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  • Realization or Reality is Stranger Than Fiction

    19 hours ago


    We're fighting an evil terror group with 'sleepers' and members across the globe.

    We have people fighting commies in the streets who are funded by an ex nazi rich bond villain man.

    4chan has intelligence gathering abilities making the NSA look like punks finding ISIS threats and calling bomb strikes on them (no seriously), discovering identitities of cirminals and rioters, and getting ground agents to pull a damn Splinter cell/ batman and grapple hook over buildings just to steal Shias Flags

    With this and all the other wierdness thats been happening i think everyone can find true happiness in what has happened.....

    We all now live in an Ian Flemming/ Tom Clancy spy political thriller.

    Now with that said....
    Are you Bond?


    Napoleon Solo?


    Illya Kuryakin?


    Sam Fisher?




    or Archer?


  • Plexit 8 is here! Also, RvB!

    1 day ago

    Jalnor Teal Ranger

    Introducing some new characters, after a little bit more flashback to the ship's first encounter with the drones after their civilisation is all but gone...

    Plexit 8: Settling In

    I've been creating this comic for a while and I'm loving getting into a regular routine with it. Knowing what people think of it makes it all the better for me - I do like my external validation ;-)

    But there's more. I release special extras on the Facebook page and even more extras on my patrons-only feed on Patreon. I'm also in the process of creating some merchandise that you can get discounted if you're a patron :-)

    Meanwhile, I'm really looking forward to more RvB. I haven't stopped to mention it here in a while, but when I realised that season 15 continues the story, I was ecstatic. I can't wait to see what's going on here - and hopefully get some flashbacks to tell us what happened after season 13 cut out  grin  green_heart

    (Edit: Emojis really need to include a teal heart. Seriously.)

  • Testing....

    15 hours ago


    I haven't updated anything in about 2 years. A lot of shit has changed, art has improved a whole HELL of a lot, and so on.

    Also, our studio's game comes out in about two weeks and I'm excited/nervous. 

    Hopefully the people like Prey.

    Anyways, might start using this a bit more and start streaming again. 



  • Pokemon Ruby Nuzlocke Journal

    8 hours ago


    Hey guys, Lion here. So I've been doing some thinking, and I think I'm going to clear my Sun game. I just didn't feel like playing it as much while I was doing the Nuzlocke, so I want to focus on playing the game normally so I can get the full experience more easily.

    With that said, I've decided to do a new Nuzlocke that'll hopefully be easier: a nuzlocke of Ruby version!

    Since we're not dealing with new Pokemon anymore, I'm going to go vanilla Nuzlocke rules here: one Poke per route, and if it faints it's dead. However, I will allow Dupes clause.

    With all that said, let's get to it!


    Day 1 - 4/23/17

    [I'd say spoilers ahead, but the game's 14.5 years old]

    So after sitting through the professor monologue, I pick out my character: Lionel.

    With this done, I leap into the world of Pokemon...by falling out of the back of a moving truck.

    At the door to my new house in Littleroot Town is my mother, who sends me to my room as the mover Pokemon finish their work. I steal the potion from the PC and set the clock before Mom comes in to inform me that the move is complete. I then head downstairs, where she informs me that my father, Norman, is on the news. We miss him, but Mom informs me that a family friend, Professor Birch, lives next door, and sends me off to introduce myself.

    After barging in uninvited, I meet Dr. Birch(I headcanon Mrs. Birch as a astronomer cuz wynaut)before being sent up to meet the one and only May(May x protag is second best May ship, IMO)

    Being a bit too calm about a strange boy emerging into her room unannounced, May says hello before running off to help Birch with his research. With the introductions over with, I head out. As I walk home, I hear shouting coming from Route 1. I head there to find none other than Birch being chased by a Poochyena. I let him get mauled as I mull over my choices.

    Since I don't use Grass Pokemon as often as I should, and since Grovyle is a total badass, I pick Treecko and Pound the Poochyena to death. 

    Grateful to me for saving his life, Birch decides to give me Treecko. Since I just had FE: Fates on the brain, Treecko's green, and he's kind of a ninja, I decide to name him Kaze. After resting at my house, I head off to Route 103 to find May. Along the way, I get a free Potion from the proprietor of Oldale Town's Poke Mart and Pound a couple Zigzagoons to death, allowing Kaze to level up to Level 6 and learn Absorb.

    Upon running into May, she challenges me to a battle. After a couple Pounds, her Torchic falls, allowing Kaze to level up to Level 7. She heads back to the lab and I follow suit, stopping at the Mart to stock up on Potions and status heals. 

    Back at the lab, Birch gives me a Pokedex and May gives me some Poke Balls. As I head out to Route 1, Mom stops me and gives me the oh-so-glorious Running Shoes!

    Now set to go be the very best like no one ever was, I run into Route 1 ready to make new friends!

    My first encounter is a Zigzagoon...which Kaze fainted. Damn it, Kaze. You had one job.

    Anyway, me and Kaze faint a Wurmple and heal at Oldale before heading into Route 103. On the first blade of grass, we find a Poochyena, which Kaze thankfully doesn't faint and which I catch successfully. I decide to name her Lassie. 

    I heal again and then head to Route 102 briefly to run around in the grass, finding none other than...a Ralts. OMG.

    Handling her as gingerly as possible, I manage to catch her and name her Fubuki, after the psychic hero Miss Blizzard from One Punch Man.

    Healing once more, I head into Route 102 and grind off of the Pokemon and some of the trainers by switching out Fubuki for Kaze until Fubuki grows to Level 6 and learns Confusion, with Kaze growing to Level 9. After that, Kaze and Fubuki defeat the last few trainers, Kaze grows to Level 10, and I snatch some berries nearby before heading into Petalburg City. 

    After healing, I meet Norman in his gym and he ropes me into getting a Ralts for Wally. Once that's done, I stock up on as many supplies as I can with my winnings before heading into Route 104. With Fubuki's help, I manage to catch a Zigzagoon, whom I name Rocket. After healing one final time, I decide to take a break for today.

    Current team: 4.

    -Kaze the Treecko: Male, Lv. 10; met at Route 101(day 1, Lv. 5). Nature: Jolly. Ability: Overgrow. Moves: Pound, Leer, Absorb. Item: None

    -Lassie the Poochyena: Female, Lv. 3; met at Route 103(day 1, Lv. 3). Nature: Timid. Ability: Run Away. Moves: Tackle. Item: None.

    -Fubuki the Ralts: Female, Lv. 6; met at Route 102(day 1, Lv. 4). Nature: Calm. Ability: Trace. Moves: Growl, Confusion. Item: None.

    -Rocket the Zigzagoon: Male, Lv. 5; met at Route 104(day 1, Lv. 5). Nature: Lonely. Ability: Pickup. Moves: Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip. Item: None

    Box: 0.

    Dead: 0.

  • Local Lesbian cosplays Anime Bisexual

    1 day ago

    scottster246 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    First test run with it all on and god damn I'm gonna die in Austin


  • Post-Demo Relaxation

    1 day ago

    Letan Drink Coffee, Make Games


    Demoed off the first dungeon, boss fight, trinkets, and new enemy locally this week, which went really well! Got some good feedback and a bit of validation on some ideas I had that wasn't sure if people thought would be cool or not. For now, I'm taking a bit of time off from Cursed Seasons to clear out some errands and get some contract work done during the week, but in that time I'm thinking of what I'd like to work on next. I've got a scattered list of things, but I might sit down and plan it out a bit more to be concrete with it.


    Meanwhile, I think it's finally time for me to retire Destiny until Destiny 2 comes out. Finally killed Aksis, ventured into the Vault of Glass, and repeatedly did my almost-weekly ritual of killing Crota. I'm still debating if I'd like to do King's Fall sometime, but with randoms it's such a long haul that I'm just not sure I'll have the time for. Maybe if I luck out and find a sherpa group like I did for WotM, but I can happily end my Destiny 1 experience on this note.


  • So...

    20 hours ago


    I had this dream where I was playing this Rwby Chibi platforming game (that I kinda wish was a thing now) then a giant javelin came through my roof and absolutely skewered my dog. I dropped to my knees and cried then the ceiling started to crack and the whole roof was torn off and started floating away, then everything in my room started going with it, so I looked up and saw a space ship of some kind, then I started floating away and the next thing I knew I was in this glass tube in some laboratory. I looked around and saw my dog strapped to an operating table, but it wasn't dead, it was a cyborg. I began to panic when the doors to the lab slid open, releasing a torrent of steam, and a tall silhouetted figure started walking forward, until it reached my pod. The steam slowly cleared and the figure began to take shape: it was non-other than David Bowie. He stared at me for a little while, then we sang a duet version of space oddity for whatever reason. That's when my cyborg dog broke out of their restraints and used their robot eye to laser David Bowie  vertically in half, and freed me from my tube. I then hopped on my dogs back, who then proceeded to cut a hole in the ship and fly us both out into space. Unfortunately there was no air in space, and I began suffocating, then I woke up face down in my own pillow, struggling to breath, so I pulled back and gasped for air x3

    Anyways, how did you sleep?      

  • #Fit4RTX 2017 Week 16 - We Have New Toys

    22 hours ago

    Tropes Displaced


    So we got some new toys at work. we've been using the Acumobility tools a lot but we also have one of those physical therapy electro-zap massage things. Which is great, because my right shoulder tends to have a bit of stiffness and soreness in it - not necessarily pain but my range of motion is sometimes a little limited. So we've been zapping my shoulder with this thing alongside my training. 

    Worked out six times this week, too, although yesterday was a little lacking because I was so tired from a buttload of work. Despite all evidence I'm actually an introvert, and since I've had no alone time thanks to perpetual appointment after appointment this week I'm beat. So today I'm just watching vids and chilling.

  • Hi! I'm new!

    10 hours ago


    Hi there! I'm ms.sky (pronounced miss sky) and I've been a huge fan of Rooster Teeth for quite some time now but have only now decided to introduce myself.

    Basic facts about me:

    → I am a 17 year old female.

    → I live in Australia (which really sucks btw because the merch on the RT Store is so much more expensive and the Australian store doesn't have everything I want)

    My absolute favourite things on RT:

    → RWBY - the very thing that got me into RT and I love this anime so much. Oh and RWBY Chibi as well. Can't forget that.

    → Achievement Hunter - My main source of entertainment and the cast of Uno: The Movie.

    → The Slow Mo Guys - I think I learn more science from watching the Slow Mo Guys than at school. Also, everything looks so much better in slow motion.

    → Uno: The Move - a blessing to this world and the second thing that got me into RT. I watched this in one go instead of doing my physics assignment but it was totally worth it.

    That's it for now! I really hope to make more friends and can't wait to meet more people.

    - ms.sky

  • "In the spaces....

    1 day ago

    Lpokmnj I miss my LGOP's.

    ....between desolation and diviinity."


    I like em. There is a power to em. A way to tap into the mainline circuit of energy behind the turn of words being quoted.

    Hearing one tells you exactly where the other person in, psychogeographically. Yeah, it's a term I've come to use. Being able to express, generally verbally, the time and place one's mind is inhabiting. It's like a city skyline to a narrative. Want to convey France? Insert the Eiffel Tower.

    I've got my own set, you've got your's, we all have em. Sometimes, they move beyond the words themselves, past the time and place being referenced, turning into a mental iconography of THAT TIME and THAT PLACE being heard by the listener.

    Go read what Hunter put forth and tell me it isn't true. If so, maybe it's just me. And yet I'm comfortable with that.

    Anyways, the quote that begins this blog entry is my own psychogeographic landmark. It's as much a counter response to as it is an understanding of the Tolkien quote "Not all who wander are lost."

    And times like these, I'll reservedly admit that it's only half true. I'm both lost and wandering. An honest assessment would lead to an analytical, honest answer that doesn't answer the follow up question of where to go from here. You ask anyone for advice on where they'd go, they're not answering you, but merely the younger version of themselves they imagine is asking.

    Enough of this stream of consciousness philosophy (though I did warn you of it.). Semester's coming to a close soon and that means I can get back to writing my Eclipse Phase fiction. I've had the bearest of ghost images of yet developed ideas and coalescing through my head. 

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