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    2 days ago

    artduck QUACK

    Apparently someone /coughs/ @SailorTweek likes me enough to make me FU for the second time this year! Hot Diggity shit. Well, here's the lowdown about me. 

    I'm an artist, a college student and I moonlight as a children's art teacher. I'm hoping to illustrate my first children's book this summer, more on that later. This will be my 4th year as a guardian (holy shit!) and I'm very excited to see my Guardian family this summer. With the few free hours I have during the week, I play a grumpy old man in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign with fellow guardians from RTX. (@JackDP@ninjaspectre @gherb @SunsetDawn @Desayjin[email protected] our DM @ColinCaelin) <3 I also roller skate! Like every week. I have beautiful cherry red skates that have light up wheels. 

    Art: http://surelyanne.tumblr.com/

    I like a lot of things! I like so many things that I wish I had time to draw them all; most recently I was working on some character designs using the characters from 11 little roosters:





  • One Year Ago

    2 days ago

    Newbs Uncle Slam

    Picture writing a story of a musician who wanted to be famous. They'd sell their soul to the devil for immense talent and adoration. They'd tour near and far away from their home midwest state, world renowned for their skills and song writing abilities. Performing in front of millions of fans worldwide for decades.

    At the end of the story, the devil would find it fitting to take the musician's life by having them die in their midwest home, in an elevator. 


    Because one of the artist's most popular songs had the lyrics, "And if the elevator tries to break you down, go crazy. Punch a higher floor."

    Thank you, Prince. For everything. 

  • Doing shit

    1 day ago


    My favorite poet, of all time ever, is Rudy Francisco. 

    In one of his poems he says something along the lines of "and you just starting doing things. Out of character things".... and here I am doing that.

    When I first broke out of my shell, I fucking broke out. Flew myself to Texas for RTX. First plane ride, first travelling experience, all on my own, met people I had never met before, it was a great time. That's me stepping out of my comfort zone. 

    It isn't taking a different street to get to work. Or talking to a stranger in line. It's always gotta be something that just destroys all of my sense of normalcy. Shatters it. Makes me come back feeling like a new person. 

    I'm not going to be travelling (too far) this year so. How am I making up for it?

    I'm getting my sternum tattooed! 

    Yeah. It's my first tattoo. And I think I'll be going alone to get it done. And I'm not really sure what I'm doing. But I figure if I'm going to fuck myself up with a new experience, I might as well go hard in the pit. So. Yeah. I go in Friday at 3:00 p.m. to see what he's come up with and more than likely get it done then. It's a meaningful tattoo that I've put a lot of thought into so don't think I'm too rash. But I just need something that makes me feel different and in control and... I don't know. Not this I guess. 

    And that's my super short show. 

    Love you <3

  • Day 111 art show hanging

    2 days ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    Today I hung the 5 portraits I've done so far this year in my Art Guild Art Show. They all required framing, which took a little work. (I buy premade frames). I'll find out Sunday how they did.

  • Graphic Novel Review: The Black Monday Murders, Vol 1 ( Mostly Spoiler-free)

    1 day ago

    Ratatoskr Keeper of Logics

    Let's change this up, shall we?

    I picked up a copy of Jonathan Hickman's The Black Monday Murders this week, and I was impressed enough to write up a loose review.

    Here's the cover, just so we understand what we're getting into -


    Yes, that is a goat skull, and the name of the trade paperback is: "All hail, God Mammon"

    It is very up front with what's inside.

    The reviews I read called this 'cryto-noir', a phrase that's definitely fitting. It's decidedly noir, all thick shadows and disillusioned characters. As the beginning of a murder mystery, it's got my vote. But it's the crypto- where things get interesting.

    When people use the the term 'Lovecraftian', they usually mean a piece of fiction with an uninteresting doomsday prophesy, and some tentacled horrors. Which is... fine. Keeps the genre alive. 

    But one of the core concepts that Lovecraftian fiction bases itself on, is the idea that the whole world is rotten to the core, and puppeted by vast and uncaring forces. There are no winners, and the Big Bad is never finally defeated, just held back. Cthulhu and associates need not apply. Which makes modern economics a perfect environment for this kind of story. That's right - this is a Wall Street tale, rich in corruption, mystery, and a body-count that would make George R.R. Martin cringe. All wrapped in a thick and leering tapestry of occultism and conspiracy.


    I'd like to say a great deal about the writing, but I hate spoilers with a passion, so here goes: This is a noir murder mystery, spliced with a grand conspiracy of generations. The interlinking connections, grudges, and betrayals form a rich net of deep distrust, one that the reader gets a sense of immediately. There are plots, none of which are fully revealed in this issue, and a sense of real depth. The shifting perspective shows off the world almost effortlessly, not sparing time to explain for the reader. It's a hazard, but it plays well. At times, characters build a bed of lies, half-truths, and hidden traps that are far more visible to the reader than anyone else. In others, it's blunt and efficient, a Darwinian scheme of power and violence made manifest. A trade paperback isn't a full story, or even half of one, so calling full judgement is difficult at best. But when this novel needs to be punchy, it goes for the kill, and it's unsettlingly subtle whenever else.



    Artist Tomm Coker delivers the noir vibe and sensibility even more then the writing. The photo-realistic style and muted, strategic use of color pulls the eye. In contrast with a lot of modern releases, there are only a few truly stand-alone splash pages. Most of the powerful visual moments are quiet, tense, and ultimately threatening. The horrific subject matter isn't on full display, but rather down-beat. At no point does the book ask the reader to stare at a bloody scene for its own sake. Often the darkest of events happens off-screen, or on one memorable case, just to the side. The rich, stark style plays beautifully, and makes every scene utterly believable, relatable. Especially the titular murders.


    What The Black Monday Murders is not is accessible. The excellent and fun Rat Queens tells you who it is from page one. The reader knows instantly what kind of stories will be told. The surpassing Saga does the same, with fever-dream sensibility and brass balls. 

    Here, Hickman jumps into the deep end without a snorkel. Layers are peeled back, little by little, with the help of a plethora of conversation transcripts, maps, and histories to lay a foundation for the madness happening in the pages. This is where The Murders shines, if you can make it there. A great many first volumes in graphic novels dither. They spend a majority of their time setting the scene, and their world-building can really hurt the flow of the story. Hickman asks you to dive, and hopes you'll get a feeling for things on a first read. And that's the appeal. This novel asks, practically demands a second and third read, as the mysterious and rune-splattered organization charts and history clips snap into focus.


    The Black Monday Murders is a dark story, and it makes no apologies. But it has a deep story to deliver, with noir sensibility down to the bones. Volume One impressed me from the first few pages, and lays a concrete foundation for further volumes. It's bloody, haunting, and rich. Like swimming over a continental self, the drop-off is vast and inky. I'm itching, somewhat spasmodically, for Volume Two.

    Note: This is not a comic book. This is an adult graphic novel, intended for people not bothered by mature themes. Don't buy this for your fourteen-year old cousin.

  • 14 and 10

    1 day ago

    RoadBlock DONGS

    Howdy!  I recently had a couple of anniversaries here!  

    First off 14 years on this site!  Who knew!  Well I did, and it's been quite the ride!  So many friendships, vacations, hangouts, parties with people I'd have never known otherwise.  I'm so proud of all my friends, from the ones I see locally a lot, to the ones I don't see nearly as often!  All of you are so awesome!  

    It's also been 10 years since I've been a moderator/admin on RT.  It's been it's own unique journey, and hopefully will continue as the site improves and brings back more wayward friends!  If you need anything, have a questions, or just want to chat, drop me a line here and I'll answer ASAP!  

    As a personal note, yesterday also saw thousands of concerned Americans showing their support for scientific facts and education as part of the March for Science.  I went to the Oklahoma City event and had a blast.  I also managed to wrangle the top spot on r/masseffect with my sign!  



    Cheers, loves!  Let's go forth and support scientific causes and education!  

  • Comic Bento Unboxing April 2017- Don't get mad... GET EVEN!

    2 days ago

    Fly Keeper of Blades


    And I'm always accepting constructive criticism!

  • Day 113

    13 hours ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    It took a while but today I selected the support for the next painting...I haven't sketched yet because I am still thinking about adding more stuff to the support first. 

    Today was also the last day of the art show.  The portrait of DaCuban got a ribbon! 

  • Day 112

    1 day ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    Identified next subject, prepared and printed reference. 

  • Day 1206: Saturdays can be fun

    1 day ago

    topham DHYB

    Today was a busier day than I was anticipating! We started the day with no plans, but play games and have fun. We ended up walking a puppy, and then went out for dinner and desert with some local friends of mine. 

    We had both Tapas and waffles, at two different locations, and it was all rather fantastic. 

    We also just 100% completed Lego Star Wars the Force Awakens. It was all round a good day. 

    Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

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