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  • Year in 365 seconds

    7 hours ago


    My "New Years Resolution" was to take 1 second of video every day of the year then cut it into a video to share, does this seem cheesy? Probably a little late to be asking these things.

  • Splatoon 2

    2 days ago

    mattyou Kingdom Hearts freak

    The games been out for almost a week now and I'm having a blast with it. There's not too much diff rend from the original besides some new weapons, maps , a horde mode and a new story but its enough for me . Plust the addicting gameplay present in 1 still has me hooked here in 2.


    There are some things I don't like. For one that Salmon run (horde mode) is only available at certain times. And don't even get me started on Nintendo's voice chat app (short version it aint good). But the good out ways the bad.

    I one day saw our boy @zogman1 playing and was like man I would like to play with him. But there's no way to contact him directly. Luckily the game game me a handy button to join him which was nice.


    Sadly this button did not work cause he was probably playing single player or something I don't know Nintendo won't tell me the details  simmons.DFh9biGV0AE8Jwh.jpg

    But not all hope was lost friends cause thanks to the power of Amiibo I can have a stand in friend.


    Sadly my stand in friend that I brought to this world trough the power of a plastic figure touching a controller was only interested in taking selfies and had no interest in playing turf war .

    Long story short Nintendo you make cool games and a radd console but please let me use said console to contact my friends. Ps, Stay Fresh.

  • Entry #101, 2017/07/27: Going to a Concert

    19 hours ago


    I'm gonna be going to a U2 live concert in September.  I made the arrangements for my tickets a few days ago.  This is the first really popular band concert I'll be going to.  I've been to concerts and public music performances, but not of this scale, and that it was time to do so.  Thus, this event is going to be a real life achievement for me, and I'm glad to be doing it.

    I'm already making plans for the trip- already requested time off work, and I'm making the other needed arrangements for this event.

  • Day 1301: The Destiny 2 Beta, PVE

    1 day ago

    topham DHYB

    After yesterdays exploration of my brain I felt relieved that I've exorcised some of the thoughts plaguing my mind. And then today I came to realise that I never really shared any of my thoughts on the Destiny 2 Beta that's just been on over the last week, so allow me to share.

    The beta contained 4 things. A story mission, a strike and two different PvP modes on fixed maps. I'll just say about the PVE, the story mission and the strike.

    The story mission is the introduction to the game, I see it playing out like it did now, with a well-equipped guardian facing off against the invading forces and it turning out poorly, with the guardians being stripped of their light, essentially resetting them to introduce all of the game elements. The story being told, and the familiar characteristics of the game are all that I was hoping for, and I hope that it continues in the way that it seems to be heading. I enjoyed it, I'd rather I didn't have to play it and leave it for the actual release, but it was compulsory to get into the rest of the content wrapped up in the beta. 

    The gameplay felt great, which is something that really drew me into the first game, and while there were slight problems, like not having enough grenades, my only complaint, I had a wonderful time. 

    Obviously, the beta is a closed, fixed environment, where what we were provided was controlled, so it felt as though we were a little underpowered, but that is how we will initially be experiencing the content, and overall it didn't detract from my enjoyment. This was specifically obvious in the strike, The Inverted Spire. While the start of the strike leads us through a bunch of different encounters, the most interesting part for me was the boss encounter. I know, I know, there are so many different things hidden around the world, but those are for later when I have the game, and I actually want to play it and get hooked. So the boss encounter starts and you're fighting away, and the boss has 3 marked sections on its health bar, what I found odd was the boss fight moves on to the next phase, but it's not dictated by the markers on the health bar, they're triggered by a different amount of health. 

    Anyway, the boss fight has three stages, where each stage takes place in a different 'arena' which keeps things interesting, each with its own hazard. I enjoyed this, it really kept the fight feeling like there wasn't going to be a static bullet sponge to endlessly shoot. I liked how the whole fight played out, and the whole strike felt like it was escalating.

    It altogether left a positive taste of the game with me. I can't wait for the full game, and I'm looking forward to the release exactly as much as I did before I played the beta. I don't really know what that says, other than I had a good time, it was exactly as I expected, one or two things weren't great, other things were, so it balanced out.

    Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites!

    Peace -x-

  • ​Accountability

    1 day ago


    noun: accountability
    the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.
    "their lack of accountability has corroded public respect"
    synonyms:responsibility, liability, answerability "there must be accountability for the expenditure of every public cent"

    I need to be accountable, and i'm not sure how to do that. I need to be accountable for myself. TO myself. For my own action, or lack there of. If i want to get to RTX, if i want to move out, if i want to move forward and become a person in life i need to be accountable. 

    But a good part of me doesn't care. A good part of me is content in this monotony life I have going. I got a full time job with set hours and days off. Income. 

    I don't have my own place, but that would require more income and thus anther job. I don't wanna. 

    I want to move to the city to be closer to things. But i'm afraid I will fail. 

    I want to go to RTX next year, but I'm afraid i'm not gonna make friends and i'm not 'smart' enough to fit in.

    I want to be a 'person' but I don't know how. 

    I want to be in a relationship but i'm afraid to open up to people IRL. 

    I want to be  youtuber, but i'm boring as hell and lazy.

    i want to have adventures with friends, but i love being alone.

    I want alot of things, and the only way to get them is to be accountable for my actions and inaction. 

    But a good part of me just doesn't care anymore.

  • Lost my smile of pure joy

    2 days ago

    Treanomaly FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Actively inactive

    Growing up I had a few pets. I went through a few goldfish and we had a few birds come and go. I've always liked animals, even the blue tongue lizard that used to live under the stairs out the front of our house. I always wanted a dog though. I'd visit relatives or friends and the first thing I'd do is go say hi to their dog. I'd be at the park near home and people would walk their dogs and I'd go up and pet them. Even the ones that would nip at my feet. I would annoy my mother for us to get a dog but she would just say no, until the day she said we were going to see a breeder to pick up a Jack Russell puppy. Mind you by this stage, I was 20 and about to move out of the house, so it wasn't exactly for me. It was more of something to keep my mother company now her two children were moving out. Still though, I wanted to come and just see the puppies. We were looking at the litter and my mother was talking to the breeder. I was just playing with the dogs. I was holding a boy, actually I was holding 3 but one boy I thought we should get, but my mother was holding a little girl puppy and we decided to get her. I held her while we drove home (my aunt was with us and I think she wanted a turn at holding her also but I wouldn't give her up) and although she was my mothers, she was really mine. We called her Annie. 

    The nights were hard for the first week or so. She would cry and whimper because she was used to having her family around and now she had a couple of strange people. It wasn't hard in an annoying sense, more hard in that I didn't want her to feel that way and wanted her to be comfortable. We had a bed for her in the laundry so I'd lay in there on the cold tiles with her until she'd fall asleep, but she'd wake up during the night and cry so either my mother or I would bring her into one of our rooms. She eventually got comfortable though and would sleep through the night. She was tiny and each morning I'd wake up and she would be sitting beside my bed waiting for me to get up. Then she'd follow me down the hallway and I'd go down the stairs but she wouldn't be following me anymore. I'd look back at the stairs and she'd be at the top of the stairs looking at me like I'd just abandoned her because she was too small to get down the stairs. So I'd go back and lift her down the couple of stairs and we'd both keep walking to the kitchen. There were a couple of stairs up to the kitchen so again, she'd be looking at me with a "why are you leaving me?" look and I'd lift her up the stairs and we'd both have breakfast. This would happen everyday and she'd grow and look at the stairs and try to work up the courage to give it a try but then she wasn't ready so I would lift her down and up the kitchen stairs. Then the day came when she made it down one stair and she looked at me wagging her tail, but wanted me to lift her down the next stairs. Eventually though, she conquered the stairs both up and down. The next challenge was jumping on my bed. First she'd get tall enough to put her front paws up on the side of the mattress. So instead of waiting me to wake up, she'd kick the mattress to wake me up. That's when things started to happen in her time rather than mine. Then eventually she could jump up on the bed, so she'd lay on my chest looking at my face and shove her nose in my face as soon as I started opening my eyes. No snooze button on that alarm clock.


    I'd teach her things and let her get away with a lot but I would also keep her under control. She would be bad and would think she was the leader but I would keep her in check. She'd be bad and try to eat her food under my bed and snap at me when I'd try to grab her food to get her back to her bowl. She knew to not bite hard though and if she thought she was too hard, she'd snap out of defensive mode and lick my hand to apologise. She'd bark at big dogs because she knew I'd always protect her, but if they barked back, she hide behind me. So I'd pick her up to take her away and she'd start barking at the dog again. Like she didn't have to worry because I was holding her. So I'd put her down on the ground again and she'd stop barking and try to get me to hold her again and look at me like she was thinking "No, what are you doing? That dog will kill me. Protect me again". Annie was a little dog that thought she was invincible. But she wouldn't abuse it. She knew I wouldn't let anything happen to her but she also knew that she couldn't push it. She liked people and liked other dogs if they were relaxed dogs and didn't get too close to me. 


    I've never really liked or wanted children. I don't hate kids, I just don't want any. I don't know what to do with them or how to interact with them. I like people that I can talk to and they respond in ways that I understand. And that is how I would talk to children of all ages. I would talk to it like I would talk to anyone else and get jibberish back and not know what to do. Also they stare at me and they're not mine for me to tell them to stop and go away. They're not doing anything wrong but who sits directly opposite some strange guy on the train and just stares at the guy? That said, Annie is the closest thing I would consider to be my child. I realised I loved her, taught things to her, protected her in ways that parents would liken that to how they raised their child. The difference to me is, Annie was more loyal, we understood each other and she was consistent. Children grow and change and would probably think I'm lame or what I'm doing is not for their benefit but to not let them have fun or whatever. And if it was my child, it would be an absolute bastard in a multitude of layers. Annie however, was just a consistently pure joy for me. It didn't matter how I felt or how bad a day I had. I would just go visit Annie at my mothers place and I'd feel happy again. It was like she would know when I was feeling down also. She'd just come up and curl up next to me and just look at me like she was asking if I was ok. 


    I could tell hundreds of stories about my Annie. Little stories like her sitting at the window with her head around the curtains waiting for me to get home. Or how she would lay on my pillow when I'd get up during the night to go to the bathroom and not move when I came back. How her ears were silky soft and when she was young, she looked like she had black eyeliner. However, like so many other things that have brought me joy, it had to end. July 1st, 2014 I stopped smiling. We had to put her down because she had tumors throughout her body and unfortunately I couldn't protect her from those. Since then, I don't think I've smiled out of pure happiness. Sure I've smiled, but it's a smile like when you hear a funny joke or you're doing something fun. I haven't smiled simply because I'm happy. I'm just sitting on the couch, watching tv and Annie is curled up on the couch with me. Just happy.......


  • Tier List: Every Ben 10 Alien

    2 days ago



    Finally Done, the poll was a tie so i got to pic guys, comments are appreciated as always.

    Tier List: Ben 10 Aliens

  • My List of N64 Mini Games

    20 hours ago


    Hello everyone!

    With the recent trademark application hinting towards the possibility of a Nintendo 64 Mini, it has gotten me thinking on what games I would like to see on it. You naturally have your own wish list; ‘The Know’ did their own segment on what games they would like to see, albeit before the trademark of the N64's unique controller surfaced.

    My list, which assumes that there will be as many games with the N64 Mini as there are with the SNES Mini (i.e. 21, because any less seems disappointing, right?), will not be taking into account licensing, as this is a “wish list.” The games are in alphabetical order (except for the 21st), as it would be difficult to arrange them by favourites; there were so many classics! So, here is what I hope will be on the N64 Mini.


    1. 1080 Snowboarding

    A killer soundtrack, this game is a bit hard to get used to at first. But, ‘1080 Snowboarding’ successfully creates a fun and smooth experience, with Nintendo being able to showcase their ability to make memorable sporting experiences with 3D graphics.


    2. Banjo-Kazooie

    A personal favourite that it a step above ‘Super Mario 64’ (in my opinion), the witty dialogue, catchy music, and memorable cast of characters make this a “must play.” It is a bit frustrating dying within levels while trying to get all 100 notes, as the note counter resets to 0. This was fixed in the Xbox 360 version, so hopefully it can carry over. Same goes for Stop ‘n’ Swap.


    3. Banjo-Tooie

    You can’t have one without the other. With the same great qualities as the first, this sequel also builds on its predecessor by giving the player a lot more to do (akin to the first and second generations of Pokemon). There is a great deal of backtracking to be done, which may be a turn-off for some, but ‘Banjo-Tooie’ is a fresh and entertaining adventure throughout.


    4. Diddy Kong Racing

    Introduced a year after ‘Mario Kart 64,’ ‘Diddy Kong Racing’ is more than just a racing game. The game features a story mode, with a collectible component which was a trademark of two other Rare-developed games (see 2, 3, and 5). There is a multi-player mode to race with friends, but the adventure within is enough to keep someone coming back.


    5. Donkey Kong 64

    Another Rare treasure on the N64, ‘Donkey Kong 64’ borrows many concepts from other platforming games of the time. Rare’s hallmarks of unique characters, funny dialogue, and a great soundtrack are all present, this time with a brand Nintendo fans are used to. The collect-a-thon nature and backtracking may deter some, as with the Banjo games, but the experience is a worthwhile one.


    6. F-Zero X

    I have never played an F-Zero game before, but I have heard many good things about the franchise; I have also heard a lot of complaining that there has been no new iteration in a while. Racing to the extreme, this version sacrificed graphical detail to ensure the game ran at a smooth 60 frames per second. The Expansion Kit, which was released for the 64DD in Japan, would be a nice addition.


    7. Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

    This is Kirby’s only outing on the N64, and therefore his first foray into 3D (well, technically 2.5D). Kirby games have a similar formula, so there isn’t really anything for me to say regarding the game. You do get to play as King Dedede at certain stages, so that is pretty neat.


    8. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

    The time limit given may be annoying, but the game retains its place as one of the best in the series. Being able to transform with different masks is definitely unique, with the complex (if not darker) story proving to be one of the best things about this game. Keep in mind, too, that development here took one year compared to the four years it took to make ‘Ocarina of Time.’


    9. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

    One of the best games in the series (‘Link to the Past’ and ‘Breath of the Wild’ are the contenders), ‘Ocarina of Time’ is an absolute masterpiece. Like ‘Majora’s Mask,’ it was remade on the 3DS, but the originals still hold up. ‘Ocarina of Time’ itself is crucial to the lore of the series – with the timeline branching to three different possibilities based on the ending – and crucial to this collection.


    10. Mario Kart 64

    Although the graphics are a bit of a turn-off (compared with the likes of ‘Diddy Kong Racing’), this game is still very entertaining with a group of friends. There were definitely some lessons to be learned in course design (ahem, Wario Stadium), but ‘Mario Kart 64’ remains a staple of the console.


    11. Mario Tennis

    Easy to play, and fun to play with others, this is another example that Nintendo can make excellent sports games. It may be looked at negatively for introducing the world to Waluigi, but the various modes are enough to keep one entertained, despite the graphics. Possibly, Nintendo could enable wireless/infrared with the N64 Mini to allow connection to the 3DS, which has the GBC version of this game on the virtual console (which originally could be linked to the N64 game with the Transfer Pack).


    12. Mario Party 3

    With issues arising from the first Mario Party due to some minigames causing blisters (having to spin the control stick around) and Mario Party 2 already being on the Wii and Wii U virtual consoles, this seems like the best one to put on here. With four controller ports (all hopefully working), it could be great getting friends together to play this one.


    13. Paper Mario

    The latest games in this series have been disappointing, to say the least; this is one of the best. On a system that lacked proper RPGs, this game was welcome for its funny dialogue and unique sense of style. Although there is often debate on whether this or its successor is the best one, there is no second-guessing the place ‘Paper Mario’ has on the Nintendo 64.


    14. Pilotwings 64

    With its predecessor skipping the SNES Mini, this game is similar in that it was also a launch game for its respective console in North America. Although it has not aged well, especially when compared to ‘Pilotwings Resort,’ the sense of exploration and flight mechanics make this a very freeing game compared to other games where flight was a main factor (ahem, ‘Superman’).


    15. Pokemon Puzzle League

    Possibly the best puzzle-based game I have played, I hold fond memories of this game: me playing against my parents, my parents playing against each other, and trying to beat Mewtwo. Very addicting, Pokemon fans will be especially drawn to the game due to the story mode loosely following the plot of the first anime series.


    16. Pokemon Snap

    Although disappointing that all the original 151 Pokemon cannot be photographed, this is still a great game where curiosity is rewarded. You will definitely be replaying levels, but it’s fun to experiment and see Pokemon in their natural environment. And some of the Pokemon are just so darned cute!


    17. Pokemon Stadium

    Pokemon is great on the handheld console, but a necessary step on bringing it to the N64 was to make Pokemon 3D. Revolutionary, this game enabled you to face off against trainers and Gym Leaders, play various mini-games, and connect with your GB Pokemon games. A nice bonus from Nintendo would be the ability to connect the Pokemon games on the virtual console to keep many of the features intact.


    18. Pokemon Stadium 2

    Similar to the first game, this version incorporates the second generation. Just as fantastic for hardcore Pokemon fans, I reiterate my opinion that connectivity to the 3DS would be a nice bonus.


    19. Super Mario 64

    Despite not having aged that well, this game is a must-play. And it is still entertaining, even if it graphics can’t compare to Mario’s latest 3D outings. With many staples of the series being introduced (movement mechanics, Stars), this game is essential to this collection.


    20. Super Smash Bros.

    One of the best ideas of all time, this game was the start of a spectacular series. With a roster that is small compared to the Wii U/3DS versions (12 compared to 58), ‘Super Smash Bros.’ nevertheless enabled Nintendo to highlight many of their franchises in one package. Although the controls aren’t as great as today, this game is still a blast to play by yourself or with friends.


    21. Earthbound 64

    Similar to ‘Star Fox 2,’ this game would be a boon for the N64 Mini. Know as ‘Mother 3’ in Japan, it has never been released in any form outside of its home country. It was originally intended to be an N64 game, and was cancelled in Japan – 60% complete – when priorities were changed to the Gamecube. This may be less likely than ‘Star Fox 2,’ but imagine the reception if this was announced.



    Well, there you have it. Naturally, there will be some variance between what I have here and what you are hoping for. Some other games that were close to making my list were:

    -          Goldeneye 007

    -          Mario Golf

    -          Spider-Man

    -          Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

    -          Wave Race 64

    If the N64 Mini does get announced, you can bet your Expansion Pak I will be waiting outside my local game store hours before it launches (I learned my lesson from the NES Mini, where I arrived 30 minutes ahead of time). Are you fond of Nintendo’s strategy to play on our nostalgia? Would you get the N64 Mini, if it ends up being released? And what games would you want on your wish list for the N64 Mini?

    “Get N or Get Out,”

    Steven P.

  • Some things

    1 day ago

    Nyan-Chan Little cosplayer

    Well, now the biggest source of anxiety in my life is my mum... I don't want to delve into too much detail about that though, since I'm not here to rant about the bad shit in my life. I don't want to focus on the bad things too much. I'd rather at least try to avoid thinking about how bad my situation actually is so I can at least try to make sure I can't let my mood crash as it has in the past. With some rather unpleasant results.

    So, on a more positive note, I had gotten most of my things all set for the con that I'll be attending in October. Time is booked off work, hotel is booked and my tickets have been bought.

    The only thing that isn't ready yet is my cosplay. I haven't decided on a cosplay. Which is rather typical me... I'm indecisive.

    I've got a short list, but am struggling to decide on one. I'd need to decide soon in order to get it ready for the con. Haha........

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