metabolic sufficiency (having all four limbs replaced means there isn't exactly as much of a "food issue" to worry about); Can get a point across very quickly... if you can guess how; and Has moderate control over what is normally a passive Semblance (which can serve as a pretty nice advantage, in certain applications)

    Weaknesses: The cybernetics are built more for a powerhouse than a speedster, so getting around kind of takes a while (speed is only average and is, in no way, enhanced); Speech is near unintelligible, due to the speed of it (probably due to enhanced neural processing, courtesy of that metabolic thing mentioned earlier); For those that CAN understand what he's saying, he has a habit of being... irritating... usually deliberately.

    Personality: To put it lightly... "spontaneous." ...Okay yeah, that just doesn't sum anything up. He's downright nuts. He talks like he's on a crapton of caffeine 24/7 and he has a deliberate tendency to get on the nerves of pretty much anyone that understands what he's saying. Even so, he doesn't hesitate to carry out what he's told to do by those he deems worthy of carrying authority... which are fairly few, as one might imagine.

    Known History: Fortunately, despite his implied insanity, he has no trouble giving out information about his past. Almost literally born into the Academy, he was... only just above average. Even so, what got the attention of several... "sponsors" was how willingly he does just about anything (such as attempting to fight in a sparring match with both hands tied behind his back, which he attempted to compensate for by using HIMSELF as a projectile...). Interested in seeing what young Elderim could do, if given the chance, they took the opportunity to put him into a cybernetics program... where HE was the one given the cybernetics to figure out as they were made to surgically replace his limbs... While he did have the benefits of anesthetics, they kind of wore off early at one point in one of the procedures... Aside from the severe pain and stress from it (and "losing" his hair in the process), it didn't end well, let's just put it at that. Having been likely to lose all sanity, it is beyond anyone's logic as to how his obedience to authority remained perfectly intact... In any case, he's been assigned to find out what exactly happened in Vale and to track down the ones responsible... ALL of them... Disable for transit to confinement, if possible... put down, if necessary... Yeah, question all ya want, just try not to say it OUT LOUD... Despite orders, he wasn't exactly told how long he had to get the job done, so he's been taking his time with "side projects" such as paid hits and, of all things, attempting to set up an underground fighting ring... yeah, that second one didn't go too well, but hey, it seemed to have been water under the bridge for the few other mercenaries he had managed to gather up for it. In fact, they all up and agreed that banding together for coordination purposes wasn't such a bad idea... even if it had come from someone that's downright nuts... In any case, at least we now have a name to classify four mercs under: "Team A.R.M.E."

    Semblance: Haze- A constant, passive ability that covers an area within 50 feet of Elderim, causing mild dizziness, slightly muffled hearing, and vision is affected to make all motions look like not they're not much more than blurs. While this may seem overpowering, it's nothing dominant. While Elderim can do as much as adjust the intensity slightly at the cost of Aura to do so (as well as focus it into a certain direction, usually away from someone he's talking to or towards the one's he's fighting, also causing slight Aura drain), certain targets (mainly human ones) CAN resist the effects to a point where Haze isn't impacting activity.

    Weapon of Choice:


    "Dragon Bolt": Dust Crossbow/Energy Saber- ... Yeah, I've got nothing, as far as describing what isn't already visible. The small "arrows" used are basically Dust-forged rockets, powered by Fire Dust, propelled by Gravity Dust, and encased in Electric Dust. As for the blade, think of it as a toned down light saber... or a taser stick that can burn through stuff or paralyze those with Aura... A huge advantage, in Elderim's case, is the fact that both arms bear these features.

    Fighting Style: Between use of his Semblance to disorient his opponent and reliance on his Dragon Bolts for ranged suppression, he doesn't have much for options that cover for his lack of speed besides being able to react to counterattacks effectively with the Electric Dust energy blades in an "ad-lib swordsman" type method. As he goes through said processes, however, he has no set method of doing so, rather his technique tends to match up with who/what ever it is he's facing.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33568611 - 1 week ago

    Team Combo Names:

    Not applicable in this group. All A.R.M.Y. members are in full agreement that all hits are to be solo jobs and not to be interfered with until called upon to do so. In such scenarios, the next up in question is normally the one best suited to take out the target. Apologies that this section should be rendered void for this team, I'm sure you were looking forward to this in particular. - Jarvis