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  • Being First

    19 hours ago


    So far I really enjoy the first member ship i am definitely going to be keeping it. I love the content that comes with. Theater mode and the RT docs are very entertaining. I still going to watch most of the content on youtube.

  • Minecraft Server Networks Rant

    1 day ago


    So I've been thinking a lot recently about Minecraft Server Networks (an area where I used to work in) and this is something that has never sat right with me which is how these businesses/companies make this huge amount of money (and trust me, some of these companies turn over several million per year with hundreds of thousands in profits) by for the most part "employing" workers (sometimes underage depending on the employment laws of the country) and not paying them... It's just not right.

    They call them staff members, they get hired and fired, they do anything from several hours work per week to in some cases tens of hours of work per week - The amount of hours some people put in to it, it could be classed as a part-time job. Yet they don't get classed as employees, they get treated as volunteers and don't get paid.

    Every community have different policies regarding minimum ages and most say you have to be over 14/15 years old however there are some of these companies that "hire" children aged as young as 12/13... Sure, maybe they want to do it and help out, maybe they have some sort of brand loyalty to the minecraft server but that's not the point. They should be getting paid for their work.

    Huge companies like Amazon, Starbucks/Costa etc etc get a bad rap for apparently not paying their employees the minimum wage (in the UK, I don't know about other countries) but surely then this is worse.... Companies bringing in all this money off of the back of not actually paying their employees anything. Even if the kids are legally allowed to work (differs country to country), surely it's illegal for them to work without pay? Some countries even have limitations on how much younger people can work per day and numerous times have these even been broken.

    Rant Over.

  • Horse video

    1 day ago


    3 patreon rewards down 2 to go

    Get you one!


  • And that makes seven

    2 days ago

    Clayton Clayton Wesley

    I have made a total of seven videos, built, prepared, recorded, editing, commentated and exported for the Lets Play Community channel in only eight days.

    Very good, very happy.

  • Stream! 27th March, 8pm BST

    17 hours ago


    It's Monday again! And time to explore Enderal again!
    I wonder what will happen this week? Callum said it was very sad last week...

    The stream will start about 8:00pm BST and it will be on Callum's Twitch.

    Mic will be on, so come join us in chat! Not that anyone has been, but don't be rude in chat.
    Just come along, enjoy the game, have a chat (We get lonely when no one is there) and just have a good time.

    ~Stream Schedule~
    Saturday is the day for Panda and Friends! at around about 8pm BST every time, unless stated otherwise!
    Callum's streams will be every Monday 8pm-12pm BST and Wednesday 8pm-11pm GMT

  • Cinder or Ember

    1 day ago

    DodongoDuster Mothindi

    Ok, I picked up a camaro about a week ago, an '89 RS. I wasn't sure what to name her though, I'm stuck between Cinder and Ember. It needs a lot of work. The engine runs good though, doesn't overheat, AC blows. There is a check engine light that I can't find what the code is for. Its throwing a 12 from the computer and apparently that's normal?? I got a radio in it a few days ago, but its hard to turn off, so I haven't been listening to it. It used to be red, but they went over it all with a dark grey primer. There is quite a bit of red showing through though, hence the ember or cinder debate, like a hot coal. The bad news is I traded Peggy for it, well, Peggy and some cash. It was time to get out from under that bike before it really took a shit. I still miss it though, and its just starting to be riding weather. Oh well, this way I can take my dog for a ride once in a while. Ok, that's it for now, vote if you think it should be Cinder or Ember.

  • Day 1180: 8,000 press ups

    16 hours ago

    topham DHYB

    By the end of the day, I'll have completed 8,000 press ups. They're remaining somewhat challenging, though being ill has thrown me backwards a little. I did complete 60 in one set yesterday, so not all progress was lost. 

    Overall, my fitness levels are okay, could be better, and with the expiry of my gym membership this week I'm looking to do more running, and that's okay with me. Now I have a bunch of running routes around me at different lengths, I can work on mixing it up and setting times on them all. With work mixing things up at the moment, and the hours I'm required in changing, I have to make considerations to how I'm going to keep things going, and not get complacent. 

    Tae Kwon Do is going somewhat okay, I need to make sure I know a lot of things, and work on theory at the same time as ensuring I know all of the patterns required to a high enough standard. I have 6 months, but I know that time will fly by. 

    Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • /stuff

    1 day ago

    Freakin_Sexy Hot XXX Battlemechs

    Greetings RT people. If the rest of you are as neurotic and maladjusted as me, then I think I've come to the right place. I've been a RoosterTeeth fan since way back around the time RvB season 3 was released, but for whatever reason it's taken me this long to finally decide to get involved with the RT community. It may have something to do with the fact that I don't have any immediate friends or colleagues who are also RT fans, but I digress. Maybe now that I've joined the community in an official manner, I can seek to change that. Whether you really wanna talk about your deepest darkest feelings, or you're just seeking more people to play some shitty AAA games with, feel free to add me on here, look me up on steam or xbox, or simply scoff at me and move about your day, whatever makes you happy. 

  • Alamo Drafthouse Kalamazoo has come to an end

    12 hours ago


    Being a now 5 year local of Kalamazoo, Michigan, I've fallen in love with the Alamo Drafthouse that replaced The Rave theater in my sophomore year. There's a bit discrepancy whether Alamo didn't want to pay a new, higher lease rate or if the landlords decided to renew the lease with a different theater company.

    Either way, I'm sad that the Alamo is leaving. After hearing the theater discussed on podcasts and Let's Plays, I've always dreamt of attending a theater like the Alamo. Their no talking, no phone policy is second to none and the food was always delicious. In fact, Alamo Kzoo is where I got to see Lazer Team on opening day. It was such a cool event to meetup with many local (and even some out-of-state) fans. 

    Hopefully, they decide to relocate and stay in Michigan. I don't think my theater experiences will ever be like Alamo's.

    Thanks Alamo, see you soon.

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