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    GworbsGavichal Gavichal of Gworb


    I'm making AH fanart to send to AHWU. I still have to color it, but I'm pretty proud of it. It took me two hours so far so if I fuck it up, I'm sending it anyways.

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    I'm never going to Superman for a checkup.

  • Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episode 10

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    Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Senki Zesshou Symphogear. The show where investigators actually investigate, business decisions are made during concerts, and teen high school girls are hired to work in the governments super secret organization tasked with protecting the world from the evil that is Noise. So, yeah, just your typical Anime.

    In our last episode, Chris is still on the run but isn't hiding very well as Genjuro finds her with ease, offering food. He explains how they knew she disappeared and they were able to find and bring her back, but when returning to Japan, she disappeared. Chris doesn't offer more than that and instead just leaves. Meanwhile, Tsubasa and Ryouko appear to be changing, though they can't determine if it's an internal or external change. This is especially unusual for Ryouko, who's been called to question as of late.

    Tsubasa, meanwhile, is pushing on from her past and desires for Kanade, giving one more concert in the place she lost her, giving an answer to an overseas producer that, yes, she will work with them. Clearly, there is nothing shady going on here. But with only four episodes left, what will happen now? Will the lingering plot threads be dealt with? Will we learn the truth of Finé and Ryouko? And will Tsubasa rock the rest of the world like she did in Japan? Let's tune in and find out.

    -Our episode begins on a serene mountain pass before coming to Finé's hideout. Outside, soldiers wait in the bushes, prepared to strike. Inside... wait, that is Ryouko? So Ryouko and Finé were the same person? I hope they have an answer for this one. The mercenaries come in and shoot up the place, mortally wounding Finé/Ryouko. As she lays in a pool of her own blood, the mercenary in charge tells her, in English, that she's been too self-centered. All the stored data on the relics belongs to them. Finé/Ryouko replies, in English, that she isn't needed anymore, since they're ready to rip to off, calling... somebody a thorough nerve. Gah! This is so painful!

    -Mercenary Leader kicks Finé/Ryouko, showing the wound. But Finé/Ryouko isn't going to let a little thing like a bullet wound penetrating several vital organs stop her. She begins to heal herself as the mercenaries don't even try to shoot her again. She starts getting up, saying that she knows they aren't the only ones who found this place, so they should just die, you damn, dirty US-scum monkeys. Instead of shooting her like any good American would, they allow her to stand up as she continues her American bashing. When in doubt, blame the US! Finally, after Finé/Ryouko stands defiantly, the mercenary group fires, and the screen is covered in blood. So... answers, please? I mean, I knew Ryouko was acting all shady, but I was starting to think she wasn't actually Finé.

    -Tonight's episode is titled What Only Clasped Hands Can Create. We're at the school as Miku and Hibiki leave what I assume to be the teacher's lounge. We hear singing in the background as the girls walk silently down the hallway. After a moment, Hibiki stops and starts humming to herself. This gets Miku to stop and smile at her friend, asking if the choir inspired her. Well, not so much that, as Hibiki says that hte Lydian's school anthem makes her feel relaxed. She's just been feeling so tense lately, what with the constant Noise attacks, Tsubasa going off to work overseas, and the mountains of school work she has to do to make up for loss time. You'd think the government would help out with that, but apparently they love paperwork.

    -Hibiki starts to rant a bit, saying that when she thinks about everyone being here, it makes her feel better, saying that it feels like home. You know, thinking about it, what do we know about Hibiki's family life? We also find out that it's only been two months since she's arrived, but Miku adds that a lot has happened over those two months. It's been very exciting, what with having to try and make friends with Tsubasa, who hated her because of Gungnir, and then avoid being kidnapped by Chris who has her own problems. Fun times.

    -Speaking of Chris, we return to the super villain mansion to see Chris running in. Inside she finds a body. Actually, she finds several bodies as hte mercenary group sent to kill Finé/Ryouko have been killed. She wants to know what happened, but a sudden noise makes her turn around to see Genjuro is there. Chris panics and says she didn't do anything, but soon the room is swarmed with MIB. She's prepared to fight, but they all ignore her. That's when Genjuro walks up to her and gives her a pat on the head, telling her that nobody thinks that. This was all the work of a woman they know well. So... does anybody else feel like we've skipped an episode somewhere in between? I'm pretty sure this is the correct episode, but I can't but get that feeling.

    -One of the MIB finds a note on the mercenary's saying "I love you. Sayonara." Unfortunately, it turns out to be part of a trap as when the MIB rips the note, it pulls a string and causes the super villain lair to explode. Damn super villains and their traps! Surprisingly enough, nobody dies. I just wonder if that's a decision from the show runners to contrast the very dark beginning, where people were dying left and right. Of course, we need an obligatory "Genjuro is awesome" moment and see him holding Chris close while holding up a slab of the roof above him, keeping it up as if it was just a paper plate. When Chris asks what happened, he explains that he used his spiritual energy to protect them. That wasn't her question and I doubt that's the case. You're superhuman, Genjuro, but it has nothing to do with the mystic arts.

    -Chris breaks free from Genjuro and demands to know why someone who can't use a Gear is protecting her? His response is that he's protecting her because he's a little more grown up than her, not because he is lacking a Gear. Well, she doesn't like that answer, ranting about how she hates grown-ups, but especially her mom and dad, calling them dreamers and cowards and that she's not like they were! Apparently her parents wanted to help the world, either by helping refugees in a war zone or by uniting the world in song. Sadly, this isn't Macross, where that sort of thing could happen. As such, poor, resentful Chris resents her parents deaths, stating that somebody should have told them they were too old to dream. Genjuro laments on that, because he doesn't want to be called "too old to dream." He's a young man at heart.

    -Chris continues her rant, saying that if her parents wanted to end war, then they should have destroyed anyone with the power and will to fight. To her, this was the most logical and most realistic way. Yes, destroy anybody who could possibly pose a threat or be willful. That's the best way to turn the people into mindless sheep. But Genjuro is unfazed by this. He asks Chris if this is what drives her, then asks a question that slaps her right in the face. Does it work? I think her head will be spinning for days from that hit.

    -As Chris tries to right herself, Genjuro continues. He tells her that no one is too old to dream, and you can dream because you're older. I'm sure that makes sense somewhere. He continues, saying that when you get older, you get taller, stronger, and you get a little more cash in your wallet. Okay, I know that part isn't true at all. I have to fight for ever dime now. But I guess working for the government has it's perks.

    -Sense Genjuro continues his wise words of wisdom, saying that what were once dreams when Chris was a kid, can become reality once she's grown up. I hope you aren't actively pushing her into her quest to kill all the alphas of the world. And just in case the first armor piercing question didn't get through, Genjuro asks Chris another. Did her parents go to a war zone to dream? Obviously, they did not. They wanted to make their dream of peace, through song, a reality. And in order to make it happen, they went to the one spot on Earth where every terrible thing happens, which includes alien invasions. They really love Val Vende for some reason. Must be a tourist spot for them.

    -Chris can't really respond, but Genjuro continues, giving us the reason why her parents would take her into a deadly war zone. To show the undeniable fact that dreams could come true. Yeah, that worked out well, didn't it? Still, he's trying, and as he approaches a tearful Chris, he gives her a hug in his rather buff arms. Either due to the comfort of the hug or because of the buff arms of manliness, Chris breaks down and cries her heart out. What a touching scene. Why don't I ruin it by pointing out that the house's infrastructure has been severely damaged and could collapse on them at any minute, so you might want to wrap this up.

    -A short time later, Genjuro and the SDRTST are pulling out, but it doesn't look like Chris is leaving with them. The commander tells her that she isn't as alone as she thinks she is, and even if she follows her own path, it will cross theirs in the near future. Chris points out that they've been fighting all this time, so now they're suppose to let bygones be bygones? Isn't he a little too old for those platitudes? Genjuro laughs, calling her a cynic, then throwing a device at her. It's a transmitter, which apparently will let Chris use public transportation a certain number of times as well as buying things from vending machines, too. What a nice gift. Will she need to replenish it or is this your way of making sure she comes find you at some point?

    -Suddenly, Chris spouts out "Kadingir." She explains that Finé/Ryouko kept using that word, but don't ask Chris what it means. She was kind of busy being strung up and electrocuted for fun. However, Finé kept saying it was completed, which can't be a good thing. Genjuro repeats the name and gets his game face on. He's done playing catch-up. This time, they'll get the drop on her. And they're off, leaving Chris behind to find her own path. Probably to go join up with the SDRTST proper at some point. Or perform a heroic sacrifice. Or join up with the SDRTST and then perform a heroic sacrifice. Or maybe she'll open up an ice cream parlor somewhere.

    -Back at HQ, Genjuro is on Facetime with his Magical Girl Warriors, ready to give his briefing. But before that, where's Ryouko? Not here yet. Probably off doing mad science in her mad scientist lab. Hibiki isn't worried, because if anything attacks her, she'll just blow it up like she did when she protected her. Tsubasa is like girl, you be tripping. She has no combat training to speak of. This confuses Hibiki. Don't Ryouko and, I'm assuming Genjuro, have super human powers? Well, Genjuro is a Monk, so they could get to that kind of level. As for Ryouko, clearly, it's magical science.

    -Speaking of, she's on the line, but it's sound only. Apparently they don't want to see what kind of mess she is, what with the blood of those American mercenaries on her. Genjuro, however, is suspicious, and asks if there is a problem? Oh, you know, you get shot and fight off mercenaries and you have so much blood to clean. That and taking out the trash, which is also important. Genjuro will drop it for now, but he has an important question to ask of her. What does Kadingir mean? We cut to an abandon looking building and find that Ryouko is still nursing her wound. She gives an answer, saying that Kadingir is ancient Sumerian for "the ones on high." They must have all the good stuff. But then she adds that, from there, it came to mean a tower so high, it reached the heavens. Sounds like the Tower of Babylon, if you ask me. And nothing ever went wrong with that.

    -Genjuro then points out an obvious issue. If somebody is building a tower, how could they have missed it? Hibiki agrees, but still, it's a lead. As long as they gather information and not have anybody from the inside betray them, they will be victorious. They will find a weak spot and hit them hard. This will be the final battle, so don't screw it up or sabotage their efforts, okay? Okay. The girls end the call but Ryouko remains, saying that she's got something to take care of, but she'll head straight over when it's done. It takes forever to clean out blood from clothes, you know.

    -At the end of the call, Hibiki comments on the name. Miku is with her and helping, but any information about Kadingir only turn up game walkthroughs. And I'm sure learning how to beat the boss on floor 48 won't be of help here. Back in HQ, the staff are hard at work as Genjuro wants any information they can get on Kadingir. And so help me, Bob, if you mention the boss on floor 48 so help me I will smack you so hard your previous generation is going to feel it. But, as the laws of drama require, there's a Noise attack happening. What's worst is that it's three flying dreadnought-class Noise, all at once. Strike that, make that four. What interesting timing.

    -Tsubasa is already geared up to defend the city as Hibiki gets more intelligence. Currently, they're just moving around and not attacking anybody, which is unusual for Noise. It's as if somebody is controlling them, and they know Chris isn't doing it anymore. Who else could it be? Hibiki gets some more information, then turns to Miku and tells her it'll be fine. She and Tsubasa will handle it. So you just go back to school and try not to worry too much over Hibiki putting her life on the line. As for why she's being sent back to the school, Hibiki replies that, if it gets bad, they'll have to open the underground shelters and start evacuating people. Hibiki wants Miku to help with that, since she's part of the SDRTST, after all. Sounds like Miku doesn't want to do that, but the message doesn't get to Hibiki, as she apologizes to her friend for getting her involved with all this.

    -And that's when Miku raises a death flag for Hibiki, telling her friend that, no matter where she goes, she'll have a place to come home to. Well, looks like the first episode teaser is coming close to being true. Hibiki lingers on this as Miku urges her on, saying that she'l lbe strong enough to protect what she cares for, just like her friend. Hibiki responds by clasping Miku's hand and calling her "my sunflower," that she feels warmest when she's near her, and that's the place she always returns to. it has always been that way and it always will be. She vows to come back, no matter what. After all, they still haven't see the shooting stars together. Man, those flags just keep appearing, don't they?

    -As Hibiki runs off to certain death, we catch up on Tsubasa, getting a call from HQ. They have the latest data on the paths of the Noise. Hibiki gets on the line to get the data as well. First, the Noise that appeared in Area 41 is heading for Area 28 via Area 33. Similarly, the Noise from Areas 18 and 19 are heading toward Area 24. It's almost as if they're all converging on one spot in the city. And the episode confirms it for me shortly as the support staff report that the Noise are heading for Tokyo Sky Tower. Which adds up, because wouldn't the Sky Tower match perfectly with Kadingir? Look, just because they have tower in the name doesn't mean it would be exactly that... right? Because I'm thinking it's HQ that's the tower, but that's just me.

    -Genjuro is worried, because the Sky Tower also functions as a control system for the SDRTST's information databases. Which would be very bad for them, so he orders Tsubasa and Hibiki to get to the Sky Tower right now! Though he has other concerns. What if this is a trap? Even so, they have no choice because it's a key target to protect. Tsubasa is racing her way on her bike, so she won't have a problem. Hibiki, however, is pretty much in the middle of nowhere compared to where she is to the Sky Tower. Luckily, Genjuro had some foresight and sent a helicopter for her. This is why the pay him the big bucks. Meanwhile, Ogawa appears to be getting some additional information, but is looking quite serious. He takes off his glasses, showing that he's not in manager mode anymore, for he has some "negotiations" to take care of.

    -At the Sky Tower, the dreadnought class Noise begin bombing the area with more Noise. You'd think they would be doing that all over the city, but why here? It doesn't matter, though, because Hibiki is there. She jumps out the helicopter, because we've established that she's insane, but sings her activation key and transforms. She then powers up her punch and goes straight through a dreadnought Noise, destroying it. I suspect we'll be getting our quota of explosions this episode.

    -Nearby, Tsubasa leaps into action, transforming as well and uses her skill Blue Flash to decimate a bunch of aerial Noise, but fails to hit one of the dreadnoughts. Hibiki joins her as she comments about losing the high ground. At least you aren't surrounded by lava, right? Hibiki suggests using helicopters to attack from the sky, but that plan gets shot when her ride is destroyed. So much for that plan. They engage some more Noise as one of the dreadnought Noise release more Noise. Hibiki is concerned about the numbers but Tsubasa tells her not ot be scared, saying that if a defender falls back, the line falls with them. So make sure to hold the line!

    -Still, how does one deal with a flying enemy when your fighters are short ranged? Why, call in a long-range fighter of your own! Soon enough, a flock of flying Noise are destroyed by a hail of gun fire. The girls turn to see that Chris has arrived in her transformed state. As for why she's here, it's because that transmitter she got from Genjuro wouldn't shut up about the situation. Oh, Genjuro, you clever bastard you.  

    -So, Chris is here, but don't get the wrong idea. She's not here to help you guys out with destroying Noise or anything like that. Baka! Genjuro, however, takes the wind out of her sails as he says, on her transmitter, that she's here to help, even if she's a little late. Chris blushes as a result. Stop ruining her tsundere moments, old man! Hibiki is pleased while Tsubasa is confused. Yeah, a lot happened while you were fighting for your life in that coma you put on yourself when you tried to kill Chris that one time.

    -Hibiki runs over to Chris and gives her a big hug. Thank you for coming and welcome to the team! Chris tries to pry the Gungnir wielder off of her but she's got a tight grip. Tsubasa decides to run with this for now and says they should work together to fight the Noise. At least, for now. Finally breaking free, Chris tells them to get out of her way, for she'll handle this herself. So Death Metal Got Chris gets right to work, providing anti-air support. With that, this allows the short ranged fighters to deal with the ground Noise.

    -So battle is joined as the three Pop Idol Magical Girls start dealing with Noise as Death Metal Got Chris sings her song of death and destruction. She accidentally bumps into Tsubasa but she lays into her, telling the sword wielder to get out of here and let her have her death wish, dammit! Tsubasa, having gone through this phase already, tells Chris to control herself. Besides, what makes you think you could fight alone, huh? Chris counters that she's always alone and that they aren't comrades. Still, Chris agrees that while they have no reason to fight, they also have no reason not to fight. Because not too long ago they were fighting each other. As Chris prepares her rant about how humanity sucks, Hibiki shows up and clasps Chris' hands in her own. Don't let Miku see that or she may get mad.

    -Hibiki tells Chris that she can get along with anyone. She then grabs hold of Tsubasa's hand, with the two staring at Hibiki confused. What's with all this goody two shoe nonsense? Hibiki tells them that she wonder why she didn't have an Armed Gear, hating that feeling of being incomplete. But she doesn't think that way now. Since she doesn't have anything in her hands, she can hold both of theirs. And as such, she can be friends with the both of them! Though I imagine without being able to use your hands it'll make fighting difficult unless you plan to fling the girls around.

    -As a response to this, Tsubasa plants her sword into the ground and reaches out for Chris. She seems reluctant at first but Tsubasa keeps stern. Chris finally reaches over, but it's Tsubasa who makes the grab. Chris can't believe Tsubasa is listening to Chris, but she's all for it, and soon, Chris will be, too. Hibiki also has the biggest grin on her face, as if she came up with this plan months ago and is seeing it to fruition. Chris goes all Tsundere on them, getting Hibiki to chuckle. Then a shadow is cast, reminding the girls that they were kind of busy destroying Noise before having this get together.

    -They'll need to destroy the dreadnoughts, but don't worry, Chris has an idea! And it's something only she could do. No, Chris, we're not going to bring out the pyro just for this. She explains that Ichaival, her gear, specializes in long-range, wide-area attacks. So her brilliant idea? She'll fire a blast into it. Hibiki is worried that she'll be using her Climax Song, but Chris assures her that her life isn't that cheap. So how will she one shot it like Hibiki? Why, she'll keep raising the Gear's output without giving the energy any outlet. And once it reaches the limit, she'll fire the energy all at once. There are couple of flaws with this plan, the first being that it could blow up in your face. Quite literally. Tsubasa throws in another flaw. During this period, Chris will be helpless. But don't worry, Hibiki has an idea on how to deal with that. They'll just protect her. And Hibiki will not hear any dissent against it.

    -As the two jump of, Chris is left to her thoughts. After hearing Hibiki's declaration, there's no way she can back out now. So the Death Metal Goth girl sings her Death Metal... no, wait! This isn't Death Metal! It's an actual pop song! What sort of madness is this? As the battle rages on, Hibiki says that everyone has hands that they can hold, and that her fight is to hold hands with someone. Tsubasa, meanwhile, says that both destruction and connection are forms of power, but that this is Hibki's Armed Gear. Not a spear, but the heart. Soon enough, Chris reaches full charge, bringing out every single weapon, including four missiles. Overkill? What's that?

    -Chris then activates her skill, Mega Deth Quartet, firing everything she has against the dreadnought Noise. This includes firing missiles that fire smaller missiles. With that, she qipes out every single Noise in the area, with Hibiki and Tsubasa cleaning up the stragglers. Victory for the trio! In celebration, Hibiki hugs Chris, who gets the energetic girl off of her. They power down, but Hibiki is still full of energy, thanking Chris for the victory. This was all thanks to her. More hugs! Chris pushes her off again, telling her to stop doing that. They are not friends, because she wants to settle things with Finé and make her new dream come true. Hibiki ignores most of that except for the dream part, asking what the dream is. Followed by more hugs! Hibiki is a very huggy person.

    -Everything is going great in the end. Hibiki then receives a call, probably from Genjuro congratulating... no, wait, it's from Miku. Lydian is being attacked from the inside... and the call is lost. The school is under attack? Does that means the standard headquarters invasion has begun? Was this all a feint? Well, the answer to that is... to be continued.

    So we get confirmation that Ryouko and Finé are one and the same... possibly. This does confirm how she got the briefcase from earlier, which was the biggest clue, and may explain her obsession with Hibiki. Of course, whoever she worked for has had a falling out with her, which ended rather violently for all parties involved. But what is Finé/Ryouko's goal here?

    And I assume we'll get a reason why Ryouko turned antagonist, but I'm wondering that myself. Which leads me to a couple of theories.

    1) We're back to the twin sister theory. Ryouko herself died in the explosion from episode one, but Finé became her double to infiltrate the SDRTST in order to get revenge on them. This doesn't seem likely, though it would explain why Finé is a blonde with blue eyes rather than Ryouko's brunette and brownish eyes. As for how that happens, magic, science, or both. You be the judge.

    2) The explosion from episode one caused something in Ryouko to change, and now, for reasons that we know little of yet, she went mad with science and somehow picked up Chris along the way, as well as Ichaival. Though given what we know about these things, this is also an unlikely theory, leading to...

    3) Ryouko was secretly a spy for the organization she had the falling out with. The explosion was planed so that she can steal the armor. She then made a play for Durandal, but that plan fell through thanks to Hibiki activating it. Which makes me wonder if it'll come back in play in these final three episodes. You just don't introduce something like that and completely forget about it in the end.

    It looks like we're kicking the last arc into high gear. SDRTST HQ is under attack, but from the inside. Is Ryouko making her final play? Will Miku survive? And will Hibiki be forced to use her Climax Song? Because let's be honest, she's a dead lady walking. Tune in on Friday to find out.

    Until next time, remember, even in the middle of battle, you always have time to get a prep talk going with your partners, even if one of them only arrived so they totally wouldn't help you in any other situation because of some thing an old guy gave them. Baka!

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    lollen96 Lauren Newman

    I write a Game of Thrones Imagines book on Wattpad, which you can find here. Please come and have a little peruse of over 150 chapters! L x

  • g1 Gamedays (August 23-27)

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    Welp... another week... another chance for technical difficulties.

    HOST GAMEDAY - Borderlands (XB360) - Wednesday – August 23rd at 9pm EST


    What: Borderlands (Xbox 360) 

    When: Wednesday, August 9th at 9pm EST 

    Who is Running It:[email protected]_Erik 

    How to Join: You can't!

    Where to Watch: Twitch.tv/g1_gamedays 

    Notes: The g1 gamedays hosts (Johnny, Erik, Robe, and Shiro) will be playing through this game cooperatively! 

    Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (XB360) - Saturday - August 26th at 9pm EST


    What: Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (XB360)

    When: Saturday, Aug 26th at 9pm EST

    Who is Running It@SgtHarvey

    How to Join: Contact @SgtHarvey or @g1_Gamedays on Twitter.

    Where to WatchTwitch.tv/g1_gamedays

    Runbow (XB1) - Sunday - August 27th at 5-8pm EST


    What: Runbow (XB1)

    When: Sunday, August 27th at 5-8pm EST

    Who is Running It@Shiro937

    How to Join: Contact @Shiro937 or @g1_Gamedays on Twitter.

    Notes: The game was a free game with gold recently.

    Halo V (XB1) - Sunday - August 27th at 8-11pm EST


    What: Halo V (XB1)

    When: Sunday, August 27th at 8-11pm EST

    Who is Running It@Shiro937

    How to Join: Contact @Shiro937 or @g1_Gamedays on Twitter.

  • 2 months late

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    Yo so yea I went to E3 in Los Angeles this year it was great so many new game and interactive booths so much fun but sadly no halo 6 but Call of duty looked really really promising and it felt to me to be like Black op 2 cause in my opinion that was the last good good call of duty and aperantly they are bringing back manditory game chat for GM serch and destroy ..................that right there for me is enough to buy that game lol besides the fact that it feels awesome!

  • Participation Award

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    I've been lurking on and off this site for a few years now but I should actually use this thing shouldn't I? Try and make friends with common interests, which would probably be easier if I actually filled out my profile (a current work in progress) but that should probably wait until after I finish my assignment that's due tomorrow.

    For now I suppose this is a good first step.

  • My microwave just claimed another plate.

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    It just split into two big pieces. That's the second of these ceramic plates it's exploded. We've been using them in there ever since the original microwave plate it came with exploded on the first use. It's kind of concerning. We've had this thing since we moved in, but other than the intial plate destruction there were no issues until about two months ago when it broke the first ceramic plate. Thankfully I had my brother buy a new set of plates around that time since we'd lost almost the whole set by then, so we're okay on plates for now. Still...wtf. They're supposed to be microwave-safe, not microwave-deadly-shards.

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